Deloitte to advise on Jat’s future

Jat’s future in Deloitte’s hands
The consultancy firm Deloitte will advise the Serbian Government on how Jat should be transformed into a profit making company, Serbian media report. The Serbian Government is torn between two factions in regards to the way Jat’s future should play out. While one influential party in the governing coalition wants to close Jat and create a new national carrier, the largest party that forms the bulk of the government wants Jat to live.

Deloitte will analyse the state Jat is currently in, the value of its assets, choose the best potential strategic partner and develop documentation for the airline’s privatisation. Deloitte has a 12 month deadline to complete the requested tasks. The current Secretary for Aviation in the Serbian Government is firmly in favour of creating a new national carrier although the ministry he is a part of, the Ministry of Infrastructure, is more in favour of investing into the current airline. Thus, the two frequently contradict each other in the media in relation to Jat’s future.

Deloitte is the largest professional services company in the world. It has been paid just under 1 million Euros to act as Jat Airways’ consultant.



    ahhh, what will happen to this company none knows! Well if that want to shut her down can;t they at least sell the company! I am sure someone can do a better job then the current person! i heard that the CEO has no Aviation Experience is this true?

  2. of course they can't sell it. noone want to buy it

  3. Anonymous10:07

    @ Banja Luka:

    what they say is indeed true. CEO has NO aviation background whatsoever. He is a lawyer, was working for Ministry of Interior (read: policeman)... u can find his (rather unimpressive) CV in the Internet. It is a mistery, how he managed to grab this position. Even if his political party delegated him, it just means that they run out of good & qualified personell... This is at least the third time that some consultancy is getting loads of money for ...nothing. I'm not saying Deloitte is bad per se, but the whole thing is fishy... And we will know nothing for another 12 months!!! Jat needs restructuring now, not in 12 months or later. I just hope that pilots, STWs and line maintenance guys are motivated more then commercial&ground staff, because the moral of Jat workforce is not the highest, to say the least... No wages, no future, management grabbing what they can, while they can (cost cutting is simply a farce - CEO flying to Oz for slots conference???) I could go on like this for hours... Check kurir, blic and B92 from time to time, you'll know what this is all about

  4. Anonymous10:54

    As I understand all this - status quo for next 12 months and than well paid results will become a subject of big debate (one more year). It would be fine if there wouldn't be any competition in the region and arround. But competition, I think is looking forward to this mutual Jat&Deloitte approach.

  5. JATBEGMEL11:24

    Interesting thing here, just like Rothschild back in 2007 who won the tender to be the advisors to JAT for privatisation. I hope they will make suggestions soon for the summer season, and conclude with big report by years end.

    @ anonymous

    I wouldnt believe much what Blic says let alone Kurir. B92 isnt exactly that better either. I guess you dont live in Serbia or just forgot about the articles these papers wrote last summer about JAT.

  6. There’s an incredibly accurate description of consultancy firms and it’s the following:
    If you’re not part of the solution, there’s money to be made in prolonging the problem.

    Therefore, rest assured that Deloitte will prolong this as much as they possibly can because there’s money to be made in doing so. Twelve months is the absolute minimum. Needless to say, this does not exclude the possibility of Deloitte being part of the solution for Jat Airways.

    Unrelated news:

    Prishtina International Airport has been named after Adem Jashari.

    Lufthansa has requested landing slots at PRN for S11. The offer seems poor to me: 4 weekly flights to DUS. I was expecting MUC and FRA, but I guess Adria is testing these waters for LH (due to begin in a few weeks).

    Eagles Airlines, formerly Alpi Eagles, has also started flights to PRN. I might be wrong but I think it’s the first time that direct flights from PRN to FCO will be offered. Other destinations include Bergamo and Venice.

    Story URL:

  7. Anonymous13:04


    Most of what is being written in the aforementioned media is confirmed to be true. Unfortunately there is nothing positive to say about Jat lately, thus constantly bad news about JU in Serbian media...

    Dunno if you noticed, but there are almost no journalist's comments in the articles, they're merely passing on to us the info they got. I don't see anything bad there. I'm not talking about Serbian media in general, rather the reports about Jat/other exyu airlines. That's what exyuaviation is about...

    Kurir - to my mind - has the best insider sources and I actually belive in what they write to be true. Blic is mostly copying articles from B92 and various official statements/press releases, but the reader's comments over there are really valuable source of information (except for the few which obviously just need to have their say on any topic).

