B&H to Amsterdam in December

Soon in Amsterdam
B&H Airlines will finally commence its long awaited flights from Sarajevo to Amsterdam this December. The new service will operate 3 times per week from December 2 using the airline’s new Airbus A319. The flights will offer passengers from the United States a quick connection to Sarajevo and vice versa. The new service tops off B&H’s winter schedule which will also see the introduction of flights from Banja Luka to Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna.

Meanwhile, Jat Airways and B&H Airlines held talks in Sarajevo on Wednesday regarding the possibility for expanding partnership between the two. According to sources available to EX-YU Aviation News, an agreement between the two airlines is expected to be reached soon, which will have an impact on the 2010/2011 winter season for one of the airlines. More information regarding this development will be available once a firm deal is made.

You can view flight details for the new Sarajevo – Amsterdam flights by clicking the appropriate link in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. frequentflyer12:00

    Looking at the flight information, it must be with the new 319 which is arriving. What will that plane
    (the 4th in the fleet) be doing for the other 153hrs in the week? It's not like winter is a good time for charters...

    Is this confirmation that the new 319 has been delayed until December?

  2. Anonymous12:05

    The third, 734 has gone back to THY.


  3. Anonymous13:22

    The fourth.
    Two ATR 72-212, PA34 and A319-132

  4. JU520 BEGLAX13:55

    I don t like their website...

    Could expect more from an airline. also one of the special offers shows Austria and has a picture of Zurich....

  5. I am confused. I thought BH Airlines has 1 A319 and 2 ATR72s. Am I missing here on something?
    I don't like their livery at all....please change it. The same is for JAT.

  6. Anonymous18:16

    Trenutna flota BH Airlinesa je:
    2 ATR72
    1 A319
    1 PA34
    Drugi Airbus 319 ce doci u flotu pred pocetak ljetnog reda letenja 2011.
    U zimskom redu letenja A319 ce letjeti za:
    Istanbul 7x
    Amsterdam 3x
    Copenhagen 2x
    Goteborg 2x
    Stockholm 1x

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  8. frequentflyer12:35

    From http://airlineroute.net/2010/10/04/ja-w10/

    JA330 SJJ1015 – 1225AMS 319 246
    JA331 AMS1335 – 1545SJJ 319 246

    JA210 SJJ1445 – 1710FRA AT7 37
    JA211 FRA1830 – 2100SJJ AT7 37
    JA210 SJJ1400 – 1430BNX1500 – 1710FRA AT7 14
    JA211 FRA1830 – 2040BNX2115 – 2145SJJ AT7 14

    JA502 SJJ0700 – 0820VIE AT7 1
    JA502 SJJ1415 – 1535VIE AT7 5
    JA503 VIE0915 – 1045SJJ AT7 1
    JA503 VIE1615 – 1735SJJ AT7 5
    JA502 SJJ0715 – 0750BNX0820 – 0930VIE AT7 4
    JA502 SJJ1500 – 1530BNX1600 – 1705VIE AT7 7
    JA503 VIE1045 – 1150BNX1220 – 1245SJJ AT7 4
    JA503 VIE1750 – 1855BNX1925 – 1945SJJ AT7 7

    JA306 SJJ0710 – 0925ZRH AT7 16
    JA307 ZRH1020 – 1230SJJ AT7 16
    JA306 SJJ0630 – 0700BNX0730 – 0925ZRH AT7 357
    JA307 ZRH1020 – 1215BNX1245 – 1315SJJ AT7 357

    In Winter 2010 season, it also operates:
    1 weekly A319 Sarajevo – Copenhagen – Gothenburg – Sarajevo
    1 weekly A319 Sarajevo – Gothenburg – Stockholm – Sarajevo
    1 Daily A319 Sarajevo – Istanbul
    5 weekly ATR72 Sarajevo – Belgrade

    There's even a map been drawn up to show the routes and how they operate.

    By my calculations all of these routes can be operated with two AT7s and only one 319...


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