Qatar wants Adria

Qatar Airways interested in Adria Airways
The privatisation spell continues across the EX-YU region as the Slovenian Government looks to find a strategic partner for its national carrier. After granting the airline 2.5 million Euros recently and a further 7.2 million to its subsidiary, Adria Tehnika, shareholders are looking to get rid of 49% of the airline’s shares. According to the Slovenian “Finance” magazine, Qatar Airways has expressed interest in purchasing the shares. The CEO’s of the two companies, Tadej Tufek and Akbar Al Baker, met in Doha recently to talk about the possible partnership. Talks are said to have been constructive and successful.

In case of a takeover, it is believed that Adria would continue to develop its key market, the European Union, while Qatar Airways would be able to help with long haul flights. Qatar Airways is one of the most successful airlines in the world with a fleet of 84 aircraft and a further 144 on order, including the Airbus A380, A350 and the Boeing Dreamliner.

Adria Airways has reported passenger growth this year but its finances have taken a further battering this year, continuing last year’s trend. The airline’s losses have already exceeded 13 million Euros so far this year.

A decision about a possible takeover will most likely be made at the start of 2011.


  1. frequentflyer09:41

    So is the next story we hear that the last of the ME3 is going to take over the last of the 3 main airlines from exYU: EK taking over OU?

    Whilst I have no doubt the ME3 are looking to diversify and expand their opportunities, sometimes it does appear that some of these stories are pure wishful thinking...

    From an operational perspective, QR flights to LJU would be the only change to the status quo, though there may no longer be a need to fly 3 CR9s to Turkey within 45 mins with the possibility of temporarily operating a larger plane.

  2. Anonymous09:48

    Well you got this wrong:

    Adria WANTS Qatar not vice versa!

    As Qatar is now thinking about the request... Decision will be known in two months.

    ""to fly 3 CR9s to Turkey within 45""
    This happened once or twice while A320 was on a scheduled check.
    It is often that A320 + CRJ went down there now A319 and CRJ9 (ut not regulary) but few times it happened that both A319 went to IST.

  3. Anonymous10:18

    Very clever. JP is a going to hoover pax from the balkans to the QR hub in Doha and QR is bringing pax via LJU to smaller cities in EU it could not profitably serve. Besides that with ownership of JP they get better traffic rights within EU.

  4. ANONYMOUS12:26

    "Qatar Airways is one of the most successful airlines in the world" - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

    PLEASE! They are losing around $1 billion every year for Christ sake! They are one of the worlds most unsuccessful airlines!

  5. Anonymous13:13

    where is the source of this info?

  6. Reader14:58

    Could someone enlighten me by telling me what is a "strategic partner" precisely, please?

    Does this mean that Adria wants to sell 49 pct of their shares but would not sell to anyone or the highest bidder?

    I hate those reports when people presume that everyone knows or should know what is meant by every single term or abbreviation.

  7. Anonymous15:51

    @ last anonymous, it says in the article

  8. Anonymous16:46

    This is interesting. Turkish buys B&H Airlines and JAT. Qatar buys Adria, and Etihad buys Montenegro. The Middle East is coming to the Balkans!

  9. Haha, Lufthansa where are you?

  10. Anonymous18:31

    Here is the link to the original article (slovenian and hope it's public)

  11. @ SKP said...

    "Katarcem ponujamo Adrio Airways", translated from Slovenian, is: "Adria Airways offered to Qataries", not "Qatar wants Adria".

    Even if they wanted it, which I doubt, LH will find the way not to let them in. Already seen.

  12. Anonymous06:32

    JU has more than 20 milion, OU about 16 mil! JP has 13 milion loss, in one year on what, 13 airplanes of which 7 are 50-seaters and 4 are 85seaters .... In total it is over 50 milion including MGX, BH ...And JP is most succesfull airline on Balkans.It shows that it will be a lot of changes in ownership in near future, on one side is wishfull thinking and on the other is reality!

  13. Anonymous17:48

    ...yes and the reality is that JP is not the most succesfull airlines in Balkans because:

    1. Slovenia isn't a part of Balkans, or did you suddenly become a part of it again since JP is a zero on the central European market?

    2. The most succesfull airlines in Balkans is Turkish Airlines.

  14. Anonymous23:18

    To the poster above; excuse me, JP as best airline in ex-yu region (did they ever belong there?). Except for geography, what are you coments about ex-yu aviation?

  15. Anonymous23:20

    Here is a link for geographer:

  16. AirKoryoTU-20413:29

    Turkish Airlines is hardly a Balkan carrier or a European carrier in general. Istanbul itself is split in two Asian and Euro. When people talk of Balkans they mean main strea, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece etc.

    Would it be great to see Oman Air purchase someone like Mat Airways or somthing ;P battle of the Balkans Arabian knights!


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