Croatia Airlines to Hamburg in 2011

Soon in Hamburg
Following the announcement that Croatia Airlines will commence flights from Dubrovnik to Athens and Venice during the 2011 summer season, another new seasonal service has been added, this time from Split to Hamburg. The airline will inaugurate 2 weekly flights to Germany’s second largest city on April 16. Flights will operate every Wednesday and Saturday with an Airbus A319. Flights details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

In addition to Croatia Airlines’ new flights from the country’s coast, foreign airlines are also announcing their Croatian plans for the coming summer. The latest to announce flights is the travel agency Scandjet, which also operates an airline that goes by the same name. Scandjet will operate flights from Gothenburg and Stockholm to Rijeka and Gothenburg, Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik to Split.


  1. Wish Rijeka ( Krk Airport ) might breathe some fresh air next summer at last.

  2. Anonymous09:23

    I have a question, does OU base one of its aircraft at Dubrovnik? If no, they wouldn't it make more sense and then fly the routes. I am sure that there is far more demand from DBV in summer than Zagreb...
    Regards from Belgrade

  3. frequentflyer13:41

    ^ Due to ZAGs high fees, OU keeps half its fleet overnight at other airports (SPU, DBV, SJJ, PRN, SKP, PUY and possibly one more...), which works well to feed the morning wave to W.Europe.

    *IF* OU were to seriously operate BEG flights (of which 2-3 daily must be the starting frequency for business pax), they could also overnight one of their planes there providing both ability for 9am meetings in Zagreb and onward flights competing with other airlines.

    HAM is a good move for OU, again the low frequency isn't terribly inviting. Let's hope there is a connecting flight from ZAG both times at SPU, and ZAG-BBI on the cards when new airport is opened in 2012.

  4. LH172113:57

    Nikola Tesla airport Oktober +20%
    at 226.017pax.
    Currently 2.323.730.
    On a way to 2.7 million this yr.

  5. Anonymous14:12

    I seriously do not understand why is Zagreb so nasty to OU. I get that they need cash but then shouldn't be shooting themselves in the foot!
    As for Belgrade I am in shock that October has been so good! I expected a rise but 20% is wow!

  6. JU520 BEGLAX16:25

    Offtopic: Easyjet has stopped sales for Milano-Ljubljana flights and will not fly these routes due to low demand

    Nice to see OU in Hamburg...I think thats a good destination...but wouldn t it be smarter to fly Friday morning ex ZAG and Return Sunday evening, so u cld have not only the weekly leisure travel but also the weekend travel.....

  7. SerbianSausage17:00

    Congrats to CA for starting new flights. But I am still sure that the best thing they could do right now is to start code-sharing flights from Croatian coastal cities to Belgrade. Like some people have said, Belgrade is becoming an increasingly popular destination and I am sure that by 2015 the airport will have over 3 million passengers. Not to mention that there is a possibility of launching direct flights to N. America from Belgrade, CA should definitely seize the opportunity and start flights to Belgrade.

  8. PleaseStopThinking18:31


    You must be in the boxing business because the amount of bullshit that comes out of your mouth (or keyboard) is colossal.

    OU is missing out on the opportunity to feed passengers to YU? Yeah right!

    Dude, you have something to say about everything. No quality control! Free bullshit for everyone, all day, every day. If any of it was interesting or intelligent, it might have been bearable. But every single day, every single post you must spread your Belgrade-centric self-delusional propaganda. Do yourself a favour and take a month-long sabbatical because you represent the worst of Belgrade, Serbia and Balkans.

  9. @SerbianSausage


    I completely agree with PleaseStopThinking!!

    Sausage because of people like you no one from the other ex-yu would fly JAT, Belgrade or something that is connected with Serbia.
    Ihave a solution for your problem-you simply need vacation or more sex:-)

  10. Anonymous21:48

    SerbianSausage? What could Belgrade offer? Almost nothing! All Croatian airports toghether has more direct flights to European destination then Belgrade! And mostly LCC airlines with good prices so why shoud somebody fly via Belgrade? There is no any sense. Except that don't forget that Croatia Airlines is a member of Star Alliance and Star Alliance partners offers hunderds times more and better connections then Belgrade. Belgrade has nothing to offer, there is no any needs for Croatia Airlines to send passangers via Belgrade, with Star Alliance partners they already have hunderds time better connection then Belgrade and Jat could offer ever in the future. Jat has apsolutely nothing to offer to Croatia Airlines for cooperation except point-to-point direct flights between Croatia and Belgrade.

