Belgrade passes 2 million mark

Belgrade Airport
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 274.383 passengers in September and, as a result, managed to welcome over 2 million passengers so far this year. Last September the airport recorded 228.704 passengers, thus registering a 19.9% increase this year. By the end of September Serbia’s main airport handled 2.097.713 passengers, an increase of 11.1%. An increase has also been registered compared to September 2008.

The airport’s main customer remains Jat Airways which accounts for 46% of Belgrade’s scheduled seat capacity. According OAG, Montenegro Airlines, with 48 weekly departures and Lufthansa, with 35 weekly departures, are the next two busiest carriers at the airport. Lufthansa’s presence is reinforced by the presence of its subsidiaries Austrian and Swiss, the latter introducing another daily flight to the Serbian capital from Zurich this winter. While Wizz Air will introduce new flights to Belgrade in the following months, airBaltic, British Airways and Aegean Airlines will suspend services. Spanair will dump its seasonal Madrid route, although remains in Belgrade with flights from Barcelona.


  1. ANONYMOUS11:11

    Air Baltic Riga-Belgrade flights will resume 27 March, 2011.

  2. LH172111:13

    so, next yr 3M+. great!

    Question regarding LH MUC-BEG, can it be that we will be getting a LH1728 LH1721 next spring?
    07:15 LH1728
    09:30 LH1721

    0630 LH1727
    1055 LH1722 1300 LH1723
    1505 LH1724 1710 LH1725
    1925 LH1726

  3. BA is the only carrier which is going to drop BEG, 'cause BT is coming back in S11 and OA is replacing A3.
    And yeah, it's possible that LH is planning to introduce extra flights or maybe some extra routes. There is a gap in fl numbering on routes to FRA. There are LH1406/1407 and LH1410/1411, but there is no route for LH1408/1409 and LH never has gaps in fl numbering. Who knows, will see...
    I expect around 2,5M passengers till the end of the year, so with 5 extra routes with WizzAir and with easyJet coming in S11, there is a big chance that BEG will get to 3M till the end of 2011. :)

  4. Anonymous11:33

    Wasn't AirBaltic supposed to come back in January?
    I am still happy as I use them to come to Belgrade from Iceland. I flew KEF-Oslo on SAS and then on them to Belgrade, came about 500 euros... very cheap.

  5. LH172111:44

    We already have 2.1 Milion.
    I count with 2009 + 20% for the last 3 months of this year, which would be about 600 thousand.
    2.1 + 0.6 = 2.700 million in 2010.
    My expectation and i would be dissapointed with less.

  6. Anonymous13:54

    Where on earth are people getting info that Olympic is going to fly to Belgrade?

  7. Aero13:58

    Belgrade daily Blic has just published an article on meeting held yesterday between Serbian infrastructure ministry, CAD, Jat and Serbian GC in Chicago about "possibilities" of US direct flights re-launch from Belgrade...

  8. Aleks Nikolic14:51

    i just cannot wait til these new airplanes come in, 737-700's (2) then their possible 6 A319 and 2 A318, that would be a good fleet of 12 new airplanes, which means they would be able to scrap most of their old fleet, unless they want to keep those also for flights if needed. but this is good sign for international traffic, i live in cleveland ohio and everyone here and all around america, we hate having to stop at 2 airports, its hell of a trip. if you live in NYC or chicago, you have one stop but most cities have 2, some 3 stops. BEST LUCK FOR JAT! i see them having a GREAT future, with overseas traffic and new european traffic, and new fleet! Everyone here misses in Cleveland when the DC-10 flew from CLE - BEG ! COME BACK :) even if JAT flies to NYC or ChiCAGO!

  9. JATBEGMEL15:23

    Great stuff for BEG. I think more and more diaspora are starting to come back, along with tourists and business travellers. What would be better is Serbia being a more stable country for investment to attract more business travel.

    The B92 report is full of crap, their aviation reports are always stupid and thus never believe what they write. JAT first should work on better establishing its regional network, ie: OTP, SOF, SJJ, SKP, TIA, then newer short-medium haul aircraft is needed, lets see those newer B737NG's come in, they should worry about the airbus order. Anyway, even if JAT tomorrow did lease a B767, the only N. America destinations they could do are Canadian due to the FAA CAT II ranking of Serbia, forbidding Serbian regsitered aircraft in flying to the US.

    @ Aleks Nikolic

    JAT wont come back to CLE. CLE was always a seasonal via DTW if i remember reading well. When JAT in 2006 had a transatlantic schedule and had a B762 ready for lease, it was 3 p/w to JFK and 2 p/w to YYZ and upon leasing a second B762 ORD would open.

  10. Anonymous00:50

    hey guys. i agree with you above. if there are any long-haul flights to belgrade by jat, it's going to be chicago and new york, that's it. i'm from miami so i have to go through frankfurt, rome, or barcelona regardless. but i would love to see jat flying to america again. anyone know to which airports emirates will operate flights from belgrade to? that would be useful information.

  11. Anonymous02:35

    Dreamers - do not hold your breath - no Jat flights across the Atlantic anytime soon, not until Jat is bankrupted/liquidated and something else put in it's place!

  12. Doot13:23

    also "dreamers" who think that diaspora is "returning"

    Only people who "return" are people who fail at life in the US

  13. JATBEGMEL14:26

    @ anonymous

    where did you hear that emirates will operate from Belgrade? lol EK doesnt intend to fly to BEG, actually, i did hear that QR could be coming to BEG next year from DOH :) they are currently going to open OTP, BUD and SOF in the region.

    @ doot

    what i meant was diaspora returning as in visiting, not generally meaning returning to live. As for the failing in life in the US, i never lived in the US, Australian born living in Belgrade 2.5 years now. I havnt failed in life, im just starting it. maybe i should pinch myself and maybe i will magically turn up in bed back in australia? lol

  14. Doot16:18

    Sorry about whatever happened to you in Australia

  15. Anonymous06:30

    Doot.... wow. Dude, chill, take a breath, relax! So much anger and bitterness

  16. JATBEGMEL10:29

    @ Doot

    nothing happened to me. i just came to Belgrade 2.5 years ago because i wanted to. Belgrade is far from a bad city.

  17. AirKoryoTU-20414:47

    This anon is clearly some stupid American idiot....So blatantly obvious it's not funny. Returning to Belgrade from the US would be far from failing in many people's books!

  18. Doot15:22

    ya, In the eyes of people who also can't make it in the US or don't have what it takes to even try

  19. SerbianSausage05:47

    I wonder how many passengers will be using the airport after 2012 when the USA flights commence? There will be a lot more connecting flights for sure.


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