Montenegro Airlines
Winter 2010/2011

Montenegro Airlines winter changes
The following are modifications Montenegro’s national carrier, Montenegro Airlines, will be making to its 2010/2011 winter schedule. In the table below you can see the cities the airline will operate to, the number of weekly frequencies and the change in frequencies compared to the 2010 summer season. Montenegro Airlines will be using 8 aircraft this winter – 5 Fokker F100s and 3 Embraer E195 jets. Montenegro’s national carrier won’t be making too many changes to its schedule this winter. The airline will maintain 21 weekly flights from Podgorica to Belgrade, meaning that the two cities will be connected with 42 flights each week. Meetings between Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines are scheduled to take place this month which might cause modifications to the route. The airline will suspend flights from its main base to Dusseldorf and Copenhagen. From Tivat, the airline will keep its 14 weekly flights to Belgrade but will suspend services to Moscow and Paris.

The winter season begins on October 31, 2010 and ends on March 26, 2011. The airline is entitled to change, add or reduce its destinations and frequencies. The table will be updated in case changes do occur.

From Podgorica

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Zurich5▼ 2
Dusseldorf0▼ 3
Copenhagen0▼ 2
Paris3▲ 1

From Tivat

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Belgrade14▼ 12
Moscow0▼ 3
Paris0▼ 4

Within the next few days winter changes made by Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways will be published. By cliking on the link you can view B&H Airlines’ and Jat Airways' winter changes


  1. Anonymous10:07

    So what is going to happen to their planes? It seems to me thta they have too many planes and not enough destinations, or am I wrong?

  2. Nick-Sydney11:20

    They may rotate their aircraft around the schedules if thats what your percieving.

  3. Anonymous18:16

    I can't see from the timetable anything concerning the announced collaboration with JU, or am I wrong here?

  4. SerbianSausage19:43

    Montenegro Airlines is run so badly that it may very well be bankrupt in the near future. They are buying more planes and have fewer people using the airline and less destinations. Montenegro is being beaten by Croatia Airlines, JAT Airways, and Adria on regional routes and they simply cannot come up with a solution.

  5. I am sick of reading stupidities because of jealousy.
    If they got new planes, which are financed by a loan from a brasilian bank it is a proof that they have the sustainable growth and healthy finacial situation. There are financial profis and experts working in banks, who make these evaluations.
    And yet another thing: get real, Montenegro Airlines beats all ex-yu airlines: fleet age, growth, SLF.They have the strongest growth and opened more destinations in 2 years than JAT in 20 years.Not to mention JAT dirty planes, grandmas with lipstick on teeth working as FA and so on...

  6. Anonymous11:11

    I just love your comment with grandmas (and could not agree more with you in that matter!) :)


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