Record August at Croatian airports

Split on the up
All of Croatia’s main airports reported passenger growth in the summer month of August, with the only exception being Rijeka, which continues to struggle. Zadar and Dubrovnik saw the greatest increase in the number of passengers when compared to the same month last year, with Dubrovnik beating its August 1987 record.

Croatia’s main airport, Zagreb, handled 231.155, an increase of 4.8%. However, both Split and Dubrovnik handled more passengers, 246.221 (+ 14.9%) and 259.638 (+ 21.7%) respectively. Together, Croatia’s three largest airports welcomed 737.014 passengers. Pula managed to secure modest gains by handling 78.996 passengers, an increase of 2.9%. Similarly, Osijek saw an increase of 2.3%. Zadar, which handled 56.624 passengers, noted the greatest monthly increase in the country of 34.9%.

Meanwhile, there was more bad news for Rijeka. With 13.544 passengers passing through the airport, it registered a decrease of 42.1%. Overall, in the first 8 months of the year, only Zagreb and Rijeka have seen a passenger decrease.

Below you can view August 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers AUG 2010Passengers AUG 2009Change (%)
Zagreb231.155 220.872 4.6
Dubrovnik259.638 214.283 21.1
Pula78.996 76.758 2.9
Split246.221 214.206 14.9
Zadar56.624 41.951 34.9
Osijek5.0414.925 2.3
Rijeka13.54423.397 42.1


  1. JU520 BEGLAX10:23

    There was an aritcle in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung about 6 weeks ago that Croatia should do more to extend the tourism season so that not everything is focused on the summer months of June until September. I visited the past two Christmas Istria and it was great to explore the hinterland doing wine and olive oil tasting, enjoying Gourmet Restaurants which are during peak season completely overcrowded. I think Gourmet trave, spas and culture events could be one solution to extend the season. Winter on the coast is beautiful too and with some luck you have sunny days with 12-15 dec Celsius which is still much better than sitting in frozen mid/north Europe. Here I count on the LCC, so we might soon see better passenger figures during The Nov-April Season
    My recommendation: Damir i Ornella in Novigrad is one of the best places I ever had dinner

  2. Jimmy Wang12:44

    I could imagine how the passengers growth will raise and boost the croatian airports after the entry of Croatia into EU, earlier or later 2011.
    Estonia, Lettland, Lithuania, Poland, The Czech Republic,
    Slovakia and Hungary increased the passengers figures in the last years dramatically, especially their capitals.

  3. Smokiboy18:43

    I flew into Rijeka Airport in summer of 2009 and it is in need of serious renovations. I blame the managers of the airport for not getting more direct flights, low cost or otherwise. With Opatija, Krk, Cirkvenica, and Rijeka itself, there are plenty of attractions nearby. Problem may be in it's close proximity to ZAG, and maybe Pula.


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