Dubrovnik Airline plans 2011 expansion

Flights from Dubrovnik to Belgrade and Ljubljana in 2011
The second largest Croatian registered airline, Dubrovnik Airline, has announced that it will purchase 2 new aircraft next year and introduce new destinations. The charter airline’s CEO, Zeno Singer, told a press conference last week that Dubrovnik Airline will end 2010 with a profit of up to 2 million Euros. Singer told the media that the airline plans to sell 3 of its MD82s and purchase 2 new Airbus A320s in 2011. The remaining 2 MD83s will remain in the fleet.

Singer revealed that the airline is planning on introducing new flights from Split, Dubrovnik and Pula to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The airline also plans to connect Dubrovnik with Belgrade after almost 2 decades as well as Dubrovnik and the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. As a result the airline’s management believes that it will increase its passenger numbers by 15%.


  1. Banja Luka09:04

    Wow, This is the most successful airline in the ex-yugoslavia! A profit of 2 million, better that then nothing! Best luck to them on their plans and i hope it goes all right! Anyone know the flight load of this airline?

  2. Anonymous09:04

    I think its great to connect Dubrovnik and Belgrade, but its a big shame that either Croatia Airlines or Jat have started a flight betwen Belgrade and Zagreb.... / Philswe

  3. frequentflyer09:17

    Good on 2D! Unfortunately now their fleet won't match their callsign (upgrading to modern A32x in 3D!). This is an airline yet to reach its full potential and can do excellent things to promote the exYU - and particularly the beautiful Croatian coastline.

    Just a question with their new fleet - have these been ordered in previous years and will arrive brand new, or is this a 'nearly new' purchase updating 20+yr fleet?

    Whether they get the rights to operate to BEG remains to be seen. Hope we will see them operating regular charter flights out of ZAG again in Summer '11!

  4. Anonymous10:16

    Do have in minde that Dubrovnik Airline try to start regular charters from Zagreb to Istanbul, Rome, Dubai and some other destinations, and just few days before first flight they cancle flights. So, I don't belive in that before I see that flight starts.

    Croatia Airlines try to fly ZAG-BEG but serbian authoroties did not get clirance for it. As Croatia is still not in EU Open sky is not automaticly practice for Croatia Airlines. In same time that was reason why Croatian Ministry of transportation by reciprocity refise flights BEG-PUY and BEG-DBV (2 years after flights starts, and just after Srbian gouvernmbent refuse CTN flights ZAG-BEG).

  5. sorry if this has been posted before:

    TAP flying to Dubrovnik:

    Lisbon – Dubrovnik eff 23JUN11 till 25AUG11 (2nd destination in Croatia)
    TP866 LIS1510 – 2020DBV 320 4
    TP867 DBV2105 – 2355LIS 320 4

  6. Anonymous12:16

    I hope that these ideas will become a reality, I have no doubt that Belgrade/Dubrovnik will be a successful route.(unlike tirrana-Belgrade) Im not to sure about Astana though but I suppose that this is how you find whether new routes will be successful by experimenting.

  7. Many ex OU pilots fly for Dubrovnik so the A320 is an obvious choice as they will have pilots endorsed on the aircraft already working for them.

    The airline has suffered in the recent years with major delays due to break downs on the MD 80's so the sooner these planes come the better.

  8. @ last Anon

    they're flying to Astana in order to attract Kazakh tourists to Croatian seaside, it's not going to be all year route. as for BEG, it might become all year if it proves worthy.

  9. Anonymous13:18

    @Nikola ok thanks for the info I understand now. It will be interesting to see if it works. I will be even more interesting to see BORAT in croatia.

  10. Anonymous17:41

    Dubrovnik Airline has the ugliest livery I have ever seen.

  11. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    I have to agree. It does look very ordinary with the big square picture up front.

    If for example the picture started from the nose and went all the way to the top and bottom of the fuselage it might look better.

    Also, you can hardly read DUBROVNIK even though it covers a large part of the aircraft.

    I guess we are never going to see it on 'Livery of the week'

  12. Anonymous11:49

    I am really happy that this is going to happen however I am also hoping that they will not rip people off on the tickets.
    I also wonder, will they be using Terminal 1 or Terminal 2?

  13. Anonymous15:01

    wait sorry guys can someone explain to me whether Croatia is part of the EU OPEN SKIES agreement? Even Jordan signed up for this how comes Croatia hasent? Is it to protect Croatia Airlines ?

  14. Anonymous15:38

    Can't wait for the Ljubljana flights, I've never been to Dubrovnik and would definitely go if I didn't have to drive the tretcherous (over) 800km from Kr. Gora.

  15. Anonymous05:20

    I hope they will connect to direct transatlantic flights starting in June from US and Canada. Then routes BEG-DBV and ZAG-DBV would be great success for this airline. There is huge number of immigrants from Hercegovina in North America and they all fly to DBV. If this airline connects with US airline that will operate transatlantic flights they could get even more pax and assure profitability of routes.

  16. Anonymous10:38

    I have information that Dubrovnik Airline signed an agreement with European Airline MapJet, so they can fly in Europe under european call-sign, in order to avoid traffic rights and clearance.


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