Ohrid Airport a construction zone

Ohrid Airport
Ohrid’s St. Paul the Apostle Airport is one big construction zone as work on the expansion of the airport and the reconstruction of its terminal building, which commenced at the beginning of September, continues. The airport’s operator, TAV, plans for the construction work to be completed by March 2011. The project’s chief engineer, Jurgen Kurtaj from Tirana, told the “Utrinski Vesnik” newspaper that Ohrid will have the capacity to handle many aircraft. “During the summer approximately 15 aircraft landed at Ohrid per week but when the reconstruction is completed we expect the number to be much greater”. TAV is also hoping that passenger numbers will triple and that Ohrid will manage to steal away airlines and customers from nearby Priština and Tirana.

Currently, a 1.000 square meter hanger and a 2.000 square meter VIP lounge are under construction at Ohrid. The airport has already received a 6.000 square meter parking lot. The main terminal building is next to go under the hammer. TAV is investing 200 million Euros into Skopje and Ohrid airports. Currently, at Skopje, foundations are being laid for the new terminal building while its runway is being extended.

In July, Ohrid handled 7.341 passengers, a decrease of 4.2% from last year while Skopje welcomed 90.269 passengers, a strong surge of 17%.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:02

    guys, I have terrific News for Belgrade !!!

    Swiss will start 2nd daily operation to BEG as of 17DEC2010:

    Timetable as follows:

    Days 1,3,5,7
    LX 1412 ZRH-BEG 0715-0900 A319
    LX 1413 BEG-ZRH 0940-1135 A319

    LX 1416 ZRH-BEG 1220-1400 A320
    LX 1417 BEG-ZRH 1440-1635 A320

    Days 2,4,6
    LX 1418 ZRH-BEG 1730-1915 A319
    LX 1419 BEG-ZRH 1955-2150 A319

    means following long haul flights are reachable via ZRH

    1240 DEL LX 146
    1250 YUL LX 086
    1255 ORD LX 008
    1300 JFK LX 014
    1300 NRT LX 160
    1305 MIA LX 064
    1305 PVG LX 188
    1310 LAX LX 040
    1315 SFO LX 038
    1330 BKK TG 971
    1330 YYZ AC 879

    2240 GRU LX 092
    2245 JNB LX 288
    2245 HKG LX 138
    2245 BKK LX 180
    2245 TLV LX 256

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  3. Anonymous11:28

    JU520 BEGLAX - What does this have to do about construction of Ohrid Airport?

    Great news that OHD is improving.

  4. Good news that OHD is under construction, not so good news that there was decrease of 4 % in pax's in July.
    However perfect news from SKP with 17% increase pax's.
    so far doing well in 2010 results.

    waiting new airlines in OHD from March 2011.
    i would like to take a flight to OHD and only 5 min drive to my home :)


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  6. Anonymous13:04

    I really would like to see some of LCC at OHD. With good marketing(of Ohrid and region and Macedonia in general) I am sure it would work. Ohrid Lake and Ohrid are just beautiful and have so much to offer. I am sure would be a great destination, not only during teh summer, but even during winter. Good luck.

  7. and OHD is important for...?

  8. Anonymous18:56

    Is there any updates of prishtinas new terminal

  9. Anonymous19:47

    for LCC in Macedonia, I also believe that many routes would work, but the Macedonian government don't allow LCC flights so, it is not the lack of interest of airlines but the blokade from Macedonian Gvmt....

  10. Anonymous23:01

    any news about mat airways? I've seen them listed in some airport schedules (duesseldorf e.g.), so they are obviously serving regular destinations?
    If so, who the hell even knows about them, let alone buys tickets at this point?
    Seems strange to me..


  11. AirKoryoTU-20402:05

    No schedules they've been flying charters from Ohrid and Belgrade to points in Greece and Western Europe. Same goes for the SkyWings carrier. Just to add the Mat Airways 735 looks terrible in that hybrid livery, stands out like a sore thumb.

  12. yeah. they should've painted it in Kon Tiki colors (orange and green), since it's their subsidiary

  13. AirKoryoTU-20410:08

    I think SkyWings International has a reasonable livery with the titles and white tail with the blue logo, but the Mat 735 is terrible! Well atleast now flights from FY-Macedonia to Greece are avalible no scheduled by atleast they have been seen this year to many Islands and mainland!

  14. Anonymous12:30

    Airkoryo is the Fy term really needed in-front of Macedonia?

    Lets move on and stop with the childish behaviour. I am pretty sure your originate from one of the ex-yu member states and they all have recognised Macedonia under its constitutional name, why dont you?

    Be a mature man and leave your prejudices aside.

  15. AirKoryoTU-20415:51

    No I'm not trying to be an idiot here I put Fy- infront incase it is miss understood for Macedonia i.e. Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport that is the only reason.

    Also you asume I am from the the ex-yu republics ^_^

  16. Air Tokyo , probably you are from greece then, if not from ex-yu.

  17. Anonymous01:09

    But I have seen MAT Airways for DUesseldorf listet every Saturday and Wednesday, starting in October. Those can't be just charter flights, can they??


  18. AirKoryoTU-20402:33


    Read properly its not "Air Tokyo" its Air KORYO....I am not from Greece ok. Let me guess you are from Macedonia?

    @Last Anonymous

    The same thing has been seen in Zurich and Corfu.

  19. Anonymous06:00

    and why would we be discussing Makedonia Airport in Solun when this forum is specifically about the ex-yu member states? and stating in which region Makedonia airport is in really necesarry, you cant just say greece?

