Dubrovnik - Belgrade gets approval

Soon in Belgrade
The Serbian Aviation Directorate has granted Croatia Airlines rights to commence services from Dubrovnik to Belgrade this summer. Flights from Dubrovnik will operate twice per week, every Monday and Wednesday from June 20 to September 7 on a seasonal summer basis. As a result, flights between the two cities will resume after 19 years. The new flights are certain to affect Dubrovnik Airline’s plans to initiate flights between its hub and Belgrade, which were scheduled for this summer. A meeting between Jat Airways and Croatia Airlines CEOs are set to take place today. It is believed that the Serbian carrier will be granted a license to operate flights from Belgrade to Pula.

Meanwhile, Italian newcomer, Eagles Airlines, has been granted righta to operate flights from Forli to Belgrade this summer. The service is set to operate twice per week with a Fokker F100 jet. Forli is situated near Bologna.

Flight details for all the above mentioned services can soon be found in the new route launches section.


  1. Purger10:02

    OK jat will fly BEG-DBV and BEG-PUY. Here are 2 questions:

    1. Why Serbia dosn't wont to allowed Croatia Airlines to fly on line ZAG-BEG which CTN try to start last year? Is this fair that Jat can fly and Croatia can not.

    2. What about debts which Jat have to Dubrovnik airport? I am not talking about equipment that was taken from airport but amount of money that they did not pay for hendling, lending, fuell etc.

  2. Croatia Airlines is operating the route, not Jat.

  3. Dreamliner10:31

    @ Pruger

    Mate, I can see you are already prepared to give answers to all arguments : )

    @ Ex-Yu Aviation

    Guys , maybe is better if you open forum together with the blog , there are heaps discussions to be discussed ? Are you planning ?

  4. Purger11:01

    Ops, sorry. That is surprise. All the time there was talking about Jat to fly on that route...

    By tha way Croatia gets CAT 1 of FAA, and can have direct flights to USA. That information I had some 40 days ago in Croatia airlines meetings but now it is offitial. Tomorow there will be press-conference on that.

  5. Anonymous11:36


  6. Jeebusman12:56


    I have heard nothing about Croatia getting CAT I. Please direct me to a non-Balkan source which says this as I would like to find out more.

    Great news for both Dubrovnik and Belgrade. Although Croatia Airlines will have some rough competition from Dubrovnik Airline. In regards to Zagreb-Begrade flights, I think that Jat and Croatia will split them. But finally, it took some years before these guys figured it out.

    Off topic: It has been confirmed by Bloomberg...Toronto-Belgrade also begins this summer!!!! Ex-Yu Aviation, it appears that Ryan International is launching flights Chicago-Belgrade and Toronto-Belgrade not Eurostar. Just to let you know.


  7. Anonymous13:07


    Cool! Although it would make sense for Ryan International to stop at NYC when flying from Chicago and Toronto. That would cover majority of the Serbian diaspora (in addition to the other Balkan/Ex-Yu diaspora too). Smart move by Ryan

    Belgrade is slowly getting back on its feet. These new connections to Croatia will surely help in addition to airBaltic resuming flights, new flights to Italy, and these long-haul flights. Great news for Belgrade.

  8. Someone posted on wiki.com that flights from/to Toronto are set to commence from 3 June and will be operated via Shannon. Is that true? ORD-BEG are set to commence 3 June too (God knows if this is correct).

    Plus Nesma Airlines HGN-BEG?! Ever herad of them? :)

    So, BEG-DBV would be my first route to try this summer :)

    BTW-whats happening with ZAG-BEG flights?

  9. Anonymous13:54

    Ah I am totally happy about this news!! Finally there is going to be a decent link to Croatia from Belgrade!
    I guess that Croatian realized that their chances of succeding in Belgrade by depending on transit passengers is a suicide mission. It was much wiser of them to try to get a share of the tourist market between Belgrade and Dubrovnik.
    At this point I think that both Dubrovnik A and Croatian will succede simply because by having these 4-5 flight the market is still underserved.

    I think that Вечерње Новости published those dates.
    Technically Belgrade will have four times a week intercontinental flights?

    Can someone please tell me how can we buy tickets on Ryan to the US?
    Also does anyone know when the sale for Belgrade-Dubrovnik will begin?


  10. http://www.novosti.rs/vesti/turizam.90.html:316588-Direktni-letovi-do-Amerike

    It says that there will be one weekly service on each ORG and YYZ service.
    ORD-BEG, BEG-YYZ, YYZ-BEG, BEG-ORD with 767 ac.

  11. Anonymous14:45

    From what I have heard of, ORD and YTO flights will be operated on one weekley flight basis from each city with the following rotation: ORD BEG than BEG YTO BEG and finally BEG ORD. Airplane engaged would be B757 with a technical stopover in Ireland to refuel. So, Belgrade will see 2 intercontinental flights per week, most probably on Tuesdeays and Wednesdays

    Speaking of BEG ZAG route, such air link wouldn't make sense without at least two daily flights one in the morning and the other in the evening, to enable business passengers to return the same day. With no transit passengers on the route, such connection could be convenient to biz passengers only and with some competitive fares to ensure higher clf and to motivate travellers to switch to air instead to drive or to ride on a bus or train.