  11. Peter from Sydney23:19

    I love how we take one anonymous poster in SerbianSausage and apply him as a representation of all Serbs and bad Balkanites.

  12. Anonymous00:49

    lol come on guys, lets leave the sausage alone, he is only trying, even though he has no idea, we can treat him as our special poster, a bit like those spastics who scream whatever comes into their mind and everyone is able to ignore them.

    good to see you having a go sausage, i just hope your carer does not find out you have learned to use the internet, if you leave i wont have any comments to laugh at.

    by the way, i am looking to seeing your explanation of MA acting 'big'.

  13. Anonymous01:51


    Every year Croatia Airlines transports more passengers then JAT.

    CTN/OU is member of the biggest world's airline alliance, JAT is not.

    Average age of CTN/OU's fleet is about 8 years, JAT's about 25.

    There are about DOZEN daily code-shared flights to North America on world's most famous and most reliable air carriers from/to ZAG, SPU and DBV

    There is similar number of people of Croatian and Serbian origin in North America. But Croatia has about 10 TIMES more tourists from the USA and Canada then Serbia

    Croatia is in USA's visa waver program, and very soon Croatian citizens will need no more visas for tourists visits, which is another factor which contributes to passengers numbers. What about USA visas for Serbian citizens?

    Zagreb Airport already had talks with DELTA and one other airline, about possibility of launching direct services. Something similar in Belgrade? Maybie, but I haven't been informed.

    This year, FAA audited Croatian Civil Aviation Agency and all airlines that operate in Croatia, and FAA category1 status, which enables direct flights to the USA for Croatia is probably to arrive soon. Any information of such activities in Serbia?

    Croatia is geographicaly closer to North America then Serbia is.

    Plans exist for JAT to start long-haul to North America, but the plans exist in Croatia, too, to launch DALMATIAN.HR, and start long-haul, too, to North America and not only to North America

    "Belgrade is becoming an increasingly popular destination" OK, I agree. I just wonder how long would it take for Belgrade to become just as popular as Dubrovnik. And, just by the way, Istra has been voted yesterday WORLD'S SECOND TOP DESTINATION for next year, according to Lonely Planet.

    So, based on everything I've written till now, I also have proposition and suggestion to make here: JAT should start ATR flights to Croatian coast and bring in here Serbian tourists from Belgrade and Nis (I don't mind Prishtine as well, if they can).

    On the other hand,
    can start flights from Belgrade to its hubs in Zagreb and Split, where from passenger will be continuing flights to JFK, ORD, YYZ, maybie other destinations...

    @Peter from Sydney said...

    I apologize on behalf of previous Anonymous who is generalizing and simplifying and spitting.

    But, being often on this site, I can witness it's definitely irritating that SerbianSausage is every day, in every topic, in every discussion, speaking of Belgrade as intercontinental hub for the entire Balkans.

    Furthermore, he is not willing to accept arguments and facts given by others, and he bases everything he says on wishful thinking only. Maybie it's time for him to realize that SFRYugoslavia and JAT Yugoslav Airlines ARE PAST. Finito. Done. Over.

    Frankly speaking, I'm not happy about that and I miss it, but I can understand people who are irritated and nervous and angry by such attitude of SerbianSausage

  14. Hi all,

    OU just posted a 15 million euro loss for the first nine months of the year, so not all the news from OU is rosy.

    Good to see the CEO is having a go by staring some new routes but I think only a major re-structure of the way OU operates can only bring the airline back to profit ever.

    I have some great idea's on how this can be done and how surplus aircraft can be used during the winter months so if ya want give me a call OU :p.

    Anyway, just want to say one thing regarding SerbianKobacica, I understand how moderate Serbs are frustrated by this kind of post but I'm sure mr kobacica is still young (about 14 or 15 I'm guessing) and is probably an aviation enthusiast first and a realist second. I'm sure this will change as he matures. Meanwhile I invite him to continue to contribute and read the other post with an open mind and maybe we can help him mature a little faster.

