Parliament votes on Jat

Serbian Parliament poised to approve Jat’s loan
The Serbian Parliament will, at 11.00 CET vote on a range of laws and bills, one of which is the approval of Jat Airways’ 51.5 million Euro loan, to be used for “rejuvenation” purposes and the lease of 2 Airbus A319s. The loan is set to be approved as the governing majority sticks together when it comes to passing laws and bills. Jat requested the loan back in March 2010 from 2 banks but it took the Government 7 months until it gave its backing and guarantees for the credit.

The parliamentary approval is the final obstacle for the launch of an international tender for the lease of the two Airbus jets. The Tender Commission will then choose the best offer. Tender procedures were scheduled to begin on November 3 but were delayed because the parliament hadn’t approved the loan yet. The aircraft are expected to be in the fleet by the end of January 2011. However, Jat faces a new dilemma as rumours spread that its CEO, Srdjan Radovanović, will be deposed from his post soon, after a series of gaffes.


The loan has been approved


  1. JATBEGMEL09:59

    I guess its a matter of time now...

  2. CabinScrew12:33

    Yup, a matter of months again, I suppose? ;)

  3. JU520 BEGLAX15:43

    What are the 51 mio to be used for besides the 319s lease?

  4. Great for Jat. Hope that they use the money wisely

  5. ma dajte, ne treba da iznajme 2 A319, nego 12 A340-500, jer JAT je ipak nekad bio gigant u avio industriji :)))) onda lepo otvore direktne linije ka SYD, MEL i PER (po mogucstvu, dva leta dnevno) i tako udju u istoriju kao prva kompanija koja je ostvarila direkne letove izmedju Evrope i Australije! Takva titula se dobija samo jednom! :)))

    Salu na stranu, zaista se iskreno nadam da ce pametno utrositi te silne milione... A Radovanovic... ah, komentari su u tom slucaju zaista suvisni! :)
    btw - ko ce zaboga servisirati te A319!? Hoce li da naprave overnight letove ka FRA/MUC/CDG ili gde vec, pa da im tamo u toku noci rade sta treba da rade ili...? :)

    Pozz iz kisnog BEGa!

  6. Anonymous19:41

    i agree it would be nice if JAT did fly direct to CANDA! i do remember a airlines Skyservice did fly direct from Toronto to Belgrade and Zagreb! Belgrade has so much potential! Also a summer flight from Vancouver would be nice to! i would love to be the first one to buy tickets for that flight!

  7. @ JU500

    Tehnika ima sertifikat za jednu vrstu motora koja se stavlja na 319, mislim da je za GE, nisam siguran, tako da bi JAT trebao da uzme 319 sa tim motorima. ali generalno, Tehnici nije problem da dobije sertifikate i za Airbus-ove avione s obzirom da je ta kompanija dosta dobro kotirana u Evropi


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