Adria Airways
Winter 2010/2011

Adria winter changes
The following are modifications Slovenia’s national carrier, Adria Airways, will be making to its 2010/2011 winter schedule. In the table below you can see the cities the airline will operate to, the number of weekly frequencies and the change in frequencies compared to the 2010 summer season. Adria Airways will be using 12 aircraft this winter – 1 Bombardier CRJ100, 5 CRJ200s, 4 CRJ900s and 2 Airbus A319s.

The most notable change in Adria’s winter schedule is the addition of flights from Priština to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. The airline will suspend its seasonal flights to Barcelona, Madrid, Manchester and Dublin. In addition, the airline will terminate its two weekly flights to Athens.

The winter season begins on October 31, 2010 and ends on March 26, 2011. The airline is entitled to change, add or reduce its destinations and frequencies. The table will be updated in case changes do occur.

From Ljubljana

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Athens0▼ 3
Barcelona0▼ 2
Banja Luka4-
Copenhagen3▲ 1
Dublin0▼ 1
Frankfurt25-In addition, a further 6 flights are operated from Vienna
Madrid0▼ 2
Manchester0▼ 2
Priština7▼ 7
Sarajevo6▼ 1
Skopje7▼ 7
Tirana7▼ 4
Warsaw4▼ 1

From Priština

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Dusseldorf2▲ 2Flights start December 11
Frankfurt5▲ 5Flights start December 12
Ljubljana7▼ 7
Munich7▲ 7Flights start December 10

Within the next few days winter changes made by Croatia Airlines will be published. By cliking on the link you can view B&H Airlines’, Jat Airways' and Montenegro Airlines' winter changes.


  1. Anonymous12:00

    Well after almost one year in Slovenia, Adria opened a new direct route to Marseille. What about a possibility for other destination in France ? Toulouse for instance ?

  2. Frankfurt really lost 3 flights becuase the afternoon VIE-FRA-VIE were dropped down. And it has 5+2+6 fligths on VIE-FRA-VIE now.
    And 7+5+6+7 fligths from LJU.
    So 38 in total.

    CPH is served 3 times per week.

    Afternoon IST flights are now increased to 4, so 11 in total.

    LGW has 5 flights like in the summer.

    Moscow always had just 7 and additional 1 from SUN-MON, so 8 in total, no changes form the summer!

    MRS is operated for Turkish truck drivers, they came from IST in the morning and return in the evening to go back to IST (the other ones).

    And MRS will be operated 4 times per week the whole winter, so you need to correct that. sometimes plane waits in the MRS the whole day but by the TT MRS is served 4 times per week.

    MUC is having 21 as in the summer.

    CDG is having an additional flight from SAT-SUN sleeping. So 11 in total, which is one more than in the summer I believe.

    Sarajevo had in summer 6 so no changes.

    VIE has 21 flight like in the summer.

    ZRH has 20 flights, I believe 1 less than in summer.

    What is your source data??

  3. Anonymous#1

    MRS is just because of Turkish truck drivers, otherweise it would have 2 PAX per week as it is now beside the drivers.

  4. ANd btw, they will oeprate with 2 A319, 4 CRJ9 and 7 CRJ200 (one is CRJ100) so 13 in total and not 12 like you wrote!!

  5. Anonymous12:55

    Could someone explain a bit more about the Marseille drivers.

    This is the first time ive heard of this.

  6. Anonymous13:15

    Quite simple, one turkish transport company was mostly positionning its truck drivers to Trieste by flight to LJU in order them to pick up their trucks there as arriving by boat. As you might know, Marseille (well actually Fos sur Mer) is also a really big harbor and this company decided to launch a new base from there also for commercial reasons. But anyway turkish truckers are the best as loong as they keep this route open and enable me to go home :)

  7. Anonymous13:58

    Thank you Sky. I also went through Amadeus and published figures are for lots of JP destinations simply wrong.

  8. Such a pity, after 3 or 4 years night flights LJU-SKP and morning flights SKP-LJU are dropped.
    With this decision they will be handing over passengers to other carriesrs. In the last 1 year after the grounding of MAT JP was actually the Nr. in Skopje.
    However I think it is due to Montenegro Airlines expansion on the macedonian market-it has more competitve prices than JP-about 100euros less.

  9. Anonymous16:34

    yes, i agree with IN007
    very surprised to see SKP down by 7

    i always used their night flight LJU-SKP

  10. Anonymous16:58

    As far as I’m aware didn’t Adria always fly to Skopje 7X per week during the winter?

  11. Anonymous18:08

    they always did +7 per week

  12. I think they had in the winter schedule 7 daily + 5 night/morning flights and 7+7 in the summer schedule.
    Will see next summer season.
    Best regards to everyone

  13. Well actually in witner, LJU-SKP night flights were scheduled but somehow they were deleted just in last few days, low interest and cost reductions.

    Btw Adria is planning some more stuff out of SKP in the summer... I really wish that it will happen something out of it.

  14. Can you share with us some of the possible plans..or you prefer it stays a secret:-)

  15. Anonymous18:56



    If they do something out of SKP that must be DUS

    ( FRA and MUC possible too, but not sure how profitable that would be).

  16. Well what we read is just "there are plans for the summer timetable out of SKP" Do not know more, but can be something similler like FRA MUC DUS out of PRN, note that Adria operated many charters from SKP to CTA during the summer.

  17. Anonymous17:00

    according to LJU web page, and recenltly published winter timetable, JP will keep 4 night flights to SKP.Till the end of sept.LJU had 1.101.019 pax;3,5% less then in the same period in 2009.

  18. Well can you buy a ticket ;) ?

  19. Anonymous10:51

    In this timetable on EXYU web it's a lot of mistakes. Please see this link

    Where is BCN? Adria will fly in BCN every sunday evening.

  20. Anonymous09:31

    No it wont, that LJU Airport timetable is much wrong, not just to BCN but to many other destination they got the wrong data.
    You can see that date valid are the sam on the al rows, so this is something pretty fake.


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