  15. Anonymous06:54

    I think a lot of posters have missed Kobasica's point. I think what he was trying to say was that OU should start the route NOT to feed JU's (and not YU as someone wrote) but rather to tap into the possibly large tourist numbers.
    May I remind all of you, that JU's flights to Pula were mostly sold out and that the flights to Dubrovnik, at the time when they were cancelled were 88% full.
    Naturally he does lack a grip on reality sometimes however if we look a bit deeper into politics and the economics of both countries, Serbia and Croatia that is, Croatia certainly has a lot more leisure passengers, VFR and so on BUT Belgrade has more Business passengers. If the Americans go on with the purchase of the Serbian Telecom as they have announced then the flights might become even more possible (however this doesn't mean that they will materialise).
    I think IN's comment is just as stupid as Kobasica's is sometimes, when he mentioned that because of people like him no one wants to fly via BEG.

    Like I have mentioned a few times before, it is highly unfair to compare Jat to other Ex-YU republics as none of them had to inherit the burden of repaying all the loans and losses that Jat Yugoslav had.
    To sum it up Jat has managed to survive and somehow fight the competition where as most of the other airlines in the region are struggling.

    All the best from the sunny and not so warm anymore Eastern Mediterranean!

  16. Arturo07:26

    Sausage is not alone to regard BEG as an intercontinental hub. Maybe someone up there in JAT is thinking about a Belgrade-Toronto-Chicago or Belgrade-Dubai-Singapore-Sydney too ^^

    PS: CA is Air China, an airline that flies to six continents. Croatia Airlines is OU.

  17. Anonymous07:28

    hello everyone...i haven't been on for some time but i can say that i've missed a lot. in all fairness i must agree that the sausage is bias towards belgrade and serbia but in the end, so are many others.

    i do applaud those who managed to agree with the majority in a calmer more organized fashion (i am referring to peter from sydney, the anonymous after him, q400, and the anonymous after him).

    those such as pleasestopthinking are the kind that ruin the purpose of these blogs and should be banned. i am not defending sausage, i am only stating that those of you who completely destroyed him on the basis that he is pro-belgrade and pro-serbian only justifies that most people in the balkans still need to grow up...especially those from croatia serbia and montenegro.

    and a message to ex-yu aviation: i would put a disclaimer stating that those who want to use this site for nationalist purposes are not welcome. i would hate to have this blog shut down, but if all we can get out of it is mean and nasty, then i would simply take this blog down.

  18. Anonymous07:30

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  19. PleaseStopThinking07:35

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  20. Anonymous07:48

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  21. Anonymous07:50

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  22. Anonymous08:09

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  23. @ Anonymus

    Yes it is true you have inherited the debt, but what about the planes????!!!
    Did you buy it or inherit it?
    Did you buy or inherit the office representatives in whole world?
    Did you train a new crew-pilots FA?
    As I am concerbed JAT planes were bought with money from all ex-yu republics-but the planes ,like everything, got Serbia.
    JAT is actually part of the common assets that we should have divided among the ex-yu countries after the splitting..
    So forget about the debt story!!

  24. frequentflyer12:50

    @ Anonymous (#14)

    This year, FAA audited Croatian Civil Aviation Agency and all airlines that operate in Croatia, and FAA category1 status, which enables direct flights to the USA for Croatia is probably to arrive soon.

    Now, this is the sort of newsworthy stuff that should be reported and discussed on this forum. But instead, we have heckling on nationalistic grounds, endless drivel about how all the airlines should merge together, and this boring saga of whether JAT will ever get its two new Boeings...

    @ Q400

    Great post! Not positive figures for OU however. Usage of fleet comes down to one word that hasn't been uttered in recent years by the airline: strategy.

    As for the other posts about our Silly Sausage, just remember every village has an idiot...

  25. Jeebusman19:35

    Hahaha I love how poor little Sausage is getting slammed all of a sudden...not that he doesn't deserve it, but maybe it shouldn't have been so harsh.

    I would like to ask why would Croatia Airlines start flights to Hamburg, Athens, and other destinations when it is getting beaten on regional routes and is losing passengers? It just seems as if they want to run themselves into the ground.