  12. Congiuntivo14:58

    Hopefully DBV-BEG + BEG-PUY won't be the only good news we receive after the meeting that is taking place today. I was hoping for at least ZAG-BEG on a regular basis so that I can make a nice connection from SPU, since it seems there's no way they'll ever introduce that flight again. Short connection in ZAG is much better than 12 hours on a night bus from ST to BG. We shall see! Something's changing, finally! Greets from Chile!

  13. Yeap, CTN and JAT could do the codeshare on BEG-ZAG route, just like Adria and JAT did on BEG-LJU route. Early morning and afternoon flight on weekdays, morning flight on Saturdays and afternoon flight on Sundays.

    757 on USA routes? Damn it! Theres no difference if both ORD and YYZ will see stop at Shannon, instead of ie LH transit point at FRA or MUC with change of planes of course. :)
    767 would work as a charm :D

  14. Purger15:34

    @ Jebusman:
    Tomorow is press conference of American ambasador, Croatia Airlines and members of Croatian Gouvernment.

    @ Anonymous
    "I guess that Croatian realized that their chances of succeding in Belgrade by depending on transit passengers is a suicide mission"

    Noone in CTN think that transit passangers would be on that route. It is point-to-point rout exempt conections to ZAD, PUY, SPU and DBV.

    And I aposlutly agree that this line must have at least 2 flights per day on working day nad one on weekends. If not it is wast of money and potential.

  15. i think Ryan will use 767 on the route

  16. JATBEGMEL16:17

    I think Ryan International will fly the flight on behalf of JAT, and that the flight will have a Jat Airways code on them. Im guessing B763ER from ORD. Their B767's are just about as old as JAT's B733's :S I doubt the B757 will be on the YYZ-BEG route, but then again we did have it before with 5G.

    @ JU500

    wiki isnt very reliable...unless its wikieaks :D ;-)

  17. All Serbian news agencies are reporting that each ORD and YYZ-BEG will be operated once a week with Ryan Intl Airlines' 767-300 ac. Then, logical question - why a tech stop in Shannon!?

  18. Purger16:29

    It is not possible that Ryan will fly the flight on behalf of JAT, because you don't have CAT 1.

    That can be only charter and not regular line!

  19. Anonymous17:20

    By the way, what about the cargo on the route?
    Is there any?

  20. I think that the best days to operate these flights would be:
    Thursdays ORD departure - Fridays BEG arrival
    Fridays BEG deprature - Fridays YYZ arrival
    Fridays YYZ deprature - Saturdays BEG arrival
    Saturdays BEG deprature - Saturdays ORD arrival

    These are charter routes... I dont think that anyone would depend on them regarding cargo transportation :)

  21. Exactly as I've been saying for longer period of time.
    2 weekly frequencies for OU on BEG-DBV, for 3 summer months, on Q400, probably 3 weekly freq.for JU on BEG-PUY, on ATR, probably no competition possible for other carriers on these, and other hr-srb routes.
    Simultaneously, 2 weekly charters during summer from both BEG and ZAG to NorthAmerica, on 757/767, with no possibility for ex-yu carriers to operate. Maybie some people here think it's wow, but it's far far far far from what it could and should be, and what we once had

  22. Anonymous18:01

    I just wanted to write the same as pozdrav iz Rijeke. It is not a huge wow wow, these are charter seasonal flights, Ryan International is a charter air company and has not got any regular flights, I think that they even don't have a rights to operate regular flights. Beside that Ryan International is a 3rd class american airline without any importance on American market, their 10 Boeings or how much they have means for american market absolutely nothing ...

    In other news about DBV-BEG flights I think that if Croatia Airlines starts on this route Dubrovnik Airline will give up their start on the same route. I don't think the will go in competition.

  23. Anonymous18:23

    I do not think Dubrovnik Airline will abandon their plans for Belgrade. They were the pineers on the route and I am sure they are not going to give up that easy!

    By the way, will the Belgrade-Dubrovnik route have an impact on the Belgrade-Tivat?

  24. Jimmy Wang18:29

    We just need some signs of goodwill from CTN and JAT.
    Little steps forward make things going more and more normalized.
    That's better for everyone.

  25. Anonymous18:44

    Two weekly frequenices of OU on DBV BEG route and even if DBK don't give up, and we see two more weekly frequencies on the same route, can hardly have any impact on the route BEG TIV BEG where 6 to 8 daily rotations exist during summer months. It would have some impact in case of at least one daily flight on BEG DBV with good bus connections from DBV apt to Herceg Novi. Otherwise both OU and DBK with thier published schedule could count on Serbian tourists travelling to Dubrovnik riviera only.

