Arrivederci Niš

Wind Jet dumps Niš
The low cost Italian airline Wind Jet will suspend flights from Forli to Serbia’s second international airport, Niš, with the final service operating this morning, city authorities announced yesterday. Poor loads have led the airline to cancel its two weekly service until, at least, the 2011 summer season, which begins on the very last Sunday in March. The City of Niš has been subsidising the Italian airline, providing 1.1 million Euros and purchasing 50 seats per flight. Unofficial sources claim that the city can no longer afford to subsidise the airline, thus explaining Wind Jet’s withdrawal. The “Novosti” newspaper reports that, on average, there were less than 25 passengers onboard the flights this summer.

Meanwhile, Montenegro Airlines will continue serving Niš with daily flights from Podgorica this winter, after the city managed to fork out a significant chunk of cash to the Montenegrin carrier. The city will purchase 40 seats per flight at a return ticket price of 199 Euros. It has also been reported that the airport is drowning in debt.

Wind Jet commenced flights from Forli to Niš on December 26, 2009. Flights were operated with an Airbus A319 every Monday and Friday. Forli is located in Northern Italy, close to Bologna. Montenegro Airlines will become the sole carrier operating out of Niš Constantine the Great Airport. Several weeks ago, the Kopaonik Tourist Board announced that the Belorussian national carrier, Belavia, would operate flights from Minsk to Niš during the winter. However, there is no evidence that the flights will go ahead.


  1. Peter from Sydney09:20

    Why are the authorities subsidising these loss making flights? It's an incredible waste of money, I didn't think the Nis authorities were actually swimming in cash to afford what can only be described as a ego boosting venture.

  2. Aero09:38

    Expected move.
    I agree that city authorities should subsidise flights in order to develop the airport, but selection of the carrier and destination(s) must be done seriously and carefully.
    Outstanding example how justifed it can be iz Zadar airport.
    Who flies to Forli? Good proof for bad moves in selection of Forli is Air Vallee example in BEG. After 2 weeks they suspended flights from BEG to Rimini in the mid of July due to poor load, and BEG potential cannot be compared with INI potential.

  3. Anonymous09:43

    Why on Earth would they pay 200 euros to Montenegro for a short flight from Nis to Podgorica!? What a freaking rip off?!?!
    Weren't we exploited enough by the Montenegrans during the union?
    The Nis Airport authority is constantly failing for the simple reason that they are a bunch of dumb idiots who in stead of inviting airlines such as Ryanair to fly there they are calling on failed airlines such as Montenegro Airlines and subsidizing flights to destinations to which no one flies. Naturally all this with the money of the Serbian tax payers. Our country is the ideal example of what should not be done when running a state!
    One word: Incompetence.

  4. Anonymous16:32

    200 euros is return ticket from Niš via Podgorica to EU destination(FRA, CDG, LGW, FMO, ZRH...)

    See Montenegro Airlines site...

  5. sale11:38

    It was not like that the city could choose who will fly from Nis. Wizz? Easy? Ryan?

    The other option was to have no flights at all from Nis.
    So, Windjet filled tha gap. Airport got some passengers taxes. The city got some low-cost tourists.

    Then Montenegro Airline (and the city) came with better offer (everyday flights, connections to major cities in Europe for around 200 €) and took over many potential Windjet passengers.

    It looks to me more like a simple competitions. So far Montenegro Airline played it better, has a fleet (with smaller planes) that fit better these routes, and competitive prices.

  6. JAT could have done the same with better a/c - ATR, right? One daily morning flight and one evening on Sundays...

  7. SerbianSausage20:56

    Frankly, I believe that Nis would be better if it transformed into a military/cargo airport. With Yura Co. and now other factories being established in Nis, the city will become a factory hub in Serbia. With all the equipment necessary for the factories, a well-established cargo terminal would definitely bring more investments to Nis. And just to note, the best thing the government to do after that, is to set up high-speed rail network from Nis to Belgrade, giving people in Nis better and easier access to Belgrade Airport for civilian travel.

  8. JATBEGMEL11:22

    @ Anonymous 1

    Ryan Air wont fly to INI because it would be a loss making destination for them.

    @ Anonymous 2

    bingo :)

    @ Serbian Sausage

    yes, our government will magically invest into something like this. For people here high speed rail is anything above 30km/h!!! As for a factory hub, it will happen if people who get offered jobs actually wanted to take them and work.

  9. SerbianSausage00:29


    I am just stating what is the best solution...not what's feasible. I ma sure that this could and maybe will happen one day, but in terms of today, this project is not even close...


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