    And one more thing about Susage's silly comments. I do agree that starting Croatia-Serbia flights would be beneficial to both JAT and Croatia Airlines, I think he meant that a code-sahre on those routes from Belgrade to the coast would help bring them both money.

  26. Anonymous23:33

    @ Jeebusman
    @ Q400

    I'm Anonymous with the longest post here, who was very harsh to SerbianSausage.

    I would be more than happy if it could happen that not only ZAG and BEG were (again) connected by air, but also all other airports in Serbia, Croatia, and throughout ex-Yugoslavia. Of course, providing that carriers don't lose money on these services, and, of course, yes, yes, and again yes, WITH CODESHARES, not only JU/OU, but for other airlines as well.

    Concerning OU - I just listed FACTS (more passengers, newer fleet, membership in an alliance)in favour of OU compared to JU. It absolutely doesn't mean that I think OU is very good airline. On the contrary - OU could have been much much bigger and more important "player" today, but complete lack of strategy for air traffic on national (as a country) level, accompanied by corruptive and incompetent OU CEO's, who "sold" some vital traffic segments, resulted in today's situation in OU, which is not "so rosy" -it's completely black : not only because of opening of unprofitable services and making huge mistakes, for example discontinuing (profitable) flights to Moscow and Istanbul, but in Human Resources (negative selection) and numerous other fields, too, not to mention big debts.

    I think it's highly likely that such "strategy" for OU is very deliberate and on purpose, and therefore OU will remain regional carrier and feeder for LH/OS.

    On the other hand, devastated and old-fashioned JU, as it is today, has almost no chance, too, for any serious move, especially for
    (re)introduction of long-haul.

    That's why I keep my finger crossed for project -not because it's croatian, but because others, from SR, HR, SLO, or wherever, simply have no potential, no strenght, no wisdom, no courage and no business sense for a project like this, which, in my opinion, promises.

    Regards from Rijeka!

  27. Anonymous02:27


    Thank you for your insight. And I do agree with you on everything except for JAT not having any more chances. I still think that with its debt, it has survived miraculously and with the increase in passenger numbers, it could do well. I read an article on JAT's website that in preparation for the long-haul operations it signed an agreement with Emirates for code shares to N.America. This includes cargo and passengers alike. My guess is that this is in preparation before JAT's long-haul or Emirates' long-haul operations from Belgrade. Who knows, maybe the Emirates flights from Belgrade to JFK or O'hare will be successful enough to wipe out JAT and Croatia Airlines alike.

  28. Anonymous08:26

    Well it's no secret that Balkans>Australia is a huuuge market. From Serbia to Croatia to Macedonia...
    Until now Emirates have been filling their planes to Australia with Greeks and Serbs, however things are about to change now with Turkish Airlines thinking of Australia and Qatar entering the Balkan market with the introduction of Sofia and the planned service to Bucharest and Budapest. My prediction is that the next set of destinations will be Belgrade and Zagreb (maybe it will be together just like OTP and BUD).
    Now, it will be interesting to see what will happen with Emirates as I am sure that they are not so ready to give up on the market there. Remember what happened when Jat left Dubai and went to Abu Dhabi?
    Now, I do not think that Emirates would start flights to Belgrade or Zagreb but would do that through FlyDubai.
    Now, my question is, should Croatia start flights to Dubai and get in bed with Emirates before this happens? Just like Jat did and in a way protect itself and consolidate itself on the route before competition strikes?

  29. Anonymous16:58

    I don't believe in from many resons. It started to annonce their start-up some 5 years ago, maybe more. Every year copying the same plans and then zero realisation. The plan that they want to operate mixure of Boeing and Airbus planes even other LCC airlines works with only one type is stupid, seems that they want to think out a new unpossible model which does not work anywhere else in the world. And finally intercontinental flights, don't you think that if LCC flights could be good business in todays cometition in Europe, Easyjet, Ryanair and many other big players would already fly on this routes, and some little new player from one of the smallest European contries wat to make it ... So I think that is only a childish dream of one man which will never come true ...
    Also for Jat, new planes are arriving for many years, and everytime nothing of realisation. And the dreaming of getting back to intercontinental flights also seems to me to be the stupid. Every year just talking and talking, but the timetables changes very little. Many bigger, better and more prospective airlines cancelled flights to USA, ČSA, Malev, Olympic etc ... and smaller player with much smaller European traffic dreams about the USA. Competition is very big, and Lufthansa and other will destroy any direct flights with better prices. I think that all Ex_YU airlines would do better to stenght their European traffic and then think about USA and Canada, at the moment any try of transatlantic flights will be destroyed by bigger European companies in very short time. It would be only an extra money spending for nothing ... And Jat should finally realisate that it will never be as big company as it was when it was a national carrier of a country with some 20+M people. Today Jat Croatia and all other airlines in Ex-Yu region are a little air companies which means almost nothing in world airline industry!

