Belgrade traffic surpasses 2009

Belgrade reports passenger increase
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 182.651 passengers in November, up from 146.859 the same month last year. As a result Belgrade has secured a 24.3% monthly increase. So far this year, Serbia’s main airport has welcomed 2.506.381 passengers and has already surpassed 2009’s end of year result. The airport is on course to beat the extremely successful year of 2008 when it handled 2.650.000 passengers. In the first 3 days of December, the airport has seen a 30% passenger jump.

The airport has enjoyed a flurry of new airlines since Schengen visa restrictions were abolished for Serbian passport holders in mid December last year. New airlines include Spanair, airBaltic, Wizz Air and Cimber Sterling. However, British Airways recently terminated flights to Belgrade while Wizz Air will set up its 13th base at the airport on April 1, 2011.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Congratulations to Belgrade!
    It's always great to see numbers rising.
    As for December, that number is probably that high as there are 1.700 French supporters at the Davis Cup Finals here in Belgrade.

    With the new routes coming in December and the usual Christmass travelling I am really interested in seeing the numbers for 2010!

  2. Anonymous19:07

    Great news for Belgrade! Maybe they will overtake Sofia and Bucharest Airport as the leading airport hub in the Balkans (excluding Greece of course)!!!!
    I'm sure that they will reach 3,000,000 next year. With the surge in foreign tourism and increased interest in Serbia from major businesses and airlines, Belgrade will once again be the leader for sure.
    By the way, what is going on with the direct Toronto-Belgrade link next year?

    Pozdrav iz Nju Jorka

  3. Aleks Nikolic03:48

    moj beograd... moja srbija, moj arilje, uzice , kraljevo... vidimo se za 6 meseci.. amerika je djavo, nedostajes mi </3 SRBIJAA!!!

  4. This is a great news, although I am a bit surprised that BEG Airport is still behind Bucharest and Sofia in terms of passenger numbers? Does anyone have any info on how many passengers did they have? Also, does anyone know what was the best year for BEG? I am assuming it was late 80s or so when JAT operated intercontinental flights?


  5. Anonymous20:15

    Well bare in mind that Romania has a population of 26 million so it is kind of logical that it would be the number one in the region.
    Sofia is not that far from Belgrade, their numbers are around 3.500.000.
    For Sofia the problem is that a lot of passengers from Southern Bulgaria would fly from Istanbul and then most of the tourists fly to the coastal cities.

  6. Anonymous20:35

    Belgrade will quickly catch up to Sofia. No need to worry. I think that if the current trend continues, and Serbia builds up its tourist sector, BEG could easily hit over 3,000,000 passengers next year. Bucharest may be difficult to pass. Like Anonymous said, they have a larger market and more people. Once the long-haul operations commence, then we will see.

  7. Anonymous21:25

    I think Belgrade will easily take over Sofia and Bucharest has one major handicap when compared to Belgrade. Serbia has a huge diaspora far far away which might make Belgrade more attractive to airlines such as Delta or even some Asian airline trying to tap into the Serbia-Australia/South Africa market.
    Now these airlines might use all these airlines and operations to feed their flights from other Balkan countries.


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