Croatia Airlines gets new CEO

Srećko Šimunović, Croatia Airlines CEO
Yesterday, the management board of Croatia’s national carrier accepted the resignation of Ivan Mišetić and named Srećko Šimunović as the airline’s new CEO. Šimunović came to Croatia Airlines in 2002, taking up the post as head of the marketing department. He later became the director of the marketing and networks department and finally moved to the marketing and purchasing department. Before arriving at Croatia Airlines, Šimunović worked for INA, the Croatian National Petroleum Industry. Šimunović has a tough job ahead of him with mounting competition from foreign carriers, unhappy work unions and dire balance sheets. Šimunović takes on a 5 year term as the airline’s CEO.

Meanwhile, the management board thanked the now former CEO, Ivan Mišetić, recognising the achievements the airline has had under his leadership. Mišetić became the airline’s CEO 13 and a half years ago. He has worked for the airline for the past 18 years. He now takes on a job outside of the aviation industry.


  1. Jimmy Wang10:07

    Congratulations Mr.Šimunović!
    Čestitka Gosp. Šimunović!

    We wish we might have good expectations about the future strategy of Croatia Airlines finally.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:09

    any information from where this gentleman comes?

    Any political background?
    foreign experience?
    aviation experience?

  3. Well, since Croatia Airlines has a hopeless to non existent advertising department which was headed by Simunovic then I guess we can expect very little in terms of how the airline will be run in the future thus little to no improvement.

    I hope I'm wrong but I will be surprised if I am.

  4. frequentflyer11:36

    Dobrodošli, Mr Šimunović.

    Your task awaits - bring OU into profit, get your staff on side, and expand your destinations list.

    @ Q400

    I think many on this forum reading the report will have the same idea, let's be proved wrong...

  5. Lala18:43

    offtopic: but what is this Royal Jordanian flight from Brussels via Belgrade to Amman doin there?

  6. ANONYMOUS16:37

    Simunovic is a good replacement (if you have to choose somebody from within Croatia Airlines).

    Having met him, he doesn't have the HUGE ego that that arrogant bastard Misetic has, and actually has a good background within the industry. Good luck to him, he'll need it.


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