  30. Jeebusman21:37

    I would like to start off by saying that I agree with all of the Anonymous who posted after me. But just hear me out.

    I don't think that there will be direct flights from Australia to Balkans any time soon. There is a large demand of those flights in particular from Serbia, Croatia, and Bulgaria, but I don't think Qantas or any other airliner is willing to take that step. They will wait to see how flights from N.America are shaping up before Australia comes into question.

    I agree that the chances of Ex-Yu airports connecting directly with USA/Canadian airports is very slim. However, if there is such a possibility, I must say that Belgrade is the best chance. It is a very large city, rising in popularity, and is attracting more carriers every year. I read in a Reuters article not so long ago that Belgrade will surely hit 3 million passengers in only 3 years time if the current rate (pre-crisis rate of course) continues. is a good idea, but not many businessmen are inclined to support such an idea, or this would have happened years ago. So I think that is a thing in the past. Recently, Serbia passed a law giving its airlines and airports the sufficient category it needs to fly across the Atlantic. All there is left to do is to ask the American/Canadian governments for permission and to buy the necessary planes (which is impossible until they get an extrmely good credit deal or they become privatized).

    But I wish to remind all of you that Emirates will start operations from Belgrade to America in the near future. This has been confirmed when Emirates presented their offer to Belgrade Airport some months ago announcing that it would offer code-shares with JAT on flights from Germany to USA (including cargo) until they are ready to begin long-haul operations from Belgrade as its base. They might have mentioned direct Belgrade-Australia flights with their Airbus A380's but I'm not so sure about that. Either way, with Emirates taking a large step with this Belgrade base, who knows if JAT may even get the chance to fly to America.

  31. Anonymous22:18

    @ Jeebusman

    3 hours before your last post here today, you posted and commented article about EZY stopping sales for MXP-LJU, too. Only 2 or 3 posts before yours, @SKP said... informed us all there about applying for airport slots in Munich for next summer, for 6 weekly flights.

    It doesn't mean that they are starting USA flights next summer, but it means that their plans are becoming reality.

    I don't like bad words, but Emirates A380, flying directly Belgrade-Australia, is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard in my life.

    Dude, do you know that BEG CANNOT HANDLE A380, and there are only 2dozen airports in the world which can handle it, not to mention economics of such flights. By the way, I never mentioned Australia-Balkan flight on my previous post.

    In addition to that, you say that only what JAT needs to open USA flights is "new law" and "new long-range aircraft". Hey, man, what do you do for living? What are you doing on this site? Do you really believe everything some newspapers write? Do you know that Croatia has such law for very long time? Do you know how many audits and inspections is FAA performing, and what do they consist of, prior to category change? Do you think they will let fly to USA company whose pilots are caught flying without valid license (should I remind you of recent Greece case?).

    The other case is independent regulatory body in charge of civil aviation-I must admit I don't have information for particular Serbian body, but knowing general policy and attitude towards "governing" in Serbia, which is done by donning functions mostly to party-buddies or relatives/friends, I doubt that professionalism of this body would be satisfying for FAA criteria, either.

    Last, but by no means least : I hate I have to say this, but definitely, with your last post, you almost made yourself speaking as SerbianSausage.

    Pozdrav iz Rijeke!

  32. Flight’s to Australia is a very interesting topic to me. Almost all European airlines which once flew to Australia have stoped. Only Qantas an BA still offer a service and this they code share on. I still remember the Lauda Air 777 daily flights, always full and by all reports profitable. Once Austrian took over, the airline discontinued flight’s to Sydney and only go as far as Kuala Lumpur. They did this because they reported losses of there Sydney flights. Look at all the other major European airlines, they fly to Asia and then code share with one of the airlines to Australia!

