Jat gets Portorož – Rome approval

Jat soon to commute between Portorož and Rome
Jat Airways has obtained approval to commence flights between Portorož in Slovenia and the Italian capital after the Italian Aviation Directorate authorised Jat’s request, a statement from the airline reads. As a result, Jat has gained fifth freedom rights which allow an airline to carry revenue traffic between foreign countries. According to sources close to the airline, Jat will primarily carry Italian gamblers from Rome to Portorož. The service will originate in Belgrade and operate with an ATR72. Bilateral air agreements between Serbia, Italy and Slovenia have made the route possible and Jat is set to commence the service in the following months. It is the first of several changes set to take place in Jat’s winter schedule, announced by EX-YU Aviation News several weeks ago.

The Serbian national carrier resumed flights to Portorož after 18 years this summer with seasonal flights. Portorož is currently not served by any commercial carrier. Jat operates direct flights from Belgrade to Rome, Milan and Trieste in Italy. Last month, Adria and Jat signed a codeshare agreement on flights between Belgrade and Ljubljana. As a result, passenger numbers between the two cities have increased by 114% compared to the same period last year.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    I really really really hope that this means that Belgrade-Rome on Jat will be more than 7 times per week. It would be the definition of stupid to have the morning departure changed to go from a 737-300 to an Atr with an additional stop in Slovenia.
    However the fact that gamblers are mentioned I am sure that they will add an afternoon flight as they sure would not want to get up at 06:00 in the morning to catch a flight!
    I wonder how happy Alitalia is, as I am sure that this flight will depart relatively close to it's own.

  2. Anonymous09:50

    I believe that this service will operate as Belgrade - Portoroz - Rome - Portoroz - Belgrade and will have no impact on the Belgrade - Rome route as it is completely unrelated (two separate flights).

    Besides, this is what the Open skies agreement allows companies to do. The same Open sky agreement that Jat was complaining about because it brought competition to the market.

  3. Anonymous09:54

    Well like I said, I hope they add additional afternoon flights to Rome. If they decide to keep it in summer as well then they can just arrange it in such a manner that it allows afternoon connections from Skopje (to Rome that is).
    However it's Jat so you never know.
    I wonder where the Atr will come from.

  4. JATBEGMEL09:59

    Interesting move. What really interests me is whats the MTOW for the ATR72 departing POW. What will be interesting is will it be BEG-POW-FCO or BEG-FCO-POW :) The later sounds more logical, increasing frequencies between BEG and FCO. Does JAT have ATR's available for the flights? Will more ATR's come?

  5. Anonymous10:06

    Maybe the two A319s will be converted to two Atrs ;)

  6. Arturo10:15

    @2nd Anonymous:

    Are we in phrase II already? If that's the case, someone could have done Skopje-Tirana-Rome or even Sarajevo-Venice-Brussels. Am I right?

  7. Anonymous10:27

    I am curious, how did these gamblers get to Rome before? From Trieste? Zagreb?
    Will the city of Portoroz subsidize these flights?
    Another question, did Jat have these slots at FCO from the good old days or did they have to buy them?

  8. Anonymous10:58

    OK, so now if a non-Serbian or non-Montenegrin airline gets permission to commence flights between Belgrade and Tivat, and charges half of what JAT and Montenegro charge for those flights, I hope that JAT will not be hypocritical and complain about their competition.

  9. JATBEGMEL11:23

    @ anonymous

    and what is stopping a non Serb or Montenegrin airline starting such flights? both countries are in the EU, schegen zone, i would think starting such flight would be easier for other airlines rather than JAT who is based in a non-EU and non-Schengen country.

    @ Arturo

    Why would JAT start flights from SJJ or SKP? And what phase II?

  10. Anonymous11:29

    Well there is nothing on Jats site, I wonder when the tickets will be going on sale.
    I have a feeling that these flights will be going twice a week, however I think for this to work the flights need to be at least three times!!

  11. please have a heart for gamblers

  12. Anonymous11:55

    Montenegro is not a part of the open sky agreement and therefore there is no possibility for another airline to fly between BEG-TGD. Most normal countries became part of open sky a year before they enter the EU, not 20 years before.

  13. Anonymous12:14

    I think that open skies has not much to do with the EU but a country working in the interest of its people by providing them with different options that will drive the prices down through competition.
    Who knows, maybe Wizzair launches flights to Montenegro in summer. However if they do that...RIP Montenegro Airlines.

  14. Anonymous13:58

    Gamblers...ts,ts....very curious to see load factors for those flights I guess will be veeeeery low

  15. Reader14:07

    Who are the gamblers? People who gamble by catching a Jat Airways flight, right?
    Just kidding!