  8. JATBEGMEL14:20

    @ anonymous

    Yeah, i believe everything they write, especially how JAT have aircraft like the Boeing AND ;-)

    @ Visit Kosovo

    Tung mike nga Prishtinë. Çka po bën?

    I read in Gazeta Express about the airport name change to Adem Jashari as well as the Autostrada Ibrahim Rrugova.,15,41210

    Any news on Illyrian Airways? I read they will take on a B735 and ERJ145 and start flights between Priština and Skopje to Italian cities, with Rome starting on the 28th according to their website.



    Pozdrave iz Prištine! Ja sam veoma dobro, a nadam se da i Vi ste dobro ;)

    This naming (or Christening) of the airport and the yet-to-be-constructed motorway is a nonsense. There was almost a complete indifference to this news, so little reaction to it, either positive or negative. I, personally, do not like it. I think that airports already have names, i.e. their codes. And the same goes for the motorways. But then it’s a matter of personal taste.

    Regarding Illyrian Airways, I’ve never heard of them. How did you hear about them? However, just their name shows the lack of seriousness. Even the silly Tafa Air was better (namewise, the logo was something different). I mean, you don’t have to lick Italian a$$ such as Belle Air but even pasulJet is better. The slogan could have been: “What is pasulj followed by a Jet? PasulJet.” Better still “PasulJet, helping millions of people get their recommended allowance of pasulj every year.”

    On a more serious note, Meridiana (Verona), Belle Air (4 destinations to date) plus Eagles Airlines (3 detinations) fly to Italy from PRN. It’s not unthinkable that Alitalia may start flights in the future. So, good luck to Illyrian Airways but I don’t think they can make it.

    Remember a few months ago we had a discussion about Belle Air flying to Liege from PRN. The route is back!

    Finally, a few weeks ago you asked me if was part of (or related to Koha Ditore). It is.

    Warmest greetings my friend.

  10. Anonymous19:00

    I am working in Jat and all I can say is that our company is doing really bad. I don’t think the situation, the mood or the management has ever been worse but the lasgt two directors were also very bad. They have no knowledge and have got rid of anyone that has because they look dumb next to them and they don’t like that. Since our director has shut down our representative office in London because he thinks everyone buys tickets on internet we have the lowest number of passengers after Wizz Air and British Airways. This wasn’t the case a few months ago. He no longer allows employes to have reduced ticket prices as per IATA regulations and Jat cannot have business meetings outside of the country because he doesent give employees permission. This is as he says because of cost cutting but he has 5 security guards in front of his office (he didn’t cut costs there). I just cant believe what they have done to our company. Since he is a policeman no one can say anything negative to him or your fired.

  11. Anonymous20:49

    You will be fired anyway, no matter if the general manager is ex-policeman or ex-manager! That is because lack of organisation and knowledge and at the top the OWNERSHIP of the company - so far JAT was company with purpose to fill diferent politic party's budget, nothing else! Just look at the news about JAT in past few years it really sounds absurd!

  12. Anonymous02:16

    Question for the JAT worker? what do you do in JAT? What's your occupation?

  13. Anonymous03:41

    News headline for tomorrow:
    JU CEO Radovanovic will be fired.

    Just wait... He is a dead man walking. F**king id*ot.

  14. Jeebusman05:26

    The reason for JAT being in a bad state is not only because of the economic crisis, but its heads are just political jackasses. It's the same for every other government-owned company (with the exception of Zastava Oruzije). They hire some dumbass with no skill in the business in order to gain coalition partners in the government. The sooner these companies are privatized the better.

  15. frequentflyer10:10

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Except in this instance, the money is really taxpayers money, and that's where the blatant corruption of process gets up people's noses.

    @ Nikola

    Whilst they can't sell the company, they likely have some key airport slots which could be sold to the highest bidder. OK springs to mind as an airline who did this recently.

  16. JATBEGMEL10:52

    @ Visit Kosovo

    jesam, hvala na pitanju.

    I agree with your comment.

    Will be interesting if Ilyrian Airways does take off. Tafa did. Any chance Kosova Airlines would be back in the air?

    hahaha Pasuljet :) creative :p

    Yeah noticed that Belle is back to Liege. Belle seem to be doing okay i guess, maybe better once Albanian passport get white schengen rating.


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