Croatian airports continue to grow

Zagreb numbers are on the up
In September 2010, most airports in Croatia reported strong growth when compared to the same month last year. Notably, Zagreb has managed to rebound after several lacklustre months and is now reporting a moderate passenger increase.

In September, Zagreb handled 213.867, up by 7.8% on last year, despite the fact that the number of flights offered from Croatia’s main airport has declined. So far this year Pleso has welcomed 1.587.417 passengers and is closing the gap on last year. Dubrovnik and Split had reason to celebrate as both continue to report historic passenger numbers. Dubrovnik Airport saw an increase of 17.4%, while Split saw growth of 16.2%. Combined, the two airports handled 358.696 passengers in September. Zadar continues its unstoppable escalation in passenger numbers with the airport processing 38.266 passengers, up by 33.1%. Pula Airport reported a humble increase of over 4%.

On the other hand, Rijeka remains in the dark with numbers plummeting by 40.8%. The island airport handled only 9.870 passengers. So far this year the airport is seeing a 43% decrease in passenger numbers. Osijek’s figures also declined by 14%.

Below you can view September 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers SEP 2010Passengers SEP 2009Change (%)
Zagreb213.867198.364 7.8
Dubrovnik187.630159.724 17.4
Pula52.77050.393  4.7
Split171.066147.103 16.2
Zadar38.26628.734 33.1
Osijek2.8213.302 14.5
Rijeka9.87016.694 40.8


  1. Yes, it's 700.000 passegers in Croatia in October only, which makes abut 8 million per year.

    Compared to less than 2,5 million in Serbia annually.

    Just for those wishfulthinkers here, daydreaming of great strenght and power of Serbian civil aviation today, and claiming that A380 direct flights Belgrade-Australia are just about to start...

  2. Anonymous16:15

    I think that the comment of 'pozdrav iz Rijeke' should be removed as its not related to aviation and is totally pointless.

  3. Jeebusman17:15

    @Pozdrav is Rijeke

    I know your comment is directed towards me. What I said is not a dream, but a plan. Plans are not facts yet, but they have a possibility of coming true. Emirates has stated that they will fly to N.America from Serbia, that is a FACT. I am only stating that it is a possibility to fly from Belgrade to Australia if they decide to open an emirates base in Belgrade. Nothing more, and nothing less. And for the record, American and Chinese businessmen have stated on recent gatherings in Chicago, New York, and Belgrade that there is more potential for Serbian aviation than any other Ex-Yu country, even though this has nothing to do with this topic, but seeing as how you brought it up...

  4. Anonymous01:03

    haha rijeka are so silly !! cant believe they rejected ryanair.... no going back now

  5. Arturo07:09

    The fact that Rijeka rejected Ryanair is similar to HKG's indifferent attitude towards low cost airlines before. HKG started panicking when they saw a bunch of traffic flying into CAN. Well, not to that extent that Guangzhou could replace Hong Kong, but it's enough to make you worry. Thankfully, we make up for the mistakes quickly a year after.

    It doesn't take much time for the airport executives to take down their ego and compromise with both legacies and LCC. Think about AMS and DFW, as per WN/FL merger.

  6. Anonymous08:57

    Bravo "pozdrav iz Rijeke"...

    After exceptional contribution of your post, this aviation blog became so rich...

    People like you burned their glory in the Balkans in `90s...

  7. Jimmy Wang09:23

    Does anybody know news about Air Dubrovnik?
    Statistics, plans and others?
    I never found any news about this growing airline in this blog.
    I think this company could play a good role amid the small sized ex-yu airlines even if just for charters.

  8. Brajda Rijeka09:37

    After the current figures of croatian airports the total passengers arrived/departed could be roughly 6.000.000 and no more in the year 2010.
    As the time to join the UE is closer and closer I guess that the average annual increase of croatian airports could reach 10%, owing mostly to LCC.

  9. frequentflyer09:58

    Croatian airports continue to grow while OU shrinks... a fascinating juxtaposition.

  10. Anonymous10:01

    Bravo Zadar!
    Any new routes for next sumemr?

