Jat Airways
Winter 2010/2011

Jat winter changes
The following are modifications Serbia’s national carrier, Jat Airways, will be making to its 2010/2010 winter schedule. In the table below you can see the cities the airline will operate to, the number of weekly frequencies and the change in frequencies compared to the 2010 summer season. Jat Airwas will be using 14 aircraft this winter – 4 ATR72s and 10 Boeing B737-300s. Notable in the winter schedule are new flights to Paphos in Cyprus and the large number of flights to Podgorica. The airline won’t, unlike previous winters, reduce its frequencies to the Montenegrin capital. Furthermore, the seasonal summer flights to Gothenburg and Thessaloniki will continue throughout the winter. According to our sources, Jat will make additional changes to its schedule later this winter.

The winter season begins on October 31, 2010 and ends on March 26, 2011. The airline is entitled to change, add or reduce its destinations and frequencies. The table will be updated in case changes do occur.

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Berlin3▼ 1
Brussels3▲ 1via Amsterdam
Copenhagen3▼ 1
Dubai3-via Paphos
Gothenburg2-1 flight via Copenhagen
Larnaca2▼ 3
London-Heathrow7▼ 2
Malta1▼ 1
Monastir1▼ 2
Ohrid0▼ 2
Paphos3▲ 3During November and January a fourth flight will operate
Portorož0▼ 2
Rome6▲ 1
Skopje7▼ 5
Stockholm3▼ 11 flight via Gothenburg
Tel Aviv2-via Larnaca. During November and January 1 flight will operate via Paphos
Tivat14▼ 3
Thessaloniki2▼ 1
Tripoli1▼ 1via Malta
Zurich7▼ 1

Within the next few days winter changes made by Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways and Montenegro Airlines will be published. To view B&H Airlines’ winter changes click here.


  1. Aero09:18

    No INI again. It`s a shame!

  2. Anonymous09:30

    How does YM fit into this? Aren't they supposed to coordinate/share destinations?

  3. Aero09:44

    JU and YM have 6 daily flights from BEG to TGD and 4 to TIV. Or they are jointly operating 3+2 daily? I don`t get the point. I understand that JU is enetering W10/11 with larger operational fleet size than S10. Is that correct?

  4. JU520 BEGLAX09:56

    What about Trieste, Stuttgart?

  5. JATBEGMEL10:06

    Yet another pathetic timetable. One would think that with more aircraft operational that frequencies would improve or another destination would open...

  6. Unbelievable! The only change is the Paphos route...no comment.

  7. AirKoryoTU-20411:50

    What a joke! Athens still at 3 weekly with A3 BEG soon....This might be the result of OA resuming services. Also SGK is now 2 weekly what is the reason. Are these reductions due to the scarcity of a/c for JU?

  8. Anonymous13:26

    why is SKP down by 5?

    thought they were satisfied with the transit numbers....

  9. Anonymous13:34

    It seems Jat have found more profitable routes for their aircraft, instead of flying to Athens.

  10. AirKoryoTU-20413:46

    Mostlikely not due to the fact as another person said SKP is down along with ATH even though both have apparent "high yeilds". I don't know what to say about JU at the moment....Another joke I suppose.

  11. Da, ovo je sprdnja! Cela tabela se crveni od strelica koje pokazuju smanjenje broja letova... Cudo!
    Sa "celom" flotom up in the air, sve ostade manje-vise isto kao prosle godine...iz samo njima poznatih razloga...ATH, LHR, SKG, CDG, SKP...!?
    Mozda planiraju 10ak novih destinacija, to se nikad ne zna sa nasim neizvesnim JATom :)))) Turkmenistan, prepare, here we come! :)

    I oprostite sto je na srpskom...nesto me mrzelo da otkucam na english-u :D

  12. JATBEGMEL14:35

    I think LHR should of stayed the same, CDG and ZRH could of gotten additional frequencies, and maybe JAT should of done a deal with some British tourist agencies and operated the additional frequencies via INI for Kopaonik bound tourists. DXB should of went at least another additional frequency p/w. Im surprised that SKP had its frequencies reduce...bez veze.

  13. Anonymous15:44

    Skopje is always operated daily during winter. It’s too excessive to operate more than that. Most airlines reduce frequencies during the winter so I don’t know what people’s problem is. Travel to Serbia is extremely seasonal hence the reduced frequencies during the winter.

  14. Joke About Time15:56

    People, don't despair. Swiss is introducing a second daily frequency between Zurich and Belgrade, Olympic is coming back to Belgrade with a daily flight.

