New aircraft delayed

Jat’s newest arrivals delayed
As a result of a delayed 51.5 million Euro loan, Jat Airways’ lease of two new aircraft has been postponed. The arrival of 2 Boeing B737-700 jets was initially planned for October and November. Local media report that Jat’s management board will meet in early November to decide which aircraft type they will lease. The airline will either lease 2 Booing B737-700s or 2 Airbus A319s. However, most of Jat’s departments have already prepared for the arrival of the Boeing B737-700 aircraft.

In February, Jat requested a 51 million Euro loan. Just recently the Serbian Government approved the loan, giving its guarantees to banks that the loan will be paid off. The Serbian Parliament must now approve the loan before the means proceed to Jat. The airline plans to spend 2 million Euros for the lease of 2 aircraft which will, at most, be 5 years old. Jat says that the aircraft will arrive between January and March 2011, depending on when Parliament approves the loan. The approval will most likely come by the end of December 2010, when the fall sitting of parliament ends.

This winter, Jat will operate its entire fleet of 10 Boeing B737-300s and 4 ATR72 aircraft. During the first part of the 2009/2010 winter season Jat operated a fleet of only 8 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    God our country is so useless! We waited for the incompetent morons to remember to guarantee the loan now we have to wait for the always empty parliament to ratify it and finally to hope that the planes will arrive.
    Naturally the media will keep on crying how Jat is rotting without reminding the public who is to blame here.
    Naturally I am glad that our president can fly safely around the globe neglecting the real issues back at home!

  2. Anonymous10:30

    Well, Jat's incompetent management is to blame as well. They are still discussing which plane to order?! Wtf.

    And why is Jat still using a B737-200 on some of it's routes? I've seen it on Moscow and London flights.

    Why would anyone have to fly on those.

    Good we have such a big Star Alliance presence in Belgrade to compensate for this sorry excuse for an airline.

  3. Anonymous10:35

    Jat's incompetent managment is directly appointed by the more incompetent buch in the parliament. Everything in Serbia boils down to political games and connections. Just like the CEO of Belgrade airport, he might be doing a great job as a PR but his work as the CEO of the airport has been far from a good one.
    The reason why they might be discussing Airbus vs Boeing might have something to do with the potential acquisition by THY. In any way there is nothing wrong with going over your decision before purchasing new aircraft.

    Anyway like you said, there are enough Star Alliance member airlines in Belgrade that you don't have to fly on your national airline.

  4. Anonymous11:02

    This news about Airbus is a bit of surprise. I know for a fact that everyone has been told at JU that 737s are coming. I don’t see how JU’s management can be blamed for this. They have been waiting for the loan for almost a year. As for the B737-200 it hasn't been flying with Jat at all. It's operating for Aviogenx again.

  5. Anonymous11:15

    Then what is this?! Jat's flight to Rome (today) operated by a B732?

    As for the choice Airbus/Boeing... who is going to fly the Airbus planes? Do they have pilots that have license for that type of plane.

    The never ending saga continues.

  6. Anonymous11:19

    The B737-200 flies on selected JAT flights and was in the GDS systems and as well on AB webpage. Mostly to LHR, FCO, ATH and SVO.
    I guess JAT wet-leases it from AGX whenever they are in need. And for the rest of the story....well, nothimg to be added. I am just asking myself about the 2 million € for the lease. The 737-700 should be available at a rate of around 250000-350000 $ monthly per a/c. How do they calculate????

  7. Has anyone noticed that for the winter timetable DXB flights go via PFO, not via LCA? If one of the reasons new aircraft are leased is to enable non-stop flights between BEG and DXB, why is PFO introduced? Those few unfortunate ones who book BEG-PFO flights will have to go through the whole chaos of rerouting for no apparent reason. Will PFO stay in the network once DXB flights become non-stop? Is PFO a more viable destination than any of the "abandoned" destinations (MUC, PRG, TIA, BNX, etc.)?

  8. Anonymous11:31

    I suppose that the PFO might be a mistake. Jat would never leave Larnaca. That route is great for them, especially this summer when they were charging like 300 euros return and the planes were full.
    Paphos is a tiny airport with almost no regular flights.
    In addition to all that I can't imagine anyone from Nicosia driving 150 kilometers just to fly to Belgrade. Larnaca is ideally placed and Jat knows that.
    The only way I see Jat starting Paphos is if Larnaca get's its own flight, or that JU 070 flight to hell that goes to Tel-Aviv.
    If the flight is like Larnaca (the times) then I can imagine that they are interested in getting some of the Russians living in that area.

    As for the Airbus could it be that they are trying to maybe get an attractive offer from Airbus?

  9. frequentflyer11:46

    Why am I not surprised to read of this delay?

    As for the 319 remark, it's actually quite clever on the airlines part - if they are still in negotiations with Airbus they want to keep all their options open to ensure the best deal.

    And whilst there seems to be much angst (especially on this forum) at the thought of the 733s disappearing from JUs fleet, if brand new 319s save the airline money through efficiency etc then it has to be a good thing.

    The longer the airline waits to get these new aircraft though the more market share they lose to their competitors...

