Sarajevo expansion plans revealed

Sarajevo Airport passenger terminal awaits expansion
Sarajevo Airport will soon be getting a 25 million Euro facelift. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main hub recently signed a multi million Euro loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The funds will be used to finance three key components: the expansion of the current passenger terminal, the expansion of the apron and the upgrade of the existing taxiway system.

As part of the project, the existing passenger terminal will be expanded by 8.000 square metres, to 17.000 square metres. This will allow each passenger to have 17 square meters at peak hours, which is consistent with European norms, the EBRD states. An additional 4 aircraft stands will be added to the expanded apron. Sarajevo Airport’s expansion is not only required to meet increasing passenger movement, but also to address the need for additional space arising from enhanced security procedures and the need for more commercial facilities. Work on the project is scheduled to begin in 2011.

Sarajevo Airport was opened in the summer of 1969 and had its first and only major expansion in time for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. It was partially reconstructed in 1996 and fully renovated by 2001. The current terminal has the capacity to handle some 800.000 passengers annually. In the first 9 months of 2010, the airport handled 448.334 passengers.


  1. Anonymous12:01

    Can you post that for us please?

  2. frequentflyer05:31

    Isn't this a waste of money when the airport isn't projected to reach its capacity for another 10+ years?

    We've all seen that horrible facility at ZAG operate at overcapacity for years without upgrade...


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