Airport helps Adria

Ljubljana writes off debt
The fight for Adria’s survival continues this week. The indebted Slovenian carrier received some good news yesterday evening when Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport said it would write off 2.4 million Euros, which Adria owes to its hub, the Slovenian News Agency reports. In return, Ljubljana Airport will receive a 47.6% stake in Adria Tehnika, the airline’s maintenance division. Adria will also receive some 7 million Euros from the state owned company PDP, which is a majority share holder in Adria. The new management of Adria Airways believes that the airline will come out of the current turbulent financial climate by April and will return to profitability.

On the other hand, media reports suggest that pilots might go on strike, unhappy with low wages. Wages for pilots and cabin crew were recently slashed by 20% on top of reductions made earlier in 2010. In an online poll conducted by the “” portal, a total of 53% believe that the Slovenian Government won’t be able to solve Adria’s financial troubles. Only 17% believe that the government will help Adria.


  1. Anonymous10:27

    So Adria has same stupid employees like JAT? They want to strike while airline is sinking and trying to cope with it? I guess they want to put a final nail into the coffin and don't wanna work there at all.

    In normal worls, they would suggest wages reduction themselves in order to try to save the place they work.

  2. Anonymous18:24

    I think that Adria should purchase 2 A340-600 and open new routes to Auckland via Los Angeles ... :-)))))))))))
    Just not to cancel tradition from all other topics with childish funny comments ...

  3. Anonymous21:51

    Don't be ridiculous, A340's won't server their need. They need an A380 to boost their image and morale.

  4. Purger22:46

    And that has to be A380-1000. I am sure that Airbus would make planes for development faster because of 200 A380-1000 that will be order by Adria! :-)))

  5. frequentflyer23:26

    Large aircraft jokes aside, this is actually a sensible move by LJU.

    They actually are the most at risk if JP goes under, so if this is a way of ensuring business/delaying problems etc, it must be advantageous. I remember reading that LJU has the highest-percentage of all EU capital city/flag carrier operations (does anyone have the source?).

    Finally, is Tehnika profitable?

    ps. having been away from the forum for the past few days, the comments have been very interesting, and (not surprisingly) overly nationalistic. There is a difference between cheering your favourite and attacking your opponent.

    pps. perhaps JU needs to buy this ex-NZ plane which is still in good condition and will help the fleet reliability.

  6. I think Adria is just another victim of Lufthansa's dominance in the region. Just look at what is going on with other Star Alliance members (SAS, bmi, Brussels, Austrian, Croatia...). At the end we are going to have only three carriers in Europe - Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways. All other airlines seem to be already defunct or on its way to demise. Sad but true.

  7. Cavapcic05:49

    This may be a stupid question, by why doesn't Slovenia just let Adria go bankrupt, and then replace it with a brand new airline that is debt-free?

  8. AirKoryoTU-20408:39


    Maybe JU could use one of these as a boost to their network, they could open their route from Portoroz to Rome with it too, makes sense doesn't it? This aircraft also has the legs for BEG-YYZ ;) also a possible sub-lease to Adria or Mat Airways for their "much needed" connections to Australia.

    Fairly decent isn't it?

  9. Purger09:08

    Swiss - owned by Lufthansa
    Austrian - owned by Lufthansa
    bmi - owned by Lufthansa
    Brussels - owned by Lufthansa
    Dolomiti - owned by Lufthansa
    Eurowings + Germanwings - owned by Lufthansa (doesn't even exist as brend)

    SAS - Lufthansa start negotiations to take it over
    Adria - dream of Lufthansa to take it over
    Spanair - dream of Lufthansa to take it over
    Blue 1 - dream of Lufthansa to take it over
    LOT - dream of Lufthansa to take it over
    Croatia - dream of Lufthansa to take it over
    Aegean - dream of Lufthansa to take it over
    TAP - dream of Lufthansa to take i over

    So, tell me what is Star Alliance? Become member and in few year you will became part of Lufthansa. They all dream of benefits from alliance... Bet recognise taht globalisation is neocolonisation!!!


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