Strong passenger growth for Jat

Jat’s numbers improve on the back of last year’s strike
Jat Airways has posted a 20% passenger increase in October compared to the same period last year. This is the biggest passenger increase in 2010, although it should be noted that in October 2009 the airline was paralysed by a weeklong Jat Tehnika strike. If charter flights are removed from the official statistic, the airline recorded passenger growth of 24%.

In October, Jat Airways carried 86.911 passengers. Its average cabin load factor stood at 58%, up by 7% on last year. The airline saw its greatest improvement on flights to and from Montenegro, with passenger numbers strengthening by 50%. The Serbian carrier also saw figures improve on Euro Mediterranean services by 21%. The number of passengers flying on Jat’s charter flights decreased by 45%, although the number of charter flights offered also decreased by 45% in October.

So far this year, the airline has carried 918.531 passengers which is still down by 2% compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, if the underperforming charter flights are not included, the airline has actually seen a passenger increase of 4% so far this year.


  1. Adria carried:
    848.102 scheduled pax, increase of 4% against 2009 LF 66,5
    177.914 charter pax, decrease of 2% against 2009 LF 70
    JAN-OCT totally
    1.026.016 increase of 3% against 2009 LF 67,5

    Just in OCT:
    86.316 scheduled, same as in 2009 LF 67,8
    12.863 charter, 21% more than in 2009 LF 61,4
    totally in OCT
    99.179 2% more than in 2009
    LF 66

  2. JATBEGMEL09:29

    looks like JAT will surpass the million passenger mark after all this year lol.

    hope the passenger growth continues :)

  3. frequentflyer12:40

    But passenger growth doesn't equal profitability!!

    If much of the growth has occurred on discounted fares on routes which now face higher competition, then the airline is actually LOSING valuable money whilst increasing pax.

    And more importantly, how much % of this growth is business pax (ie the ones who actually keep these airlines afloat)? I'm guessing none...

  4. Anonymous14:18

    cant you write something about macedonia again?!?!?!?!?

  5. Arturo16:08

    LF of 58%? And JAT is not charging the highest fare either! Looks like the LCCs are giving a run of money on them. Though, I must admit JAT provides a very decent schedule ex-SKP now.

  6. Anonymous19:26

    "cant you write something about macedonia again?!?!?!?!?

    November 5, 2010 2:18 PM"

    Few days ago, there was some contacts and negotiations betwen MAT (Kontiki Travel) and MA, about 2-3 MA a/c flying for MAT.

    Still negotiate...

    Will see...

  7. Jeebusman19:38

    Excellent news for JAT. I must admit that I am really surprised to see such a growth spurt in one month. I have noticed that Belgrade is getting more buzz as a tourist and business destination, but I never expected it to go like this. From what I've read on other posts, the airline looks sick and needs major refurbishing, so I don't know how this is possible lol.

  8. @ Few days ago, there was some contacts and negotiations betwen MAT (Kontiki Travel) and MA, about 2-3 MA a/c flying for MAT.

    What is MA? Montenegro Airlines or Malev?!

    Thanks in advance

  9. Anonymous21:49

    SKy, thanks for the data.

    It is rather disappointing that in the first year after Schengen visa was lifted , JAT records only 3% growth in the period JAN-OCT, 10 vs 09.
    One should compare the growth of Nikola Tesla passengers and see that JAT is not taking full advantage of overall market growth.


  10. JATBEGMEL21:59

    @ IN007

    YM = Montenegro Airlines
    MA = Malev

    @ frequentflyer

    I think JAT should have increased the amount of business class seats from 8 to at least 12 on the B733's. But i think JAT probably gets a good share of their business class pax via the codeshare agreements they have with various carriers.

    @ Jeebusman

    JAT isnt a bad carrier. The aircraft havnt racked up the mileage like some other aircraft of its type as the aircraft didnt fly much during the sanctions and the unfortunate times during the end of the former Yugoslavia. A new cabin has been fitted into the aircraft, however, to me the seating is horrible and looks cheap. The airline is changing, which is good, i just hope it goes towards the better and not for the worst.

