Radovanović goes on vacation

In a pickle – Srdjan Radovanović
The soon to be replaced CEO of Jat Airways, Srdjan Radovanović, has taken vacation leave in order to prolong his exit date, the B92 biz portal reports. Over the weekend, Serbian media have reported that the Serbian Government will vote to replace Radovanović on Thursday. However, CEO’s of publically owned companies in Serbia cannot be fired while they are on vacation leave, which should give Radovanović more time at the airline’s helm. Similar tactics were used by the previous CEO, Saša Vlaisavljević, who is still part of the company’s management board.

Rumours of who will replace Radovanović have begun with Vladimir Ognjenović, the deputy CEO, being the most likely contender for the top spot. Ognjenović, member of the ruling Democratic Party was part of Saša Vlaisavljević’s disastrous management team which included signing a damaging code share agreement with Montenegro Airlines and claims of corruption. Ognjenović has been at war with the current CEO as the two come from different factions of the Democratic Party.

On Sunday, a spokesperson from the Serbian Government reiterated the government’s stance on Jat saying that the country needs a national carrier and that it will do all in its power to transform Jat into a successful company. Over the weekend, the President of the airline’s pilot union resigned.

Meanwhile, away from management wrangling, Jat will begin its announced two weekly service from Portorož to Rome on December 9. Flights, which are to be operated by the ATR72, will originate in Belgrade. It should be noted that the flights will not substitute the existing nonstop service between the Serbian and Italian capitals. Flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. aj, nek mu je srećan put, pa da ga više ne gledamo. mada, sudeći po ovom novom, neće biti ništa bolje

  2. Anonymous11:00

    I can't understand, why he cannot fired, while he's in vacation. This, his last acting shows exactly his boundless arrogance ... Most of the employees of Jat Airways will to await his (and also his 'minions') remove! I hope this will be very soon.

  3. Anonymous11:33

    ^He can get fired but he remains CEO until he returns from his vacation leave and who knows how many weeks that could take

  4. ANONYMOUS12:08


  5. OT:
    Why are the 2 LH flights from Frankfurt to Belgrade and 1 from Munich to Belgrade canceled today? Does anybody now something? Is it because of snow?

  6. Just checked - so many flights are canceled or diverted from/to Frankfurt airport... Is it possible that the weather conditions are that bad there?

  7. Zrak13:14


    I was on LHR - FRA yesterday. It was complete chaos at Lufthansas desks at Heathrow. FRA flights were severely delayed while MUC where getting canceled due to heavy snow. Other Lufthansa flights (Dresden, Malpensa, Berlin) seemed to be unaffected.

  8. Anonymous13:22

    yep, snow here in MUC

  9. Anonymous13:31

    I guess he will take his vacation somewhere that doesn't have an extradition treaty with Serbia!

  10. Anonymous13:45

    .... that's very possible ;)

  11. off topic:

    Airlift Skywings is grounded , all flights cancelled

    (because of 133k € debts )

    according to:


  12. Houdini14:40

    Why doesn't he go on an extended sick leave then? It must be a 'stressful' job and I'm sure he can find a doctor to sign him off for the next 3-6 months.

  13. Anonymous22:25

    Possible we will have two montengrian airlines. Deluxe Serbs are always on the top!

  14. Anonymous06:33

    Is the new candidate a Montenegran?
    Jesus Christ...

    However if he says he is a Serb from Montenegro then I have nothing against him but if he says he is Montenegran then...
    On the other hand, he seems uninteresting as apparently he prostitutes himself with all kind of different CEOs so what can that tell us?
    1. that he is damn good at keeping his position?
    2. That he is spineless and doesn't have a strong character when needed?
    3. He is that good that no matter who the CEO is they want him?

    However if he is Montenegran and he was influential while Jat signed that silly and useless contract with YM then one can wonder if he is the right person for the job.
    Maybe also it would be time for our government to stop speaking and move on to some firm actions in getting both Serbia and Jat out of the crapper in which they are now!

  15. JAT ops07:45

    I just do not know that about his political party membership...please, could you confirm that or you are speculating. What I know about V.O. is that he is not corrupted - 100%!

  16. ANONYMOUS09:58

    The latest:


  17. Doot11:35

    Jesus... I wish that primitive, maladaptive, downright stupid, Balkans mentality could be obliterated somehow.

    @ anonymous. Why the hell should it matter the ethnic-identity of the CEO of a company?

  18. Anonymous06:55

    I do not know about him, but I do not care where he comes from as long as it's not Montenegro.

  19. Anonymous15:06

    He is likely going to vacation in Russia, like many other Serbians that are escaping law and punishment.


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