Jat bumps Porotorož

No flights to Portorož but Jat gains Belgrade – Sarajevo monopoly
Jat Airways has once again delayed its flights from Portorož to Rome, which were supposed to be launched today. The 2 weekly service was originally planned to be inaugurated in November 2010 but the airline has been regularly delaying the service each week. Although the flights are now set to commence on January 16, they are unlikely to operate. There has been no passenger interest for the service and little marketing. A return Jat Airways ticket from Portorož to Rome will set passengers back just under 150 Euros (all taxes included). Jat employees have called on the management to cancel the route which it says is financially unviable.

Meanwhile, Jat has received some good news. In 2011, the airline will no longer have competition on the Belgrade – Sarajevo route. B&H Airlines, which commenced 6 weekly flights to the Serbian capital last year, will be terminating the service from March 25. The news comes after B&H announced that it will also terminate flights from Banja Luka to Frankfurt in March.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    I always thought that Air B&H did well on the route?
    Maybe they need the plane elsewhere??

    I always found it strange that Jat never put its own code on the flight...
    I think this is bad for Jat as without double daily flight to Sarajevo they can't compete with the rest.

  2. Anonymous10:37

    I also thought B&H Airlines has relatively ok cabin load to BEG and the prices are around 150 EUR.
    I also could not find this info at B&H media. Can you please advise about the source of this info? Thx in advance

  3. b - 73718:16

    That was quite expected, because in Jat management there are no strategic thinking.

  4. Jimmy Wang23:18

    What kind of Management has been working for JAT?
    What's JAT strategic plan? Do they make any marketing research? Feasibilty of new flights? They announce and cancel new flights.
    God's sake! What a confusion!
    A now? what about the Airbus 319 or B 737-700 into the JAT fleet?

  5. Anonymous08:02

    Just been confirmed - No new planes fro JAT until spring 2012.


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