Strong growth for Priština

Priština breaks through million
In the first nine months of the year, Priština Airport handled 1.008.000 passengers, a 10% increase compared to the same period last year. Priština handled its millionth passengers almost a month ahead of last year. In 2009, the airport welcomed 1.2 million passengers while it is expected that it will process some 100.000 passengers more this year. This winter season, Adria Airways will introduce flights from Priština to Munich and Frankfurt in Germany providing a further boost to passenger numbers.

The Turkish-French consortium Limak-Aeroport de Lyon won a 20 year contract in May to manage the airport. The agreement foresees an investment of 140 million Euros. It will cover a modern, 27.000 square meter terminal building, a 77.000 square meter apron and runway, a new traffic control tower, car park facilities with a capacity for 1.750 vehicles and fuel tanks and the refurbishment of airport access roads. The airport is aiming to handle 4 million passengers per year.


  1. frequentflyer09:59

    Priština brakes through million

    Dear admin, i'm sure it should be 'breaks' through...

    Congrats to PRN - that would make them the 4th airport to break the million mark? ZAG, BEG, LJU?

  2. Anonymous10:30

    congratulaions to PRN from SKP :)

  3. Anonymous10:35

    I would guess that both Dubrovnik & Split have more passengers.

  4. Anonymous16:50

    Adria will start flying on Decembr 10th.

  5. Anonymous17:11

    I agree. I think that both Split and Dubrovnik surpassed the 1 million magic line a few years ago. Ex-yu airport are obviously doing really well again. Congrats from SLO.

  6. What is even more impressive, in my opinion, is the fact that this year's results are on top of last year's 10% year on year increase. So, approx. 10% year on year increase for two consecutive years is not a bad result, particularly since there is no visa-free travel to the Schengen zone for the Kosovar citizens.

    Interestingly, last year PRN had more passengers than DBV and SPU, which is incredible. Small PRN beating the tourist powerhouses of DBV and SPU. But I think that DBV and SPU are in a different league.

    I hope Limak-Aeroport de Lyon do a good job at managing the airport. They seem to have done a good job at SAW, so the expectations are high ;)

    Apart from Adria that is starting new routes this winter, Belle Air - the Albanian low-cost airline -- has established a new airline in Italy called Belle Air Europe and is starting a number of routes from PRN to western Europe. For more details see: A number of routes to Italy are already established, but it will be nice to have the first direct route to France: Lyon. A coincidence that Aeroport de Lyon will also manage the airport?

    In any case, interesting times ahead. I will open a bottle of champagne if Lufthansa finally land in PRN, as expected early next year. They may push Adria aside for them to step in.

    Greetings to SKP, SLO and all well-wishers. The feelings are mutual.

    P.S. Last week I flew to FRA via TGD. A really good connection. Good planes and reasonable prices. If the prices are similar from INI and the traffic is not picking up then that airport is hopeless for the near future. I'm really keen to hear more about their figures.

  7. Anonymous18:09

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  8. Anonymous22:46

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  9. JATBEGMEL10:02

    great news for PRN.

    @ Visit Kosovo

    Pershendetje...cka po ben?

    I heard about Belle Air Europe and seen their site. They are operating (or will operate) with an ATR72??? are they also flying from SKP?

    As for the visa free thingy, many living in K&M have Serbian passports and a registered place of residence outside of the K&M cousils in other areas of Serbia allowing visa free travel.

    Any other news down at PRN?



    Poz iz Pristine!

    Bio sam u Beogradu u Septembru a putovao sam i do aerodroma u Surcini da vidim da li je onaj isti aerodrom od 90-tih godina. Zadnji put kad sam putovao u Beogradu bile je 21 marta 1999. Vratio sam se od Osla preko Minhena. Drago mi je sto nisam bio u Beogradu juce!

    Belle Air Europe are already operating routes to Ancona, Verona and Bergamo with their new ATR72, however they have recently applied for a number of other routes too. If you can read Albanian, here are the link to the stories:,5,35816 and

    As far as the Serbian passports are concerned, I don't know of anyone who has a new biometric passport. Of course, many people have them but how many I'm not sure. Out of all the people that I know of in Prishtina and beyond no one has them and I have hardly seen any at PRN whenever I fly. In any case, if everyone could travel without a visa the number of passengers will certainly increase.


  11. Doot12:14


    Not sure about whether lots of Albanians are getting Serbian passports and registering their addresses in Serbia proper.

    I have an Albanian friend who really does live in Belgrade and he had to go to court to change his address, even though he'd been living in BG for years.

    This idea that Albanians from Kosovo are rushing to get Serbian passports is a bit of a myth. In practise it's not nearly as easy as a lot of Serbs imagine it is.

  12. JATBEGMEL15:02

    @ Visit Kosovo

    yes, i can read Albanian and from time to time, maybe once or twice a week, i read Telegrafi. I havnt seen this Koha net, is this the online version of Koha Ditore? Intresting articles. tekst ishte interesant, ju flm shume per linkave :) ps i understand better than i can speak :)

    The airport is the same, just Terminal 2 has had a small expansion and was renovated. the highway going to the airport is being done up, but Surcinski put, another airport access road desperately needs refreshing, esht shum katastrof.

    Yes, Belgrade yesterday was a mess. Those hooligans shamed the Serbian people, who are warm and friendly and not the monsters these idiots show the world Serbian people to be.

    As for the passports, there are several thousand apparently with Serbian passports in K&M, but some go as far as to pay up to 4000 euros to register an address in various Serbian cities.

    Tung nga Beogradi!

  13. Anonymous18:12

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  14. Anonymous18:58

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  15. Anonymous22:18

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  16. No provocations and no politics. Thank you.

  17. PRN Spotter17:03

    I have been a daily visitor of this marvelous site for around a year but never had the chance to read the comments!

    @Visit Kosovo
    When it comes to LH, I am sure I will join your party, even though I do not drink, a glass of juice would not be bad for me, huh?!
    I still do hope that the German eagle, somehow will make it to PRN. That would be awesome, after having most of European major airlines operating at PRN.


  18. PRN Spotter17:11

    Forgot to add!

    @Visit Kosovo
    Do you live in PRN?

    I am glad you speak Albanian. Pretty tough language to learn. Isn't it?

  19. JATBEGMEL10:18

    Bad start for those JP flights already. Hope they realiase. but if LJU-BNX reliased im sure PRN will.

    @ PRN spotter

    Albanian for me, so far, hasnt been too hard, but yes, one of the hard languages to learn. what helps is that from serbian the only extra sounds is x, th, dh, y and ë :) paqe.

  20. Anonymous18:22

    Another great news for Serbian airports!


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