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To all frequent visitors and guests marking the holiday today, Merry Christmas!

Sretan Božić
Vesel Božić

Zagreb, Croatia

As 2010 draws to a close, here are the most read stories from the blog for 2010, according to statistics:

1. Lufthansa eyes Priština
2. easyJet confirms Belgrade plans
3. New airline – Kon Tiki Sky
4. Jat pilot in India crash
5. Lufthansa to Priština

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  1. :)
    3 out of 5 topics were involved with JAT or Serbia :D

    Could you maybe publish top 5 topics with most comments? (excluding political and other non-related ones) :)

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Not sure if this is interesting news for your site, but Lufthansa has declared to give Bosnian students at Sarajevo and tuzla university discount of 75% to all their flights. Yesterday I bought a ticket from Sarajevo to Dubai for just 200 EUR :)

    Best wishes fory Christmas ;)

  3. Jimmy Wang12:55

    For the coming New Year I will expect more flight connections among ex-Yu main cities.
    Any good news from Rijeka Airport soon?
    Merry Christmas to everybody!

  4. Anonymous16:01

    I hope 2011 will bring a blog not filled with news about JAT OR CROATIA AIRLINES OR ADRIA AND THERE DECLINE OR THERE CURROPT LEADERS. I hope that there is more news about low cost carriers and airport growth among smaller airports. Merry Christmas :)

  5. Anonymous16:57

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate today "from Triglav to Djevdjelija" :-)

    May the New Year bring to all health, happiness and lots of joy. And of course more flights and airlines to all airports in Ex Yu. God bless.


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