Double digit growth in September

14% increase, charters continue downward spiral
Jat Airways has managed to transport 105.582 passengers in September and report an increase of 14% in scheduled traffic. However, once again charters have been hit as the airline cut capacity by almost a half. Once they are included in the official statistic the growth in September only reached 4%.

The Serbian national carrier continued its notable comeback on the Montenegrin market with passenger numbers increasing by 39%. Since January, the airline has registered a 41% passenger increase on flights to and from Montenegro compared to last year. Euro-Mediterranean flights also saw growth with a passenger increase of 10%. The airline decreased its charter flight offering by 49%, naturally carrying 44% less passengers. In September, Jat’s average cabin load factor increased by 7%, reaching 65%. By the end of September, the airline carried 831.620 passengers in 2010.


  1. Aero09:40

    I must confess that I am positively surprised with this results, especially with growing CLF which is the most valuable indicator in this report. Charter contribution is a matter of fleet size and I believe they can improve it by earning two new ACs.
    From the managerial point of view, these results in growing competition at their hub deserve respect.

  2. Anonymous09:56

    The only thing JAT desperately needs are new aircrafts. Cramped, old and dirty planes are in desperate need of replacement. Otherwise, keep up the good job JAT!!!!!

  3. Almost all airlines that serve BEG announced their W10/11 schedule. I guess there will be some changes during next month.
    OA appears to come back to BEG with 7f/w, but we'll see about that.
    JK with no changes to BCN, but MAD is in question.
    RO with no change.
    4U decreased CGN service from 4 to 3 f/w, STR saw no change.
    QI day change - from 1 and 5 to 2 and 5.
    W6 already known.
    LH only changed fl No for flights to MUC and FRA. (my guess is that they maybe plan to add an extra flight to FRA or maybe a new destination).
    TK no change.
    VV decreased KBP from 4 to 3 f/w.
    JP no change.
    SU no change.
    DY decreased OSL from 2 to 1 f/w (don't know why), ARN stays with 1 f/w but with fl. No change to DY4341/4342.
    AF no change.
    YM has 3 daily to TGD and 2 daily to TIV. I wonder what will happen with JU cooperation.
    OK with no change on OK834/835, but with decrease on OK836/837 from 6 to 5 f/w.
    AZ decreased FCO from 7 to 6 f/w.
    JA decreased SJJ from 6 to 5 f/w.
    TU cuts MIR, TUN with no change.
    OS and HG no change to VIE.
    LO decreased WAW from 4-5 f/w to 3 f/w.
    LX already know.


    p.s. Nice to hear some good news from JAT! :)

  4. JU520 BEGLAX11:53


    thanks for the interesting update. Sounds good, especially that JK keeps going to BCN in the winter season too.

  5. Aero12:03

    Thanks JU500.
    It seems that we will have substantially higher frequency in BEG than for W 09/10.
    Does BEG has any new destination besides W6`s Malmo (not to count Paphos)this winter?

  6. AirKoryoTU-20314:18

    Maybe it will compensate for A3 dropping the route? The two (OA+A3) are changing their schedules to coincide with one another pending their merger.

  7. Anonymous17:22

    In the winter schedule, Olympic should have a daily flight to Belgrade:

    123--6- morning flight
    ---45-7 evening flight

    Besides the 3x/week service to Barcelona, Spanair will have an additional flight on Sundays (in December and January).

    Too bad we are seeing British Airways and Aegean dropping their services to Belgrade.

    Jat remains probably the only airline in Europe that hasn't published its winter schedule... speaking of long term plans, way to go Jat, but then again, they are a joke about time :)

  8. Only God knows what will happen with OA. BEG airport twice published OA schedule during this year and none came true, that's why I'm concerned.

    Still, Swiss should definitely add 2 weekly flights to Geneva (or maybe cut 2 to ZRH). I flew with Lufthansa to Geneva last week for 175euros via Munich, and I saw about 25 people from the plane to Munich in the plane from Munich to Geneva. That is really good destination with great possibility! 2 flights with A319 could do the trick for now... ;)
    Maybe easyJet will add GVA in S11.

  9. Anonymous13:29

    So, the decline of Jat continues... Jat sees a 4% increase in pax numbers in September, and Belgrade Airport numbers surge by 20% to 274.000 passengers during the same period!

    Jat days are counted...b

  10. Doot16:53

    I fly BEG-GVA several times a year.

    I really don't see SWISS flying a direct flight. Why would they? They're adding another flight to Zürich soon (if they haven't already) and there are half-hourly flights out of Zurich to Geneva. Also, it's cheaper to fly Lufthansa out of Munich. There's not enough O&D out of BEG to GVA for it to be worth Swiss' effort.

    Easyjet? I'd love it if they gave it a shot! They currently fly out of Budapest and Pristina direct to GVA for under 100euros return


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