    Also, for how long are these rights granted? Is there a change for Jat do develop a market for, say, Adria, only for the right to be revoked once the market 'matures.'

  16. JU520 BEGLAX15:43

    They will have a short way from POW airport over the border to the Croatian Casino Complex right on the SLO/CRO border point....

    But I just can t imagine why someone should fly from Rome to Portoroz to gamble. POW is not a gambling paradise and just for 2-3 casinos such a trip... but let s wait and see...

  17. Anonymous16:09

    The same reason why so many Italian flock to Przno to the one casino that is there ;)

  18. Jimmy Wang16:40

    Rome-Portorož flight? Is the feasibility really well proofed?
    Trieste Airport is enough daily connected with Rome.
    Portorož just lies few kilometres away from Trieste/Trst,
    so I don't understand if it works,.
    What could JAT offer more than Alitalia? Better prices,
    more comfortable ATR 72?
    My point of view is this flight is almost a nonsense...

  19. Anonymous17:37

    Well I guess Jat can guarantee the bags reaching their final destination the same time as the passenger... Something Altalia can't.
    Plus if it is a tag to Rome then the loss can be covered by the first part.

  20. Does anyone have any info on load factors for BEG-POW flights this past summer?


  21. The POW runway is 1300m long. I guess this should be enough for fully loaded ATR42/72?

  22. Anonymous21:27

    Could someone post the numbers for Adria's flights to Banja Luka and Belgrade please. I do not remember who had them.

    Hvala :)

  23. JU520 BEGLAX22:43

    17NOV LJU-BEG 24 PAX CRJ200
    17NOV BEG-LJU 38 PAX CRJ200
    17NOV LJU-BNX 05 PAX CRJ200
    17NOV BNX-LJU 04 PAX CRJ200
    18NOV LJU-BEG 20 PAX CRJ200
    18NOV BEG-LJU 28 PAX CRJ200
    19NOV LJU-BNX 03 PAX CRJ200
    19NOV BNX-LJU 00 PAX CRJ200
    19NOV LJU-BEG 24 PAX CRJ900
    19NOV BEG-LJU 50 PAX CRJ900
    21NOV LJU-BNX 01 PAX CRJ200
    21NOV BNX-LJU 15 PAX CRJ200
    22NOV LJU-BEG 12 PAX CRJ200
    22NOV BEG-LJU 16 PAX CRJ200
    22NOV LJU-BNX 03 PAX CRJ200
    22NOV BNX-LJU 00 PAX CRJ200
    23NOV LJU-BEG 18 PAX CRJ200
    23NOV BEG-LJU 22 PAX CRJ200
    24NOV LJU-BNX 07 PAX CRJ200
    24NOV BNX-LJU 05 PAX CRJ200
    24NOV LJU-BEG 16 PAX CRJ200
    24NOV BEG-LJU 13 PAX CRJ200
    25NOV LJU-BEG 11 PAX CRJ200
    25NOV BEG-LJU 24 PAX CRJ200
    26NOV LJU-BNX 01 PAX CRJ200
    26NOV BNX-LJU 01 PAX CRJ200
    26NOV LJU-BEG 30 PAX CRJ200
    26NOV BEG-LJU 22 PAX CRJ200
    28NOV LJU-BNX 02 PAX CRJ200
    28NOV BNX-LJU 05 PAX CRJ200
    29NOV LJU-BEG 08 PAX CRJ200
    29NOV BEG-LJU 04 PAX CRJ200
    29NOV LJU-BNX 00 PAX CRJ200
    29NOV BNX-LJU 00 PAX CRJ200

    CRJ200 = 48 SEATS
    CRJ900 = 86 SEATS

    no BEG flights on Sunday 21/28NOV, seems they are cancelled.

    Have a good night :-)

  24. Anonymous09:22

    Thanks for the info... Jesus Christ, the loads to Banja Luka are really bad!!! No improvement at all.
    As for Belgrade, well it doesn't seem to me that it's doing that well. I suppose Jat takes most of the passengers then.

  25. JATBEGMEL10:22

    @ Sam

    There ware weight restrictions for the ATR72 but dont know how much. Would be great if someone had the info as to how much pax and cargo the ATR7 for example can have to land/depart at POW.

    @ JU520 BEGLAX

    JP's flights to BEG seem to be doing okay. Nothing too special but not empty either. They have sent their A319's to BEG too :)

  26. frequentflyer10:13

    Casino, casino, casino!

    I give this route less than 6 months... unless they are hoping the Rome tag on will subsidise the loss making of POW??

  27. JATBEGMEL08:58

    would be interesting if JP codeshared on the route :)


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