Jat sees passenger increase

Charter competition impacts Jat figures
In August, Serbia’s Jat Airways recorded a 4% passenger increase on scheduled flights when compared to the same month last year, according to company statistics. This is despite the fact that the number of operated flights decreased by 3%. However, Jat was hit badly by competition from charter airlines. If passengers on charter flight are included, the airline saw an overall 5% passenger decrease in August. In total, Jat carried 145.933 passengers, while its average cabin load factor stood at 74%, an increase of 3%. The airline carried 25.233 passengers to and from Montenegro, 6.525 passengers more than in August 2009. However, there was a 37% passenger decrease on charter flights. The number of charter operations plummeted by 49%. Jat faced competition from Aviogenex, Koral Blue Airlines, Lotus Air, Nouvelle Air and Atlasjet on charter flights out of Belgrade this summer.

The airline recorded the biggest passenger increase on flights to Amsterdam and Podgorica, at 69% and 68% respectively. The greatest passenger decrease was reported on flights to Thessaloniki and Trieste. The biggest average load factor per flight was recorded on services to Stockholm (97%), Frankfurt (95%) and Zurich (92%).


  1. Anonymous09:26

    is it possible to buy JAT Airways stock?

  2. Anonymous09:32

    No, it’s not on the stock exchange. The airport is expected to go on the exchange by the end of the year and I think everyone over 18 in Serbia gets five shares like they did with NIS recently.

  3. JATBEGMEL09:49

    Good results. I think more airlines have affected the charter numbers, Spanair being one of them too.

    I think JAT should drop Trieste and replace it with Venice, maybe that would do better. I think what hurt the Trieste flights are those to Portoroz.

    What will be intresting if much changes come with the winter timetable.

  4. Aero10:26

    Fully agree with JATBEGMEL.

    Additionally I think that one brave move can be INI-ZRH via BNX.
    Let me explain: Bosnia is expected visa liberalisation this December and according to my investigation INI is already good feeder of TGD for ZRH. Two weekly rotations in the afternoon, next mornings feeder flight INI-BEG.
    Also, Jat is loosing ground on IST route. They should think about mixing BEG-IST with BEG-IST via INI, with feeding potential in Raska/Sandzak region.

    I will appreciate JATBEGMEL comment on this.

  5. JATBEGMEL11:09

    @ Aero

    I think the idea INI-BNX-ZRH is an intresting move, ATR72 ofcourse. I doubt there will be traffic on the INI-BNX-INI. Maybe cooperation with Sky Srpska. It will be intresting how to schedule an ATR service to INI from BEG. I dont feel the route worth a B733 going BEG-ZRH-BNX-INI. As for the visa liberalisation, it was supposed to happen in july, i dont think it will happen this year.

    Regarding IST, i dont think its a good move having them fly via INI considering you still need to drive to INI from say Novi Pazar, where going to TGD or PRN, who are served by TK, would either be the same or quicker as to driving to INI. I feel the B733 being too big for JAT on the IST route and should have a 90 seater to go daily on the route.

  6. Aero11:19

    Thank you JATBEGMEL.
    Anyway, yesterday news agencies passed info on ready-made EC`s decision on visa liberalisation for BH and Albania in October, effective as of December`10.
    It will be interesting to see airlines reaction on that for TRN, SJJ and BNX.

  7. Anonymous14:03

    @ Aero

    INI-BNX-ZRH is a good idea, but do not forget about fifth freedom if the idea is to transport pax from BNX to ZRH and vice versa.

  8. Anonymous14:40

    NEW DESTINATIONS FOR JAT PASSENGERS Belgrade, 14 September 2010
    Jat Airways passengers on flights between Belgrade and Ljubljana will soon also be able to fly in aircraft owned by the Slovenian airline Adria Airways, on the basis of co-operation in a codeshare agreement, on mutual purchase of aircraft space between the two companies, which comes into force tomorrow. Jat Airways has also concluded a special agreement with the Slovenian airline to provide transfers for Jat passengers to numerous European and global destinations via Ljubljana airport. The most attractive among these numerous destinations for Jat passengers include Barcelona and Madrid, which are currently not served directly from Belgrade by Jat Airways. 
    Jat Airways continues to work to strengthen co-operation with other airlines in the region. A recent agreement with the Montenegrin national airline Montenegro Airlines on harmonising flight schedules and creating synergy in using the two fleets will contribute to more efficient and rational operation by the two companies, ensuring a greater number of destinations and lower ticket prices to the satisfaction of a large number of passengers. The planned joint appearance of Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines in international flights will increase the number of passengers and strengthen the market position of the airlines in the extremely competitive international arena.

  9. Aero15:16

    @ anonymous

    Help me about fifth freedom.

  10. Fifth Freedom of The Air - the right or privilege, in respect of scheduled international air services, granted by one State to another State to put down and to take on, in the territory of the first State, traffic coming from or destined to a third State (also known as a Fifth Freedom Right).

  11. Anonymous16:08

    It's good that Jat will be filling the planes of Adria but what is happening with Adria filling Jat's planes to let's say Dubai, Tel Aviv, Larnaca...
    I guess we are back to milking Serbs just like in the 'good old days'. I knew that this plan would bring no good to us Serbs.

  12. Anonymous16:56

    if slovenians are involved than you know that it is only benefiting them. Milking serbs, bosnians, croats, macedonians and albanians are what they are best on....

  13. Anonymous20:05

    "I guess we are back to milking Serbs just like in the 'good old days'." lol

  14. Anonymous21:49

    Oh good lord a load of deluded Serbs on here!!!

  15. Anonymous22:19

    Stupid debate. Would be nice to read comments if there would be LH code share. Would germans milk serbs as well?

  16. @ Aero,

    Fifth freedom rights means an airline of a country can fly passengers of another country to a third country.

    In other words again, An airline based in country (A) can pick up paying passengers in country (B) and fly them to country (C).

    I know the other explanation is straight from the air law books so it can be a bit hard to understand.

    Also, Spanair flights from Belgrade start at 85 euro's, so I'm just wondering how competitive with the flights via Ljubljana be?

  17. Aero08:40

    Q400, Malisani,
    thank you guys.

  18. Anonymous10:20

    Germans are the same, only their interests exist, just like the Slovenians.
    That is why I am happy that Jat has gone to bed with KLM. Look at the result, Amsterdam proved to be a great route for them! Cudos to the Jat management for finally relaising that there isn't much for them with Lufty!
    As far as this alliance goes I do not know who is sadder Montenegro Airlines or Adria.
    Plus like someone mentioned here, Spanairs flights are cheap, dirt cheap actually, and they fly directly on bigger planes hence they are more comfortable!

  19. Doot15:45

    lol @ "buy shares in JAT"

    If you think that's a good idea, I have a fantastic bridge to sell you!


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