Winter season begins

2010/2011 winter season, October 31 – March 26
The 2010/2011 Northern Hemisphere winter season has begun. Most national EX-YU carriers will be decreasing their flight offering but foreign airlines are set to increase services. The low cost easyJet will commence new flights to both Zagreb and Ljubljana while Wizz Air will open its Belgrade base. The winter will mark the opening of Adria’s new base in Priština, with flights to Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt, while B&H Airlines commences new flights from Banja Luka.

The 2010 summer season was a period of recovery for most in the aviation industry. In the third quarter (July – September), Croatia Airlines saw a significant passenger decrease, Adria Airways saw a mild single digit increase as did Jat Airways. It should be noted that the Icelandic ash cloud drama affected all three airlines in April while Croatia Airlines was also hit by a cabin crew strike later on in the summer. B&H Airlines carried 55.177 passengers in the third quarter, an increase of 42.3% compared to the same period last year. So far this year the airline has processed 109.368 passengers, an increase of 66%. Montenegro Airlines has not made its passenger figures public, although it did report that it had a strong summer.

Care to predict what will happen this winter? Will Croatia Airlines’ negative trend change for the better? Will Adria beat Jat in the race for second largest EX-YU airline in term of passenger numbers and will Sarajevo’s notorious airport fog prove a headache for B&H and its passengers? Send your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous09:55

    Well Adria was hit by Ljubljana airport closure too!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:11

    Adria needs to improve their marketing.... all summer they flew to Barca, Madrid, Dublin, Manchester etc but u could not find one single advertisement about it. Since two months they fly to Marseille. Do u find anything on
    In 6 weeks they start their hub in Pristina, however those collecting information from, wouldn t know about it....

    If they would improve PR, they could improve their pax figures. But I doubt they will match up with JU.....

  3. Anonymous10:26

    B&H Airlines get used to fog so I don't think that it could affect them too much

  4. frequentflyer11:00

    I predict just one thing for the winter season: JU won't have those new Boeings flying!

  5. Anonymous11:09

    No, but they will have the way nicer Airbuses flying ( hopefully

  6. Anonymous12:38

    "Montenegro Airlines has not made its passenger figures public" LOL

  7. Anonymous14:32

    I predict that the same boring people will write the same old boring stuff bout Jat. I think that no matter what Jat does some people here will never be happy.
    Until a while ago some people hated that Jat didn't care. Now when they organised a survey they are screaming why did they trow away the money. Once the new planes arrive they will not be happy with the livery. When the livery gets fixed then they are going to complain bout something new.
    Jesus Christ people, chill out.

    Best of luck in the coming winter season

  8. Anonymous15:54

    JU520 you are rigth about Adria. They whole "commercial" department is deeply in a**.

    If they had some nice commercials across the Europe, pax numebr would be better for suer.

  9. SerbianSausage17:04

    I think that Croatia Airlines is in a shitty state and most of that is due to selfish people running the airline. Everyone wants something for themselves and not the airline, so that is why it suffers. Until that mentality changes, I can't say that things will be better for CA.

    Adria cannot overtake JAT. JAT is increasing its numbers more or the same amount as Adria and it has more flights, more destinations, and a more attractive market. I don't think Adria can overtake JAT but I also don't think that Adria can lose its number 3 position. Maybe JAT might even overtake CA...

    I have never heard of this notorious fog Ex-Yu Aviation is talking about. But I'm sure that if it is annual, there may be problems but not uncontrollable.

  10. What about macedonian airlines?
    As far as I know MAT Airways has taken over 2 destinations Zurich and Dusseldorf and in few days it will commence flights to Rome and maybe Hamburg and Berlin.
    They have a good schedule and none of the announced flights has been cancelled so far.
    As for Airlift nothing special happens there Vienna and Brussels are still on stand by..
    Ex-yu aviation do you have any information?
    Best regards to everyone

  11. Arturo23:08

    Does MAT Airways havea website? Where can I find their schedule?

  12. Yes it has but unfortunately the website is still under construction and you cant get many information.
    I have seen their schedule at the website of macedonian airports
    Since the 26th of september they fly every Wed/Sat/Sunday SK-ZRH and OHD-ZRH on Sun.
    SKP-DUS Wed/Sat
    SKP-FCO Thu/Sun to commence on 11.11
    SKP-SXF/HAM Fri not yet published
    Till now neither cancellations nor delays for the scheduled flights.
    And prices are really ok- ZRH-SKP one way incl. taxes 75 Euros!

  13. ANONYMOUS02:12

    I wonder if 'SerbianSausage' is actually 'Ex-YU Aviation' in disguise?

    Honestly, the level of the comments here have gone down hill rather dramatically.

    I mean - what sort of a f__king dreamland do you think this is? WHO cares about passenger numbers? Bigger and only relevant question is: Which ex-yu airlines will be alive for the summer season next year?

    And there will be a LOT of news about Jat starting the week of November 8. Just wait.

  14. Arturo08:35

    I see. So it's basically a replica of the former MAT minus Vienna. Are their flights scheduled charters, charters, or bookable scheduled flights?

  15. SerbianSausage16:37


    No I am not Ex-Yu Aviation let me assure you. And this is no dreamland. Due to your small, incompetent mind not comprehending what this is all about let me explain to you...

    The goal of an airline is to make money. To make money, an airline needs to have people fly with them. To make more money, the airline needs to get more people. To survive, an airline needs money.

    I hope this helps...

  16. @ARTURO

    It seems like that, but only minus VIE, IST and AMS.
    Today they have published the
    SKP-SXF/HAM schedule.It begins this Friday 05.11.
    Flights are basically some kind of scheduled charters with possibility to become scheduled regular flights.


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