More low cost interest

Another low cost airline interested in Belgrade flights
The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has said that it has held meetings with an extremely successful and popular low cost airline which is interested in commencing flights to Belgrade. Spokeswomen, Katarina Andrić Milosavljević, told the national newspaper “Politika” that the airline is interested in what Serbia has to offer to tourists. “They inquired about the facilities at Belgrade Airport and the most popular destinations from the Serbian capital. Every airline conducts detailed research before commencing flights to a certain destination”, Andrić Milosavljević said. She also said that no new airline has applied for a license to fly to Serbia during the 2010/2011 winter season but expects applications to be handed in during this month and October. The spokeswomen also revealed that the low cost airline Niki is interested in expanding its flights out of Belgrade. The airline currently operates flights from Vienna but it is being beaten by Jat Airways and Austrian on the route.

Meanwhile, the director of Serbia’s second airport, Niš Constantine the Great, says that he is “in contact” with low cost airlines interested in commencing flights to the city. Currently, Wind Jet operates low cost flights between Forli and Niš. Montenegro Airlines CEO recently stated that the new alliance between his airline and Jat Airways will allow them to expand services from Niš. During the 2010/11 winter season, the national carrier of Belarus, Belavia, will commence charter flights from Minsk to Niš in order to transport tourists to the nearby Kopaonik Mountain resort.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    I hope it's EasyJet, with flights to/from London and Paris, perhaps even Geneva or Basel. After Ljubljana, Zagreb and Prishtina, it's about time.

  2. Anonymous09:12

    WICH airline is intrested? This is great news! /Philswe

  3. Anonymous09:32

    Hmmm..good news. I just hope that Niki sticks around. Thanks to them the prices have gone down on the BEG-VIE.
    Oh man if it is Easyjet then that means that Belgrade will have flights to Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton, then all we need is Ryanair from Stansted and all the airports are served from London.
    I do not think any additional airline is interested in serving Belgrade this winter as I think a few of them will not survive the winter. However let's wait and see how things evolve.

    By the way, does anyone know when Terminal 1 is going to be fully functional as in when low cost fligts are going to be at the A10 and such gates?

  4. Slobodan09:49

    i hope its easyjet with services to berlin!!!

  5. Isn't there Wizzair already serving the Belgrade - London route? Reasonably cheaply, too.

    What Belgrade really needs is more flights to Scandi and Germany, where many people are working / visiting the diaspora.

  6. Jimmy Wang12:01

    I feel that also BEG-RJK-BEG could be a feasable flight in the summertime by LCC.

  7. Anonymous12:21

    I think Belgrade doesn't need any more flights to Scandinavia as there would be overcapacity.
    There are very good reasons why Norwegian has kept Oslo as twice a week and Stockholm a seasonal. Cimber has been flying twice a week from Copenhagen to Belgrade and Jat is just being Jat as usual.
    There is also airBaltic which offers cheap and extremly fast connections to the north

  8. Anonymous12:28

    London has 5 airport and if EZY starts flight doesn't mean they will be from Gatwick, EZY flies from LTN and STN too, wouldn't mind seeing BA flying from LCY :-))))))) Anyway, which ever airline is it is a good thing. I agree about BEG-Berlin route. I think someone should start flight to Canary Ilsand(any of them) all year around, no visa needed, sun all year around, good marketing in Serbia and could work, can you imagine going for a summer, beach holiday in the middle of Juanuary :-) INI definitely needs more airlines, especially LCC. I agree with Jimmy Wang about his comment, could see that working with a LCC. Anyway, BEG is getting there, FINALLY :-) Good luck to all Ex Yu airports

  9. Anonymous12:48

    BEG airport is very specific one.It has a huge catchment area and the nearest airport is in Timisoara in Romania. No competition at all. On other hand LJU airport competes with 4 airports what means that dispersion of flights is big. As I can see BEG has really good potential to grow in the nearest future, but I do not see it as a regional main airport; at least considering Slovenia and in many cases Croatia as well.

  10. I come from Riga originally, and see little point in airbaltic's Belgrade flight. The local awareness of the Balkans is extremely low in Latvia, and I hear it is the same on the Serbian side.

    The only reason I can think of is for Serbian passengers to connect onwards via Riga. Not sure if anyone in Riga would like to use Belgrade as a connecting point anywhere (or as a destination) though. The European coverage of airbaltic is excellent already.

  11. Ryan Air or Easy jet... I can't remember any other airline that could commence some new service(s) to/from Belgrade.
    Maybe airline such as Thomas Cook or Thomson Airways... Fly be... How would know.
    It could/should be an airline from UK or Germany...

  12. Anonymous17:12

    belgrade is having a lot of competition which is good. but i would like for airlines to start services to other destinations such as ireland, portugal, and other places currently not serviced but with a large serbian diaspora. i think that the best thing that could and should happen to belgrade is to start flights to coastal cities in croatia (dubrovnik, split, zadar, etc.) and also have long-haul operations to north america. that would put belgrade on the world map again.

  13. Anonymous18:16

    I guess we might see some orange livery on the horizon soon:)

  14. Anonymous19:06

    Can someone please tell me why don't other low cost airlines such as Germanwings, Niki and Norwegian use T1 as WizzAir does? If taxes are lower and that terminal is used for lowcost, i don't see why others don't do it also.
    And one more thing, it's kind of hard to believe that they had a meeting with "an extremely successful and popular low cost airline" and NOBODY knows a tiniest bit of information such as which airline is that or when should that happen or at least when are we going to have more information on this.

  15. Geronimo19:36

    To mrs Anjci!
    Simple-air Baltic has a really good connection to former Sovietunion..low prices compared to Aerosvit,Belavia and Aeroflot. And yes the Baltic region and the Balkans have a very limited contact today but in a globalized world everything can change.

  16. To Geronimo: I cannot think of anything else, so it must be true : ) airbaltic is well positioned as an EU/CIS link, and Belgrade has little in terms of affordable connection with the CIS. I hope the Serbs will stop in Riga itself sometime though : )

  17. Anonymous20:35

    BEG-TGD and BEG-TIV urgently needed to break JU/YM ripp-off duopoly!!!

  18. Anonymous20:50

    I agree that any new airline should bring new destinations as one anonymus said, Belgrade and the region are far too big and important to not be linked with Portugal, Ireland(i think this is teh oddest thing that it ahsn't been done yet!), another cities in Spain(especially Canary Islands as they so popular, warm all year around and affordable destinations!),Finland then other cities in Italy, Germany, UK, France, Poland,etc..... and once again urgently link Croatian coastal cities and break YM/JU duopoly!

  19. JATBEGMEL10:45

    Would be intesting what will come next. But i think T1 shouldnt be a low cost terminal, rather LCC should use the B gates. If they want lower landing and airport fees then they could use the B gates, but would prefer for BJY to become funactional for passenger services soon.

    Would be nice to see Avianova on the SVO-BEG route :)

    It wouldnt surprise me if U2 open BEG as its second Serbian destination. Maybe SXF, CDG, MXP...


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