  10. Anonymous11:59

    wait, didn't they just change the engines on their 733's? That means that those planes are good for another few years.

    What Jat can do with those 733s is that they can slowly replace them with the 737-700s and use the -300 for charters in the summer season.
    Thanks to the sanctions and the 90s those planes still got a lot of flying hours in them.

  11. There's no mistake about the PFO flights. Even the fare have been published - slightly lower than the LCA fares just to compensate for the distance between the two airports. Is it worth the trouble for a couple of months of flying there?!?! So there's be 2 weekly flights to LCA and 3 weekly flights to PFO. Once the DXB flight go non-stop, LCA will end up with 2 weekly flights only. Is that what you do with an apparently good route?!?!

  12. Anonymous12:15


    It's Jat we are talking about. Why does anyone still takes them seriously beats me.

    Just take the B732 case. They claim that their whole fleet is back in the air, and yet they are still using the B732 from Aviogenex on popular routes, such as FCO, SVO, LHR...

    Wtf are they lying.

  13. @last Anonymous

    I stopped taking JAT seriously a very long time ago. My observations were just for the sake of those romantic ones who still feel empathy and compassion for JAT. :-)

  14. Anonymous12:33

    Just because their entire fleet is up in the air doesn't mean that they don't have aircraft shortage.

    As for Paphos and Cyprus they do that or they can do that simply because they can. We are stuck here with Jat and they are doing whatever they want with us. Our only alternative was Aegean via Athens but they were quite pricy with 350 euros tickets in average. There is Malév with their 6-7 hour connection just like Lot and CSA. The only normal option (connection wise) is Austrian and their 500 euro tickets.
    That is why Jat is doing what they are doing ith us here.
    I am sure that they have decided to make Paphos their stop as its cheaper. I mean the passenger tax at Larnaca is 35 euros.

  15. Anonymous12:35

    Plus Paphos is not loaded into their system so I don't know where you saw that.

  16. @last Anonymous

    PFO flights were published through OAG 2 weeks ago, and fares were published last week.

    02NOV 24MAR .2.4... BEG PFO 2055# 0015 JU 88 733
    06NOV 26MAR .....6. BEG PFO 2120# 0040 JU 88 733

    03NOV 25MAR ..3.5.. PFO BEG 1030 1205 JU 89 733
    31OCT 20MAR ......7 PFO BEG 1055 1230 JU 89 733

  17. PFO flights were published through OAG 2 weeks ago, and fares were published last week.

    02NOV 24MAR .2.4... BEG PFO 2055# 0015 JU 88 733
    06NOV 26MAR .....6. BEG PFO 2120# 0040 JU 88 733

    03NOV 25MAR ..3.5.. PFO BEG 1030 1205 JU 89 733
    31OCT 20MAR ......7 PFO BEG 1055 1230 JU 89 733

  18. Anonymous13:00

    Thanks. This is just disgusting.
    Do you know what is happening with Larnaca? Is it the nasty Tel-Aviv flight?

  19. @last Anonymous

    LCA stays with just 2 weekly flight continuing to TLV.

    -23MAR ..3...7 BEG LCA 1735 2100 JU 70 733

    -24MAR 1..4... LCA BEG 0130 0315 JU 71 733

  20. I have received confirmation from Jat regarding the Belgrade – Paphos flights on Friday. There will be news published about it tomorrow and the official reason for the move so stay tuned.

  21. Anonymous20:42

    We have been informed that the official reason is because of the runway reparation at Larnaca airport. I am not sure if that is correct

  22. slobodan21:51

    what is wrong with jats flights to tel aviv guys?

  23. Anonymous23:35

    OK, here' another one - Jat employees are not getting the salary for september. How about that? What Airbuses are we talking about if they don't even have the money for that? Not to mention the (in)direct impact on the moral... Jat days are numbered... Something is cooking behind scenes.

  24. Anonymous01:21

    YES - something sure is cooking behind the scenes - it's quite funny to watch ex-yu aviaiton posting all these ridiculous articles when the are all a HUGE smoke screen. STAY TUNED... Oh, and forgot about your stupid JFK flights and all your other arm-chair/sofa CEO crap.

  25. Anonymous10:21

    Nothing is wrong with the Tel Aviv flights besides that they are at an ungodly hour.
    The flight arrives back to Belgrade at 03:15.

  26. JATBEGMEL11:17

    This government is ridiculous. the delay in the credit approval doesnt surprise me either.

    The heads of JAT should already have decided in their choice of aircraft, they have had 8 months to decide. Going by the way that there is an Airbus order already and the option for the order to be delivered, maybe taking on 2 A319's could give JAT an idea on what it would be like working with the aircraft. Then again, what ever they can get at a better price will do, both types are good.

    As for the B732, maybe JAT again is financing the maintenance on the aircraft and is why we can see it on an odd JAT flight, otherwise it flies with AGX.

  27. AirKoryoTU-20414:23


    Noted a few days ago was the 732 operating a service into Athens, not the usual night flight either.

  28. ANONYMOUS14:39

    The AGX B732 (aka - 'scud'), probably can only operate VFR (Visual flight rules)!! hahaha


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