  11. Anonymous14:37


    lol@ these FOOLS that think that a twice-daily A380 to Cleveland and Chicago won't be full!

  12. Anonymous00:11

    @ Jeebusman
    The plan that Emirates want to open base in Belgrade is silly as much as ex-yugoslav daily newspapers are able to write any stupidness they have on their mind. There are not any facts except of newspapers dreaming. I can't even believe how is possible that somebody who nows at least some basic airline traffic in the world could believe in Emirates base in Belgrade, Emirates has not got enough passangers from Belgrade to open at least 3 weekly flights to Dubai only and they will set up some base, very funny and silly to believe ...

  13. Jeebusman20:17


    Maybe a base is farfetched. But also came from UAE media sources too not just Serbian. Believe me I always check other sources outside Serbian just to make sure. It seems that they are really going for "increased traffic" from Belgrade if that's how you want to put it. And why is it so stupid to fly from Belgrade to USA/Canada? Serbia is a large market of 7,500,000 people (excluding Kosovo), with good regional connections, and with a competitive price (which it must have), it can surely beat the regional flights from Budapest to New York. I'm sure that it will attract Macedonians, Montenegrins, Bulgarians, and Romanians at least.

  14. Doot20:19

    "Serbia is a large market"

    No it's not, silly

  15. Jeebusman23:57


    7,500,000 people available for flying is not a large market? Airbus A330 can fit lets say 300 people. The chances of filling 300 seats with 7,500,000 people available is silly? Maybe I am crazy lol...

  16. Anonymous20:42

    Romania is a market of some 40 millions people and has no flights to USA/Canada, It used to have but they failed, still having the suitable aircraft for these flights and it is unprofitable. Bulagria is also bigger market of some 12 milions? much bigger tourist oportuntites and it don't have flights to USA/Canada, both conutries have also a big disapora all over the world. Anyway what good regional connection from Belgrade are you talking about??? One daily flight to Sarajevo, Skopje is less then only a basic connection, it can't be called as good regional connections. Regional connection all over the Balkans are at the bottom of all Europe, look what connections at Vienna, Zurich etc, with 4-5 daily flights on regional routes. That can be called as a good regional connection, in comparing with European hubs Belgrade has very bad regional connection less then only basic traffic ... Please compare with the rest of Europe and You will see that all Balkans region traffic is so small and silly in compare, we don't have anything, big, anything good, any anything much of, only little small and weak ...

  17. Jeebusman20:10


    You are correct that the Balkans has a shitty regional connection when compared to the rest of Europe. But it is getting better at least for Croatia and Serbia. So I would place Belgrade as having good regional operations that keep pouring in money to the airport. Besides, more airlines are expected to launch routes to Belgrade from the region (according to the Serbian Government and EU Delegation Chief). You are also right that Romania and Bulgaria are much larger countries and their operations to N.America failed. But Serbia is not Bulgaria nor Romania. Don't forget that JAT had successful flights to N.America once...

  18. Anonymous20:25

    Jat had flights to USA and Canada when the market had some 20 milions people, now it is 7,5 mil. It is very big difference, and at that time Jat was flying for govermental money not for the money from the tickets and nowadays markets have absolutely nothing in common with the time when Yugoslav goverment was paying to Jat to fly anywhere they want without checking profitability of these each flights. You can forget that Jat once was flying to USA, it doesm't prove anything in nowadays ... Competition in Europe is completely different, you have much bigger offer of the trasfer flights than during 80's, prices are much lower. In that time almost all European governmental airlines have had flights to USA, including a little Luxair from Luxembourg, today all over the Europe situation is completely different and there is nothing in common to compare in aviation in Europe in 80's, it is not telling us nothing ...

  19. Jeebusman05:56


    Maybe so. Like I said in other blogs, maybe JAT won't even get the chance due to the Emirates flights when they commence. So who knows? But I am not going to immediately say that it is unprofitable. JAT had already created an investigative group to determine the profits or downfalls of such services. Plus I'm sure people from the region will use the airline if it has a competitive service.


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