Korean Air to Zagreb

Korean Air B777-200 soon in Zagreb
The national carrier of South Korea, Korean Air, will operate two charter flights from Seoul to Zagreb. Carrying a full load of tourists to the Croatian capital, Korean Air will treat the flights as a trial for a possible introduction of summer charters between Seoul and Zagreb in 2011. The flights will be carried out on Saturday, September 18 and 25. Both flights will be operated by the Boeing B777-200. If Zagreb manages to attract Korean Air for the 2011 summer season it would be another win for the airport. It will be the first time that Korean Air will operate flights to the Croatian capital.

Currently, JAL has been operating summer charters from Japan to Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The Japanese national carrier conducted a total of five charters to Zagreb this summer from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Sapporo with the Boeing B747-400. JAL has also operated flights from Japan to Ljubljana this summer, from the end of August to the beginning of September.


  1. Arturo09:08

    Instead of screaming ''CROATIA IS BELOVED BY THE WORLD!'', let's be humble and admit an increasing eastward shift of global purchasing power. Glad that the Koreans discover a gem in the Adriatic. Congrats to both KL and ZAG.

  2. frequentflyer09:46

    Well said, Arturo.

    My only hope is that we would see both JL and KE in ZAG at the same time doing charters... would be a great sight, and huge kudos to the airport.

    A question to those on the forum: ZAG used to also see a 777(?) by MH when it did the triangle KUL-VIE-ZAG-KUL flights, have there been any other recent long-haul flights using larger aircraft out of ZAG?

  3. JATBEGMEL10:07

    Impressive news for Croatian Aviation :) would be nice for BEG to receive some of that attention too :p

    @ frequentflyer

    there were those flight between YYZ and ZAG with 5G with B757. I know thats a narrowbody, but still...

    No passenger long haul other than those JAL flight have come.

  4. Jimmy Wang12:59

    I think that opening a new leg Zag-Beg-Zag could be profitable either for Croatia Airlines or Jat, eventually also needed for long haul flights hubs.
    I feel that in short terms both airliners would be not able for financial reasons to buy two-aisles aircrafts like Airbus 350 or Boeing 787, but maybe Qantas, Malaysia Airlines or Emirates could think about ex-Yu if they would be able to collect serbian and croatian passengers together from Australia.
    Maybe also some airlines from U.S. and Canada would think about it.

  5. Anonymous13:33

    JAT - ADRIA codeshare

    DO MADRIDA SA “ADRIJOM” Putnici “Jat ervejza” na linijama između Beograda i Ljubljane ubuduće će leteti i avionima slovenačke “Adrije” na osnovu ugovora o zakupu mesta između dve kompanije. Sa slovenačkom nacionalnom aviokompanijom dogovorena je i saradnja u vidu prevoza putnika “Jat ervejza” do brojnih evropskih destinacija poput Barselone i Madrida, preko aerodroma u Ljubljani.

  6. AirKoryoTU-20414:52

    I don't think Qantas will expand it's long haul services ever again (To Europe that is) they axed their Belgrade flights in the late 80's to early 90's. They were out done by Olympic and JAT on the same route. Jetstar is looking for long haul expansion from Australia to Europe and Athens will be their only Balkan/Eastern European service.

  7. Great news for Zagreb! It's a shame she won't be welcomed by a shiny new terminal, well just not yet anyway.

    Also on the maybe list is a weekly charter to Split and Dubrovnik from JFK next summer!

  8. Interesting shift! Who would think that there is more interest among travelers from Japan and Korea than among those from the US and Canada that we are desperately trying to catch. It’s needless to say that there is probably 0% Diaspora travel on the Japan and Korea routes. Maybe this is a good sign that we should change something and focus our resources and attention to people from Far and Middle East, the ones who really want to explore and visit our areas instead of throwing money and campaigning to attract the inappreciative Westerners. I hope the crowd from Japan and Korea really likes what we have to offer. Of course this doesn’t include the ZAG Airport facilities, which desperately needs an update. It’s a big shame that such a touristy country as Croatia couldn’t invest more effort into updating of one of its major gateways to the world.

  9. Anonymous21:18

    ZAG is a dump, obviously not enough corruption going on in the government to do anything about it...utterly scandelous!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous23:00

    I saw an Air India B747 at ZAG on 7 June this year. Any idea why that was?

  11. Anonymous00:57

    ^ It was their PM which flew to Croatia

  12. Anonymous06:42

    this is perfect for the region. with croatia getting long haul operations from asia and serbia soon to get long haul operations from australia and north america, this is bringing back lots of good to the region. i just don't know how long it will last though...

  13. AirKoryoTU-20408:06

    These "Long Haul" operations are a joke you all know it! Tourist charters for 2-3 months operated from the far-east are in no way comparable to other long haul services to numerous European gateways. Brace the reality of the operations....

  14. Why a joke AirKoryo???

    I don't understand the negativity, are you jealous that these are flights to Zagreb and not Belgrade?

    Remember, both flights are a trial for a seasonal service starting next year and since both are maxed out with passengers I guess you would have to agree that it’s a successful trial!

  15. AirKoryoTU-20414:46


    Why would I be jelous of Zagreb? If anything you would be jelous of Belgrade who has a clearly superior airport in terms of facilties and structure! Personally I am jelous of airports such as Tokyo Narita and Beijing Capital, these are airports with ligit Long Haul operations not some shotty seasonal tourist charters.

  16. Doot15:49

    To the posters above:

    fyi... Belgrade and Zagreb are both *ss

    Let's say "centre of the hole of the earth"

  17. AirKoryoTU-20417:18

    Still Belgrade and Zagreb are 100 times better than the other cities of the FY Republics.


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