    We're all mature people here, just put your hatred aside and just say Macedonia. We can move forward, no need for you to be holding society back.

  20. Ok my mistake AirKoryo :)
    I am from Macedonia ,
    just not living there at the moment :)
    let's move on people,
    if few of us win lottery then let's create one EX-YU Low cost airline and connect all EX-YU :)


  21. AirKoryoTU-20411:32


    I do not hate Macedonia I am far from that! You are 100% wrong. What is Solun do you mean Солун? If so this is an English board which means use Thessaloniki not Soloun, Solun or Salonika.

    Hope to see an Air Koryo Macedonia :P some time!

  22. Anonymous11:48




    @Air Koryo


  23. Intresting :) i really wonder what TAV means by that having agreement with Ryanair ?!??...
    i hope this agreement comes reallity :)

  24. anonymous which TV reported this ?

  25. AirKoryoTU-20413:00


    The only childish behaviour is calling a city in someone elses country a diffrent name, in your own language when it is an English Blog. We don't see people calling Belgrade around here Beograd do we. Also a 12% increase in passangers isn't hard to do when your original product is terrible.

  26. Anonymous13:40



  27. According to interview with manager of TAV Macedonia they are in contact with Wizz Air, Ryanair, Lufthansa,
    as well with corendon airlines to start regular flights AMS-OHD.
    this is good new but i really like to see Wizz Air and Ryanair to OHD :)


  28. Anonymous20:12

    Hey Kuro Air, why would someone who does not hate Macedonia use the Fy term in front of it?

    do you think if greece was referred to as former turkish they would take kindly to that??

    solun is the original name of the city. thats what it is referred to in my language, just as how skopje is called skopLje in serbian or croatian.

    if you're not from the ex-yu or from greece then you have no reason to be adding your derogatory and racist comments here.

  29. AirKoryoTU-20402:37

    Oh now you have the cheack to call me racist....Calling me Kuro Air you are the most childish person I have ever encountered on this blog! Give me one good reason why I would hate Macedonia, just try. Every language besides the Slavic and Turkish languages use the world Thessaloniki or Sallonika. Don't be a moron and use the English name of the city ok.

    You don't see people talking to others in referance to Moscow and saying Moskva do you now. Grow a pair and move on idiot.

  30. Anonymous05:29

    You have referred a few times to Macedonia as Fy and claim not to be a racist or have an issue towards the nation. Yet you cry when someone calls you Kuro Air and refers to a city as Solun.

    You cant accept reality, i told you to grow up before but you could not leave it at that and just prolonged this entire thing.

    Someone in the right mind would have said sorry and just moved on.

    Hopefully you have the capacity to learn something from this.

    Does this ring a bell? Why refer to us as Fy when there was no mention of greece in this post by you? Or did you simply forget to add the Fy term in front of Bosnia and Montenegro too. i know of a few places around the would called Montenegro, im a bit confused now, are you refering to the state in the Balkans, i think the Fy term was required to clear up any ambiguity!!

    "I think long haul links to North America would do well with connections from the ex-yu mainly Fy-Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro onto these flights."

  31. AirKoryoTU-20407:56

    Get a life moron, am I the one being racist? Since when is calling a nation by its political name being racist? So If I were to call Greece the Hellenic Republic would I be a racist? Also FY-Macedonia refers to the Former Yugolslav nation does it not? Macedonia is also a region in Northern Greece and parts of Bulgaria + Albania.

    Also am I the one calling people childish names like Koro Air etc.
    Get a life! Grow up an except the fact the Macedonia in the Former Yugoslav region is in fact FORMER YUGOSLAV!

  32. Please stop discussing politics here! All of the comments will be deleted if this discussion continues.

  33. Anonymous11:02

    Fy-Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Just to clear up the ambiguity some people might have, due to other places in the world having similar names.

    Your apology is accepted and i understand you will refer to Macedonia by its rightful name from now on :)

    Done and done :)

  34. I've seen yesterday on SKP airport website flight with MAT Airways from Zurich.
    hm intresting what was that
    on MAT Airways website still not announced the fight from SKP and OHD they keep writing soon ....

  35. AirKoryoTU-20414:09

    @EX-YU Aviation
    Political talk is not allowed yet cursing and using profanities is allowed??

    No thanks, all these nations you listed with FY have reference or link to anyother nation/region so that is why we simply say Croatia not FY Croatia because there is no state of Croatia in for example Serbia! Geez get over it....

    Mat Airways isn't an airline as far as I am aware it still operates under another certificate (Kontiki or Aviogenex)?

    Most of their flights drop into Belgrade or originate in Belgrade. I noted a flight last month sometime routed Belgrade-Skopje-Kerkira (Corfu). Can anyone confirm if the airline will be starting it's own services under a Mat airways brand soon?

  36. if you check post from August 19 on this blog you will see the plans of MAT, so it started first charter flight to Zurich , just would be nice to people to be updated on wesite wwww.matwairways.mk

    MAT Airways, will begin operations from SKP in September, the airline reports. Mat Airways, which has been operating summer flights for the Serbian tour operator Kon Tiki Travel from Belgrade, plans to move to its new home in Skopje. The first scheduled charter destinations to be launched are Zurich, Prague, Rome and Barcelona. Flights to Germany, as well as Priština, are also expected to commence in the near future.

  37. AirKoryoTU-20415:55

    Good sounds ok although the destinations sound very charterish if you get what I mean....SKP and OHD need a proper carrier! None of this shiffty business charter crap. I hope SkyWings International gets some foundations and begins proper services out of SKP since I think they are a better choice than Mat Airways with more aircraft and all.


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