New plans for Jat

Jat to decide about Macedonia, employees want Portorož suspension
Based on the events witnessed in the past 2 weeks, it is more than obvious that Jat Airways has no development strategy. Even more concerning is that the Serbian Government openly admitted it had no idea what it wanted to do with its frayed carrier. The question now being asked is what the new acting CEO, Vladimir Ognjenović¸ and his management team will do with Jat.

Ognjenović spent all of Thursday and Friday locked in meetings with the government, according to the “Danas” daily. Employees at Jat are calling for the suspension of the planed Belgrade – Portorož – Rome service which was supposed to begin this week but has been delayed until next. They say the service is not economically viable. Furthermore, employees have expressed outrage at the news that former CEO, Srdjan Radovanović, might be named as a Jat Airways advisor. Employees have said that Radovanović’s ludicrous business plans and autocratic leadership should bar him from ever setting foot in the company again. Another major problem the airline is facing is the planned lease of 2 Airbus A319 aircraft. There has been uproar amongst pilots who haven’t been named as part of the group that will be undergoing training for the new aircraft. As a result the president of the Jat Airways pilots union stood down last week.

Next week the airline’s management board is expected to decide what to do with its Macedonian offspring Aeromak. The airline, which is supposed to be based in Skopje, was denied a license by the Macedonian Civil Aviation Directorate earlier this year. It is expected that the management will decide whether to pursue the idea or end it once and for all.


  1. This uproar of pilots is so stupid! At least they have a job, right? I think they should dump Aeromak altogether and solve their own problems first. They should suspend Portoroz-Rome and GET THOSE A319 IN HERE.

  2. Anonymous13:07

    Fully agree with Boeing 737-800's previous comment.
    Get those new planes and start doing some SERIOUS WORK OUT THERE, if it is not already too late for Jat.
    You change CEO every 12-18 months, then spend the next six talking about big plans, which never become reality, make more losses from year to year then change CEO and let's start it all over again...Sadly, I'm afraid Jat is a lost cause.

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  4. This airine is a total mess..
    Someone wrote few weeks ago that the only lucky circumstance for JAT is that it has a good trained stuff and professionals with long working experience that make the airline still alive cause the managemnt is an absolute 0!
    About plans for Macedonia-it is again a joke.Macedonia has enough carriers-2 in the moment and there is no need for another one especially not like JAT.

  5. Anonymous17:29

    Macedonian market is poor but good target for JAT! There are no serious players there, so JAT can use that nische. I believe it will happen.

  6. JAT has no product to offer to the macedonian passengers.
    Neither aircraft, neither organisation, neither management, nor network.JAT should concentate to keep its market in SKP thorugh the daily frequency, because it is shrinking!
    The only airline from ex-yu that has the know-how for establishing airline in Macedonia is Adria and nothing more.
    Btw. MAT Airways starts flights to Verona and Copenhagen next week.

  7. Peter from Sydney21:59

    Adria isn't all that together either, just read the previous article here. To Ex Yu aviation, love the site, but I've noticed recently, especially in the 'New plans for Jat' article that you're putting your opinions through the writing. That's fine and all, I just though the articles were meant to be objective and neutral sounding, especially when the site was originally set out as a news site on ex yu aviation. Just thought I'd put it out there.

  8. Anonymous22:59

    There will be a lot of problems with pilots in JAT. They are keen on managment and not ready to accept new reality - more and ,ore work without pay raise!

  9. Arturo06:06


    Where can we get more information about MAT Airways? Say, which are the destinations they currently fly to, how frequenty are they and schedule?

  10. Anonymous05:06

    My ideal long-haul services for JAT would be:
    New York
    Cape Town


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