Croatia Airlines returns to Rijeka

From Rijeka to London with Croatia Airlines
Rijeka Airport’s prayers have been answered as Croatia Airlines announced on Tuesday that it will resume flights between the island airport and London Heathrow during the 2011 summer season. Croatia Airlines was strongly criticised by local authorities and airport management when it decided to discontinue the route after the 2009 summer season. Back then, Croatia Airlines explained that the service was unpopular and thus unprofitable. Flights between Rijeka and London will operate from April 20 until October 19, once per week, using the Airbus A320.

Rijeka Airport has had a year it would rather forget. Its passenger numbers have halved compared last year while its finances are in disarray. Some have even called for the airport’s closure. The resumption of the London service will bring some much needed relief. The Croatia Airlines service will be partially subsidised by the Croatian National Tourist Board, the airline’s CEO Srećko Šimunović told the “Novi List” newspaper.

Croatia Airlines has already announced a string of new seasonal summer flights for next year including the likes of Athens and Venice. Flight details for the Rijeka – London service can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    But isn't Venice a bit too close to Zagreb?

  2. Arturo10:59


    Agree. I'd take EN241 at any time of the day. EUR15, Venezia to Ljubljana or Zagreb (advance purchase required). The midnight arrival is a bit tricky. But I love that train. Bring back so many memories when I was still in high school :)

  3. Anonymous11:09

    I believe the Venice flight will be to Dubrovnik, not Zagreb

  4. Rijeka, a big town with a lot of industry and tourism potential.

    Why a regular London and Frankfurt service is so difficult to maintain is beyond me?

  5. Anonymous19:19

    Sad Face:( I really wanted rijeka airport to fall after there idiotic rejection of ryanair flights. When will you get to yours senses Rijeka? Mali losinj is going to have more passangers then Rijeka soon if they carr on this way

  6. frequentflyer04:29

    This is a sensible move and good to see these flights back.

    I've often wondered why the airport hasn't managed to sustain more flights - a large population, alternative to PUY for travellers to Istria. Perhaps the airport management situation is worse than we realise?

    Look forward to using this flight in July!

    @ Q400

    Agree that FRA flights should be a possibility from that region of Croatia. 3-weekly with a Q400?

  7. frequentflyer04:38

    I forgot to ask, does anyone know if ZAG has yet hit 2m pax for 2010?

    The figures from November seemed to indicate they would pass last year's amount and that they were close to the mark...

  8. ^ They past it a few days ago.

  9. @ frequentflyer,

    I was thinking a A319 but I guess a Q400 would make more sense. They could realistically have one based there with little or no trouble.

  10. Anonymous23:28

    Wizzair is definitelly leaving ZAG, however they will continue DBV and SPU seasonaly. Shame they were quite good, quite on time, cheap, 32 kg luggage :-) But I beleive it means with easyjet someone else is coming, I am sure we could FR at ZAG very soon :-)


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