Croatian airports in 2010

A year to remember ... Zadar Airport

Overall Croatian airports staged a respectable recovery in 2010. Most of the country’s hubs managed to see an increase in the number of handled passengers, despite a lacklustre start to the year. Airports on the Croatian coast, such as Dubrovnik and Split, had an exceptionally good year while the likes of Rijeka struggled both economically and passenger wise. Despite new low cost flights from Zagreb, Croatia Airlines’ slash in frequencies saw Zagreb post only a small increase.

In 2010, a total of 5.180.866 passengers were handled at airports across Croatia, an increase of 5.7% compared to 2009. According to analysts, 2011 is expected to be another year of growth.

The following are results Croatia’s main airports posted in 2010:

AirportPassengers 2010Passengers 2009Change (%)
Zagreb2.067.6462.056.388 0.5
Dubrovnik1.257.7701.109.934 13.3
Pula313.793302.448 3.7
Split1.187.9211.080.121 9.4
Zadar254.802195.163 30.5
Osijek20.82420.503 1.5
Rijeka61.478110.208 44.2

All fugures have been provided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.


  1. Anonymous12:02

    What about Losinj and Brac? Any numbers available?

  2. Anonymous17:46

    Losinj doesn't have any scehduled or charter flights so I don't think they would be any numbers for it. As for Brac(Bol) I find very strange that airport of such potential is always missed out and so not used as it should be. BTW, great results, especially ZAD, well done, hope RJK will finally recover this summer

  3. Anonymous19:50

    LSZ had charter flights in 2010, from INN.

  4. Jimmy Wang20:11

    I do wish a bright comeback to Rijeka Airport with boosted passengers figures this year.
    Welcome Germanwings, Ryanair, Norwegian and other LCC.

  5. Anonymous21:24

    Zadar had a great year in 2010, but apart from new OU flights to MUC and ZRH in 2011 not alot is happening. FR seem to have dropped from 11 to 7 routes.
    When an airport gets into bed with FR it is never great.
    Who will use the enlarged terminal this year in ZAD?

  6. additionaly ...
    Brač 11613 pax / cca -10%
    Lošinj 5019 pax / cca -50%

  7. Anonymous01:34

    Man i wish the Local athorities could do more about Losinj and Brac aiport. They have great potential....

  8. Jeebusman05:58

    Good signs for Croatian airports. Hopefully they can continue with the rise.


    Do you have any info about Serbian airports and how they are doing? Like Belgrade, Nis, Pristina, etc.

  9. frequentflyer12:45

    I'd love to know how Zagreb Airport gets a different figure to the Bureau of Statistics!

    ZAG: 2,071,561
    BoS: 2,067,646

    Have ZAG been counting people twice? Was the 2 millionth pax for 2010 *really* the 2m?

  10. Jimmy Wang14:50

    Also the official website of Dubrovnik Airport shows the passengers statistics of 1270062 concerning last year.

  11. Anonymous10:53

    EX-YU lists two different passenger figures for Zadar airport. 252 or 272K? I believe the latter to be correct. ZAD airport is still negotiating with Ryanair on additional connections to be announced hopefully before the start of the summer. It should be noted too, that frequency of ZAD to London RA flights increased to 5weekly. I fully agree that reliance of the airport on Ryanair (thoough other LCC fly there too)is questioable due to RA fickle nature. Increased subsidy approved only a couple of days ago may help, but for how long? Welcome is the return of CA international flights to Zadar, but the choice of the international hub airports (Munich and Zurich) is questionable especially since Lufthansa already successfully operates Munich to Zadar. Better choice would have been the return of Paris CDG and Amsterdam flights that ran successfully only a few years ago.


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