  11. Anonymous08:16

    Jat is just a whatever airline. It is far from a great airline but it is far from a bad one as well.
    Their inflight service is decent, especially since they ameliorated their catering. I think those chocolate dipped plums are just great! The cabin crew is mostly ok, there are quite a lot young people working now, that is quite refreshing to see.
    Naturally the planes are old but like it was mentioned they are far from being eligible for a scrapyard. I am also one of those that thinks that the new interior makes it look cheaper. However it seems to me that the seats are thinner so there is more legroom.
    All in all, one thing that no one can object that is the great Jat pilots!

  12. Anonymous12:27

    With l/f of 58% one can just imagine how much money they are loosing. Nowadays airlines need 80+ x% to break even....

  13. Anonymous14:56

    Good News ...? - So the employees of this Company can finetly hope to receive their salary for the last month soon...?

    Currently Jat Airways breaks the law(s) and let all the Jat employees abroad waiting for their money.

  14. Anonymous16:02


    Without any explanatory statement, The Head Office in Beograd has stopped all pay-offs. And the employees wasn't even informed officially about this sanction! This is the 'new corporate culture' of Jat Airways under a CEO, who acts like a imperator ...

  15. Anonymous19:02

    My mistake! Not Malev. I mean Montenegro Airlines (YM)
    During winter YM have aprox. 2 a/c available for lease.

  16. Anonymous20:23

    I just did some statistics and I realised that the number of C/CL PAX went down from few to very few on certain flights...

    It seems that the H/O is trying to compensate the low booking figures by decreasing the availability of lower fares... They are obviously following the logic "if we have only a few PAX per flight, all we need to do is have them fly at a higher fare to compensate". Which at the end leads to the situation where you have passengers sending you to hell on the phone and hanging up when they hear the price...

    And then, since you lack cash flow, you turn to cost cutting measures. And what does a good old desparate manager do?
    Decides not to pay the wages to the workers... Really, only a really desperate manager would go about not paying wages or postponing the payday for a month in a firm which has not filed for bankruptcy, since it has (to my mind) a direct negative impact on the worker's moral, bringing you in even deeper sh&@ on the long run, since your good old Mr. Unsatisfied Worker is not doing his best to satisfy the customer and Mr. Unhappy PAP is for sure going to explore the alternatives flying from point A to point B. For all of you old school managers out there: no, you cannot press even harder on the worker, since at some point all those sanctions you're implementing are simply missing the target... Dunno, maybe this kind of management strategy even works in some parts of the world like N.Korea or PRC and the Jat CEO maybe admires those? A very strange person, that chap..

  17. zikayu15:54

    JAT CEO look like, talk like and work like an idiot... Probable is an idiot.

    I dont know anything about his advisers... May be some of them, are good...

    Former JAT CEO Nebojsa Starcevic, had no any knowledge about aviation, before came up to be a CEO, due to political decision.
    But he was great hustler, and today he is the director of Serbian CAA.

    May be funny, but its true... Aviation expert, par excellence...

    One word: "Hustler"

    But a hustler is better than an idiot!

  18. Anonymous16:22

    Well personally I do not think that the result Jat is posting is THAT bad. I mean let's not forget how many airlines have started operations to Belgrade. They all have taken a lot of passengers. Serbia is far from a rich country so even if the visas have been removed it doesn't mean that everyone can afford to travel.
    A lot of new airlines have taken Jat's passengers, like airBaltic to Scandinavia and Russia, Spaniair the certain amount of passengers that Jat could have transported through codeshare, Malév, CSA's second flight, Austrian's morning departure out of Belgrade, Tarom, Cimber, Wizzair...
    So when we take into consideration the number of seats offered to/from Belgrade before and after the visa liberalisation then one can wonder how bad did Jat actually do.
    I am not saying that they are doing perfectly well, just that things are not AS bad as some of you make them seem.
    Plus unlike before they are doing something to change their image, refurbishments, improved catering, younger crew, marketing...

  19. Jeebusman20:19


    I agree with you. But I want to ask something, do you guys agree that JAT should be privatized by Turkish Airlines? I am still not sure. For me, being privatized by them will put JAT in a better state than it is now. But still they are Turks ;)


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