    I'm not saying that Ex Yu to Aus wont work but it will need to be based on a similar model as Lauda.

    With regards to, I also have my doubts that this will ever happen. There are just too many contradictions in all the reports from this would be airline.

    But, there is some good news, well maybe some good news, re direct flight from Dubrovnik and Split to New York next year. There are a number of US travel agents who are organising this type of charter. Apparently they have a lot of interest and are trying to source an aircraft to conduct these charters.

  33. Jeebusman17:26

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. Anonymous17:28


    Where did you get that ridiculous info about direct charters from USA-Croatia?

  35. Anonymous18:42


    I am "Anonymous/Pozdrav iz Rijeke".

    Obviously you have "short memory" : You said before you think "" was only empty story and it would probably never start. Now you say what does it have to do with your post if Dalmatian is starting operations next summer. Just to answer you what's the connection : well, their plans include both medium- and long-range. So, if next year they are starting medium-range, why shouldn't that happen during, let's say 2012, with long-range?

    Concerning A380 on BEG-Australia flights, there are much more "mights" and "maybies" and "possibilities" in your last post, compared to previous one.

    USA flights - In my former post, I NEVER said there would be no flights to the USA from BEG. I just said I don't think JAT is going to operate them. And if you really like ex-Yu aviation, I think you should be more happy if ANY of ex-YU countries and/or their airlines starts such flights, instead being in favour of foreign air operators taking over "ours", "yours" or simply, ex-Yu market.

    Concerning my anti-Serbian nationalism : I'm an ethnic Serb, born in Serbia, baptised in Serbian Orthodox Church, declaring myself as Serb, having both Croatian and Serbian citizenship and living in most tolerant and most multicultural town in Croatia.

    I worked for JAT Yugoslav Airlines up to the moment until it stopped to be Yugoslav.

    And I'm not going to reply to your curses and offenses and your rude vocabulary in the same way, because it would be under my civilization level - I will just kindly ask you not to use "anti Serbian" and "nationalistic" labels on anyone, in shortage of knowledge, facts and arguments.

  36. Jeebusman22:39


    Let me first apologize for my remarks. But by the way you wrote, it seemed as if you were coming off as a bit rude and bias. So I apologize for my rudeness, it was a misunderstanding.

    In regards to the project, I have nothing against it, I am only stating that there is an extremely little chance that they will commence long-haul flights. There have been talks and commitments for years with no outcome on the American side, so I highly doubt that those flights will take place. Nonetheless, this is my opinion. I personally think that a privatized JAT has a better chance at commencing flights than

    In regards to the BEG-Australia flights, if you thought that I was seriously saying that such flights with an Airbus A380 are soon to happen...then I really don't know what to say to you. It was only a suggestion that I believe I read in some article. Nothing more, nothing less. My guess is that for BEG-USA flights a Boeing 777 will be used.

    I would like to once again apologize for offending you. I thought you were being nationalistic and unfair. My apologies.

  37. '@Q400

    Where did you get that ridiculous info about direct charters from USA-Croatia?'

    Don't forget this will be a charter service, operating during the summer. That’s the plan anyway. If it’s operated once, twice, seven times or never, I don't know. All I know (and I got this from the horses mouth so I'm the source) is that there is a large increase of US tourist in Croatia and this has been recognised by a number of travel agents based in the US so they are looking at organising summer charter services to the Dalmo coast from New York, that’s all.

  38. Anonymous08:17

    I don’t know where you heard that Emirates had a presentation to BEG airport management a couple of months ago. Nothing of the sort happened and the airline is not interested in flying to Belgrade.

  39. Anonymous00:25

    Forget about Australia, as written above, almost all European airlines stopped their flights to Australia? Do you really thnik that diaspora is so big to keep this flights alive? Italy and Greece with millions citizens more and nearly the same disapora in Australia weren't able to keep these flights!!! We can also say that Lauda was the exclusive traveler of Balkans diaspora to Australia, and these flights also failed, even they have except Balkans diaspora the only one direct flights of Star Alliance with Australia, that means connecting almost all Europe to Australia for such big group as Star Alliance and it didn't work, so you can forget any flights from Balkans to Australia. I think also that you can forget flights to USA and Canada as I written above, the competition is to huge, maybe some charters and don't forget that there use to be charters of Skyservice from Canada to Belgrade and Zagreb and they already failed what means that competition destroyed these routes. Yes there are passanger but offer is huge ...

