Winter 2010/2011
B&H Airlines

B&H winter changes
On October 31, the winter season begins for airlines in the Northern Hemisphere. With only a few weeks to go, you will be able to find changes each of the national EX-YU airlines have made. The final day of the 2010/2011 winter season is on March 26, 2011.

The following are modifications Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national carrier, B&H Airlines, will be making to their 2010/2010 winter schedule. In the table below you can see the cities the airline will operate to, the number of weekly frequencies and the change in frequencies compared to the 2010 summer season. B&H Airlines will be using 3 aircraft this winter – 2 ATR72s and 1 Airbus A319. The new Airbus will be deployed on services from Sarajevo to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Istanbul. B&H’s most notable winter change are the introduction of flights from Banja Luka to Zurich, Frankfurt and Vienna. The airline also begins its 3 weekly service from Sarajevo to Amsterdam.

The airline is entitled to change, add or reduce its destinations and frequencies. The table will be updated in case changes do occur.

DestinationFrequency Change Notes
Amsterdam3▲ 3From December 2
Banja Luka7▲ 7
Belgrade5▼ 1
Copenhagen2▼ 21 flight via Stockholm
Frankfurt4-2 flights via Banja Luka
Gothenburg2▼ 11 flight via Copenhagen
Stockholm2▼ 11 flight via Gothenburg
Vienna4▼ 22 flights via Banja Luka
Zagreb0▼ 6Cancelled during summer
Zurich5▼ 23 flights via Banja Luka

Jat Airways' winter changes will be published next, within the next few days.


  1. Anonymous09:18

    Anyone know when r the 2 other airbus planes coming that air bonsa ordered?

  2. Nice work admin!
    Just in the frequency box of Zagreb, you should change the 6 to a 0, so that it fits the story..

    @ Anonymous, I don't know an exact date, but i do know that for now
    the plans for Summer '11 (Late March)
    are both IST and ZRH daily with A319, so they would need another 319 by then, looking at the timetable..


  3. Anonymous15:48

    Why have you posted Banja Luka 7 times?

    As i know, they have not right to sell tickets from SJJ-BNX-SJJ

  4. frequentflyer10:01

    All possible with 2 AT7s and one 319, perhaps evidence we won't be seeing the 2nd 319 as promised until Summer '11?

    With the current flexibility, they should have resumed ZAG at a much better hour: that way they might have actually got some passengers on board!

  5. @ frequentflyer..

    I have the feeling that the second 319 won't join until Summer '11 as you say.

    Will this be another lease from TK or will we finally see the order made by Bosnian Government like ages ago, being fulfilled?

    A first Jet-engine with E7 reg perhaps :)


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