Arkia wants Montenegro

Arkia Israel Airlines holds talks with Montenegro’s Government
Arkia Israel Airlines has opened preliminary talks to purchase 30% of Montenegro Airlines’ shares which were recently offered by the Montenegrin Government. During a visit to Israel last week, the Montenegrin Prime Minister, Milo Đukanović, and the Minister for Tourism, Predrag Nenezić, met with the Arkia’s owner as well as its CEO, the Israeli based “Globes” newspaper writes. The two sides talked about a possible acquisition. Arkia is also interested in opening hotels on Montenegro’s coast.

Arkia is the second largest airline in Israel after the national carrier El-Al. It offers scheduled and charter flights to 19 destinations with a fleet of 12 aircraft, with 2 Boeing B787 Dreamliners on order. Last year, El-Al Israel Airlines expressed interest in Montenegro Airlines.

Two weeks ago a privatisation advisor for the 30% sale was chosen. Airlines have up until December 15, 2010 to send in their bids.


  1. Anonymous10:07

    This is the first time to hear about this airliner. I’ve been wondering for I while now what represents a prime interest for Israeli carriers to purchase Montenegro Airlines? Apparently, they are first in line, if such line exists anyway.
    Secondly, what MA could get from all this?

  2. frequentflyer10:22

    Like Anonymous (above), i've never heard of them.

    But they've been in operation some 60 years (according to their website), operate flights to both DBV (which they spell wrong!) and RJK, and have an eclectic fleet that may work well with YMs purely due to its absurd diversity.

    My only question: do they carry the required 2m pax per year?

  3. news: JAT adds two more weekly flights to Athens

  4. Doot11:51

    Israeli companies probably want to capitalize on all the Russian tourism to Montenegro. Russian is practically an official language in Israel. You could get by in Tel Aviv knowing only Russian.

  5. does this airliner fulfils necessary criteria required by tender?
    by taking into account fleet size, perhaps MA should buy arkia instead:)

  6. Just booked a RTN flight with YM for early December from PRN to LGW via TGD for 190 Euros inc. taxes and other fees (220 Euros if I booked through their website). That's a great deal. Four flights in total that include airport taxes and 20kg of checked-in luggage for 47.5 Euros per flight is a deal that gives a run for its money to any airline.

    I flew YM last month to FRA for an equally good deal. Nice and early morning flight out of sunny PRN and in LGW/FRA by midday at the latest. The aircraft are new and clean. What is there not to like?

    I've been a long-term 'fan' of JP (otherwise OS or LH where possible) but for the last 12 months YM has really impressed me.

    It seems like in this blog only people who don't fly YM or envy (read: have inat for) this small country with a decent air carrier hate it. Grow up people.

    I, for one, see what the Israelis see in YM but I would never, ever include the airports in any deal with the airline. The fact that the Montenegrin government did not hand over the airports to El Al proved that there is less corruption than some people would like to have us believe.

  7. SerbianSausage18:56

    I have never heard of this airline...which means it's not a big player in intercontinental flights or European flights. No matter, the Israelis always have good money handy and this will definitely be a good investment for MA.


    People in this blog may be bias at times, but no one is against Montenegro or MA. But the facts are that MA is losing lots of money because it is not dependable, expensive for what it offers, and it pretends like it is a big player in the region when it actually is not. And no one said anything against Montenegro so don't put words in peoples' mouths.

  8. Anonymous08:26

    I think it is sad that people actually admit of never hearing of this airline... It's an important airline in Israel that is a direct competition to El Al. They have been lobbying for the longest time to prohibit El Al from flying domestic routes (Eliat that is). Finally a deal has been made that El Al will be allowed to fly to Eliat and Arkia will be allowed to fly to the US.
    Educate yourselves as there is an aviation world beyond the Balkans.

  9. Anonymous09:59

    @ sausage, if you haven't heard of the second biggest airline in Israel why do you bother to comment on aviation related issues.

    its good to see you having a go, but seriously, brighten up!

    if you can explain this comment further with proper examples

    "pretends like it is a big player in the region when it actually is not."

  10. SerbianSausage17:04


    First, I would like to point out that this blog is about the Balkans specifically. So the fact that the Baklans are the focus here should not come as a surprise.

    Second, I was referring to MA when I said that comment. Maybe if you took more English courses you would figure out that the subject of that sentence was MA (which stands for Montenegro Airlines) and that the action (which you quoted) was being applied to it and not Arkia.

    But thank you for trying to dispute matter how insignificant the attempt was.

  11. Doot17:22

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. PleaseStopThinking18:20


    The guy asked you to provide proof (hard evidence) that Montenegro Airlines "pretends like it is a big player in the region." Please elaborate.

    How can an airline "pretend" to be a big player? I am very keen to read your reply to this question.

  13. Anonymous21:52

    only to remain from the past. Arkia was the buyer for Balkan Bulgarian Airlines and Arkia destroyed it!

  14. Anonymous00:40

    @ sausage hahaha

    i like the way you tell me to get english lessons yet you could not understand my post. i was referring to Montenegro Airlines, something everyone else managed to pick up except you. maybe i should elaborate more every time i question you as you seem to have issues answering my questions.

    so as i said,

    if you can explain this comment further with proper examples

    "pretends like it is a big player in the region when it actually is not."

    and yes referring to Montenegro Airlines, MA, the airline which flies predominately out of Podgorica, the national airline of Montenegro, operate a fleet of both Embraer and Fokker aircraft, their logo is blue with a white eagle,

    if you still have trouble understanding what airline i am referring to please do not hesitate to ask, i will be happy to assist you :)

    we are all waiting for you to prove your observation and try to keep whatever credibility you have left.

  15. Aero12:38

    @ ex-yu aviation moderator:

    Can you please remove Doot`s insulting post?


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