  40. Jeebusman05:17


    Emirates signed a deal with Belgrade Airport and Serbian Government allowing all UAE airlines to operate from Belgrade without limits. They claim that they want to organize Belgrade as a regional center for long-haul traffic in the Balkans and they plan to do so with cheaper ticket cost than from directly UAE-N.America. Apparently, they were looking at Belgrade, Zagreb, Budapest, and Bucharest as candidates for such an agreement, but came to the conclusion that Belgrade would be the best and most-profitable. Just search "Emirates Serbia flights" or you can read an article I just picked up at BalkanBusinessNews:


    I agree with you 100%. Australia is too far away for direct flights to operate from the heart of Europe. But nonetheless, that is what media reported about Emirates' regional center in Belgrade. Again this is just media speculation...but we must still consider the possibility that someone actually said this to a reporter.

  41. Anonymous20:52

    Dream on! All these speaking about Emirates in Belgrade are naive and silly ... Nothing in common with reality. There was a story some year ago that that Emirates is opening direct flights between Belgrade and Dubai alredy this year on summer and they opened this year some 6 new routes and Belgrade nowhere, they don't have even basic direct flights and you are dreaming about long haul operations as a new hub ...Very naive ...

  42. Jeebusman20:16


    Why would this be a dream. Belgrade is becoming globally known as a future business metropolis for the Balkan region, and has deservedly gotten the Future City of Southeastern Europe for a reason. Emirates was the one that was actively pursuing the negotiation between UAE and Serbia, not the other way around. In a statement from the Emirates head, they are waiting for their profits to regain footing after the crisis passes before starting any operations with Belgrade. They even signed a document on this, not like the promise that Belgrade-Dubai would happen. They have a legal obligation to do so, so this is reality dumbass. The fact that the papers aren't writing news about this everyday and the fact that this hasn't been mentioned recently doesn't make it fake. YOU are the naive one my friend.

  43. Anonymous21:52

    ^ What on earth are you talking about? Stop making stuff up. The only thing that was signed was a free sky agreement between the UAE and Serbia and the UAE has a free sky agreement with every second country. There are no legal obligations or a CEO saying that flights to Belgrade will start when the crisis is over. Ha ha ha

  44. Jeebusman22:27


    Yes a sky agreement was signed allowing both Serbian and UAE carriers to operate in each other's countries without restriction. The purpose of that was because Emirates wanted to launch multiple flights from Belgrade on long-haul and regional routes, which it wasn't able to do until the agreement was signed. Maybe I did not come out right when I said "legal obligation". What I meant was that this was not just some empty verbal promise, but that in fact something happened regarding such an idea. Is that better?

  45. Anonymous23:07

    ^ No, because the agreement did not happen because of Emirates at all. It happened because the UAE is signing free sky agreements with every single country that will let them. Just because “Blic” writes that they will start flights to a “100 destinations” (and I am quoting their article) doesn’t mean it’s going to happen – and they wrote that over a year ago and I don’t see any flights starting up. You should know that the level of professionalism by Serbian journalists is very low, especially when it comes to topics such as aviation. EK will start flights to Barcelona, Brussels, Stockholm, Oslo, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Bucharest, Sofia or Budapest before they ever even consider BEG. Might I also remind you that Serbia has free sky agreements with countries such as Venezuela, South Korea and Australia but you don’t see Qantas and Korean flying to BEG. Even Macedonia has exactly the same sky agreement with Qatar as the one Serbia has with the UAE.

  46. Jeebusman19:10


    All you are saying is true. But I am telling you this from sources that are business related (ie: Balkan Business News). And Emirates did make a statement saying that they will start flights as soon as the economic crisis goes away and Serbia's market stabilizes. I'm not sure if flights will ever take place, but they are having code-shares with JAT on USA flights from Germany and I believe on the Belgrade-Dubai route as well. So they are cooperating with JAT, and I see no reason to believe why their intentions must be fake.


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