Jat gets new CEO

Vladimir Ognjenović, Jat’s new CEO
Vladimir Ognjenović has been named the acting CEO of the Serbian national carrier, ending a 2 week farce. Ogjenović was part of the much despised management team led by Saša Vlaisavljević which served prior to Srdjan Radovanović who was recently fired as the airline’s CEO. That management team also led the airline into a deficient state. Vlaisavljević, who yesterday also stood down as the head of the airline’s management board, said that with Ognjenović’s leadership Jat has a bright future. Vladimir Ognjenović worked as a Jat ground handler since 1995 before attaining a hefty promotion from Saša Vlaisavljević as Jat’s general manager in Denmark. He served as deputy CEO under the leadership of Srdjan Radovanović. Although he is only the “acting” CEO he could stay as the airline’s director for years.

On Tuesday, the Jat Airways workers union “Nezavisnost” stated that with Ognjenović at the helm the airline will only further sink into debt and mismanagement. The Serbian Minister for Infrastructure, Milutin Mrkonjić, said that Serbia must and will have a national carrier. “Jat will either have a strategic partner or a new Serbian national carrier will be created”, Mrkonjić said. “We still haven’t decided which strategy we will use”, the minister stated.

Ognjenović now takes on an airline with an aging fleet and mounting debt but also extremely hostile workers which haven’t forgotten Ognjenović’s part in Vlaisavljević’s mismanagement.

Slovenia’s Adria Airways is facing similar management issues. You can read about it here tomorrow.


  1. JATBEGMEL09:27

    oh my goodness gracious me...kudos to the moderator on the photo hahaha.

  2. Arturo09:30

    Number one priority ^^


  3. Arturo09:42

    Jokes aside, BEG-ORD won't be a 100% failure if they strictly follow the following principles.

    1) Wet lease a 757-200 (non-winglet)
    2) Route as BEG-SNN-ORD
    3) Dump group fares on the Serbian Diaspora in IL,MN,OH,IN and MI
    4) Don't even think about business passengers
    5) Fly between May-Sep and Dec-Jan only
    6) Carry as much cargo as possible

    Otherwise, flying a 767-300ER, trying to get connecting passengers to LCA/IST/OHD would just be a suicide mission.

  4. Anonymous09:54


    Dear friend your wishes are out of mind. No one on earth will start such a operation. JAT must forget SFRY times and must realize where it live. In this time maybe only possibility is small regional airline.

  5. Arturo10:09

    Dear Anonymous,

    I am the biggest advocate for a down-to-earth Serbian airline on this blog. I was just teasing JAT's grand plan for resuming their long haul operation. But it would be so mean if I don't suggest any practical solutions other than just making fun of JAT.

    Therefore, I gave some thoughts into their insane idea and listed out some suggestions. IMHO, it wouldn't be a total disaster if all the "rules" are followed. Look at all those charter flying between Gambia and the UK, or Frankfurt and Anchorage. By all means if Sun could make an MSP-STN work with a 738, JU could do so with a 757 too. The prerequisite is, it must strictly be a seasonal charter. And they must not introduce a new sub fleet to fly this insignifcant operation.

    Granted, I wasn't serious at all. So don't take my words for it.

  6. Guys,
    JAT doesn't even have the rights to fly to America. You can wave that dream goodbye for the foreseeable future.

  7. Anonymous10:39

    That guy looks like an IDIOT I don't want to think what he will do with the airline.
    I guess one day, one sunny and nice day we should construct a museum next to the aviation museum at the Belgrade Airport and name it 'Epic FAIL' with the portraits of all Jat CEOs since the fall of Milosevic.

  8. Aero11:00

    Off topic:
    What about BEG-POW and POW-FCO which supposed to start today?
    Any info?

  9. ^ Flights have been delayed and will now be launched on December 16. Details are in the new route launches section

  10. Anonymous14:30

    Since they moved the date does it mean that the times are the same?

  11. ^ The departure/arrival times and operating days have remained unchanged

  12. Anonymous14:59

    Well, just by looking at new CEO's eyebrows makes you very suspicios about his intentions. He is fat and ugly.

  13. Duchess of Shangay15:00

    I posle Tita, Tito!

  14. Anonymous16:06

    Not only that he is fat, ugly and incompetent he has wierd eyes as well. Jesus Christ I seriously hope that someone normal comes along and saves us!

  15. katastrofa, treći deo

  16. Anonymous19:34

    At least he has a background in the business and he is widely respected in the Airline community OUTSIDE of Serbia, something you couldn't say for any of Jat's other management, current and past.

    Eadovanovic didn't get fired, he resigned. Or, more accurately, it could be described as being impeached. The only question is whether he will go to jail.

  17. Anonymous21:53

    It is really sad how little the politicians think of this once great airline. They have now setup Jat to fail again. Hmm... Perhaps they want to buy shares really cheap when they privatize it.

  18. Anonymous22:51

    I agree - devil's eyebrows :)

  19. Anonymous22:56

    I dont care about jat i care about when low cost airlines are going to expand in the ex yu reigion. when is wizz going to bosnia when is easy jet going to bosnia when is ryanair going to go bosnia??? answers i dont care about these curropted airlines managers telll me when will the diaspora get a CHEAPER TICKET!

  20. AirKoryoTU-20401:02

    About the U.S services wouldn't JAT have a chance to offer connections to Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania?

  21. frequentflyer13:10

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Dobro dosli Mr Ognjenović.

    Assuming Ognjenović lasts as long as his two previous predecessors, who is left politically to take his place in aroudn 18 months time??

  22. Vladimir Ognjnović in Jat disaster, part three. New blockbuster, in cinemas December 2010


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