Angry unions write to PM

Will the new CEO change how things are run?
Four Croatia Airlines unions have written a letter to the country’s Prime Minister, Jadranka Kosor, expressing their worry about the airline’s current state. “While Croatian airports report record growth and the tourist season is one of the best on record, Croatia Airlines’ financial losses continue to mount. Passenger numbers continue to decline, aircraft are not being utilised and we are handing over routes to other airlines”, the letter reads. The unions say that the management has no vision for the airline’s future and lacks the knowledge on how to undo previous mistakes.

The letter by the unions was written several hours before the airline’s management board elected Srećko Šimunović as the company’s new CEO. The unions conclude their letter by saying that Croatia Airlines has a bright future ahead of it but needs responsible people with a clear vision to run the carrier. The letter has been signed by the union of Croatia Airlines cabin crew, pilots, mechanics and the union of Croatian aviation industry employees. The Prime Minister’s office has not responded to the letter yet.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    I love that fleet picture. Where is it retrievd from?

  2. frequentflyer10:06

    OU needs to change more than just the CEO, but a culture change does start at the top. The unions make a good point about low fleet utilisation and the lack of growth of business...

  3. Anonymous10:08

    The real test for the new CEO is summer 2011. We will see ow it goes.

  4. ANONYMOUS12:08

    Why don't the greedy unions and their overpaid staff (pilots and cabin crew) just concentrate on doing their jobs and keep their noses out of management. While Croatian Airlines management generally don't have a clue what they're doing, the idiot pilots (glorified bus drivers) would have far less of a clue.

  5. Anonymous00:30

    glorified bus drivers? so why dont u become one of them if its so easy dumbhead. idiote jedan napaceni

  6. ANONYMOUS03:19

    Yes - you heard me right - GLORIFIED bus drivers. Actually, I have more respect for bus drivers as they require far more concentration than airplane drivers do to get their passengers to their destinations safely.

    Fortunately, the Europeans and Americans are both spending billions of Euros to bring in technology that will replace pilots completely - thanks god.

  7. Anonymous05:40

    @ previous anonymous, the day you get the privilege to command an aircraft, you will see the concentration it requires.

    Unfortunately, you seem to be quite far from that stage in your life and i seriously doubt you would ever gain the ability to actually pilot an aircraft.

  8. Anonymous12:51

    "We are handing over routes to other airlines”, the letter reads.

    Could somebody give me an example here, please?

  9. frequentflyer10:03

    ^ (@ Anonymous)

    How about all the LGW routes from the Adriatic coast, and the removal of one 320 from the fleet? Evidence i'd say that they're not chasing the tourism € or $...

    Spain would be another destination to add to that list.


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