  26. Jeebusman18:53

    I don't really care if Ryan Int'l operates the flights as long as someone does. And I'm not sure that the flights can have JAT's code on them as JAT is not CAT I. But again, I'm not sure, it's a possibility.

    The smartest thing that Ryan Int'l could do is stop at New York before going to BGD. Those flights would be packed. I imagine that tickets would be very hard to get if that happened. Why Shannon? And I too don't trust wikipedia, so I am going to hold off on that until there is a confirmation about that stopover. But NYC should be THE stopover for these flights. Toronto-NYC-BGD and Chicago-NYC-BGD. It couldn't be better.

    In regards to Zagreb-NYC, there is still no info as to which carrier will operate flights if there are flights at all. Someone mentioned that the Croatian Gov, Croatia Airlines, and the US ambassador are scheduled to meet, but still I haven't heard anything.

  27. Anonymous19:41

    Guys the flights to Dubrovnik will be seasonal summer flights meaning that tour operators will buy out seats on OU aircraft and will sell them to Serbs wishing to spend their holiday on the Croatian coast. That’s why the service is only twice per week and that is why it won’t affect Tivat. I doubt seats will actually go on sale directly through the airline.

  28. @ the last Anonymous

    JU and OU will definitely operate regular, or scheduled, hr-srb seasonal flights, for which buying single seat directly from the carrier, is possible.

    What you are talking about is charter flight. DBK (JU, or Genex, too) could have some such flights, bought and sold by tourist agencies only, as a part of the "package", or just airfare.

    But with scheduled flights going on, and knowing prices of accomodation, and prices generally in DBV, I doubt there would be such flights at all!

  29. Anonymous20:27

    ^ Yes they will operate scheduled charter flights like JU did to PUY in 2008. They operated flights twice a week and all tickets were sold through tour operators. This DBV 2 weekly frequency seems rather similar. This is good. Who on earth is going to fly from BEG to DV in December, January, February...

  30. Purger21:51

    @ Jebusman:
    Cat 2 means that national operator can not fly to USA, or have code-share on other company flight. So, Jat can not have code-share on Ryan flight to BEG!

    Press conference is tomorow. That is why you did not get eny information jet.

  31. Anonymous21:58

    Finally! For those of us routinely traveling from Belgrade to Herceg Novi, this is great news! No more JAT/Montenegro Airlines duopoly to Tivat at outrageous prices (100 euros for a 30-minute one way flight). I will plan to purchase my tickets on Croatia Airlines months ahead of time in order to get the promotional fare and I am counting on the BEG-DBV-BEG round trip ticket costing no more than 100 euros for early birds like myself. Bye, bye, JAT & Montenegro ripoff artists, hello Croatia Airlines!

  32. Anonymous21:59

    Could someone please explain why this belgrade-chicago flight is charter if one will be able to buy tickets directly, and you get to point A to point B? Why is that different from a regular flight? Or that is not going to be a case?

  33. Anonymous22:51

    Charter flight in this case means that it is not a route operated by the airline whose plane is flying on the route. Ryan International will not sell the tickets on this route, it will be some agency who can have on-line sales and it has nothing in common with the regular flight of airline... The charter flights can not have trasfer passangers it means that you could buy two single tickets for example LAX-ORD with United and ORD-BEG with Ryan, but you can not buy LAX-ORD-BEG and you will need to check in twice in LAX and in ORD again, to pick your lugage in ORD and put it again back for the flight ORD-BEG. Also it is not possible for Jat to have its code or do a connection on these charter flights to or from Belgrade. Even the CAT would be 1 or 2 code-share is not possible because it is a charter flight. Ryan is simply the airline with the AOC only for charter flights and when you are not allowed for example with driving licence to drive a bus you can only drive a car, not a bus, it is the same charter flight and regular flight the same as bus and car in driving licences ...

  34. Jeebusman03:54

    I still do not understand as to why isn't there a stopover at New York, but in Shannon. Wouldn't the planes be filled up more @ JFK than Shannon?


    Ok, the conference is tomorrow, makes sense...although I can't understand why they waited this long to even announce the carrier. And I said that JAT cannot have code-share flights to and from USA/Canada because it is not Cat I. Look more closely and you will see that ;). And I just realized that you had your facts wrong...Serbia did not deny Croatia Airlines anything. This came after Croatian Aviation Authority denied JAT the rights to fly to Pula again. Politics as usual...at least they now got their brains. And I'm not sure as to how much JAT owes Dubrovnik Airport. If I am not mistaken, a European legal body ruled that JAT does not owe anything to Croatian airports and vice-versa due to that all being part of one country at some point.

  35. Anonymous07:51

    Well Jat's flight to Pula was sold through travel agencies but one could also buy a return flight on them... I do not remember the price but it wasn't dirt cheap. I think 150-180 euros, not sure to be honnest.

    I think the biggest hero here is Dubrovnik Airline as they have been the catalyst in the whole renewal of flgihts between the two countries. Cudos to them!

    Are the parking spots going to be ready before the summer season? As if they will be then I am sure that the fares are going to be even cheaper.


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