    Wizzair is introducing several new destinations including Rome, Malmo, and others...

    With all these quality airlines, who wants to fly with Jat?

    PS. When showing the changes, the editor should compare apples to apples, meaning W10/11 vs W09/10. Any other comparison does not make sense.

  15. JU520 BEGLAX16:24

    just to give you an impression how the load factor of Swiss is:

    Total Load Factor first 9 months is: 82.3 %

    where Intercontinental flights have a L/F of 86.8 %

    Where are the ex YU Carriers?

    In den ersten neun Monaten 2010 sowie auch im September verzeichnet die Fluggesellschaft ein Plus bei Auslastung und Passagieren.

    In den ersten neun Monaten dieses Jahres stieg die Auslastung der Swiss-Flüge auf dem gesamten Streckennetz auf 82,3%. Dies entspricht einem Plus von 3,1 Prozentpunkten im Vergleich zur entsprechenden Vorjahresperiode (2009: 79,2%). Während in Europa der Sitzladefaktor (SLF) bei 73,7% stabil blieb (2009: 74,5%), stieg der SLF auf den Interkontinentalstrecken um 5,2 Prozentpunkte auf 86,8%. Swiss beförderte von Januar bis September dieses Jahres 10'562'126 Passagiere, was einem Passagierzuwachs von 3.0% gleichkommt. Die Anzahl der durchgeführten Flüge erhöhte sich um 4.0% auf insgesamt 105'757 (2009: 101'689).

    Auch im Monat September waren die Swiss-Flüge mit 85,2% besser ausgelastet als im Vorjahr (2009: 83,8%). Im europäischen Streckennetz lag der SLF bei 79,0% und damit auf Vorjahresniveau (2009: 78,5%). Auf den Interkontinentalflügen verzeichnete Swiss ein Plus von 1,5 Prozentpunkten und damit eine Auslastung von 88,3% (2009: 86,8%). Auf dem gesamten Streckennetz hat Swiss im September 1'272'060 Passagiere befördert, was einer Steigerung von 5,5% im Vergleich zur Vorjahresperiode entspricht (2009: 1'205'958).

  16. Jat's winter fleet will be made out of 3 ATRs and 9 733s. (YU-ANL and YU-AND wont fly - at least at the beginning).

  17. Correction, YU-ALN, ATR.

  18. Ok it is true you should compare year-to-year because traffic in ex-yu region is highly correlated with the season.
    As for Swiss another unreasonable comparison- ex yu carriers started probably at lower SLF than LX few years ago and if you compare the growth rates you will conclude that they have been growing much faster than LX and have a younger fleet excluded JAT of course.Despite that as far as I know LX is still on the break-even profitability.
    And yet ex-yu airports are having growth rates of 10-14 percent per year what is unimaginable for swiss airports.With 10 percent yearly growth you get the number of pax doubled in 7 years!!

  19. ANONYMOUS17:17

    Look at all your 'arm-chair' CEOs commenting about something (route profitability/network structure) that you know f*ck all about - haha.

    For your info - LHR is slot constrained, if JU wanted to maintain the 2 extra summer season slots (extra frequency on Saturday and Sunday), they would have needed to submit it months ago, before the news of BA's withdrawl was announced.

    CDG is the same - Air France pretty much determine who flies and when.

    In general, you don't increase flying in the winter season as almost all flights to all destinations (apart from those during Christian/Orthodox Christmas) are loss-making, so it's better to keep aircraft utilization low.

  20. JU520 BEGLAX18:18


    LX has probably one of the best L/F of the network carriers in Europe if not the best.
    Regarding the fleet age:

    the oldest A319/320/321 are from 1995
    340 started in 2002
    330-200 are almost left
    330-300 are from 2009/2010/2011

    still they get new 320/321 within the next months. Of course if u have a fleet size of 05-10 carriers it s easy to have a better fleet average age, but LX will soon have 31 widebodies and 42A319-321.
    The 20 RJ100 are to leave the fleet within the next 3-4 years and are being replaced by 30 Bombardiers CS100s.

  21. Anonymous18:38

    As the article says there will be additional changes to be announced so they are probably deciding what to do with the new planes.

  22. AirKoryoTU-20407:54

    Why would you decres ALL services during winter when not all routes are operated as tourist charters or scheduled charters. Also when you say "(apart from those during Christian/Orthodox Christmas)" would that also include the Jan 7th Christmas then? Since there would be demand during Eastern and Christmas would they not keep certain frequencies at summer schedule?

    Also can anyone confirm OA to BEG?


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