New Zadar flights for Croatia Airlines

From Zadar to Zurich and Munich
Croatia Airlines is extending its offer of seasonal flights for the upcoming 2011 summer season. Following announcements that it will begin flights from Split to Hamburg, Rijeka to London, Zagreb and Dubrovnik to Athens and Dubrovnik to Venice and Belgrade, the airline will also inaugurate services from Zadar to Zurich and Munich. Services to both cities will operate twice per week. Flights to Zurich will commence on June 3, with the following rotation: Dubrovnik – Zurich – Zadar – Zurich – Dubrovnik. A Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 will serve the flights. The same aircraft will be deployed on the Zadar – Munich service, which commences on May 3. The new flights mark Croatia Airlines’ return to Zadar with international flights. The Croatian national carrier was criticised last year for suspending many international flights from various airports in Croatia other than Zagreb.

Meanwhile, work on Zadar Airport’s terminal expansion is ongoing and the building is expected to be ready by the start of the 2011 summer season, at the end of March. Zadar was the star performer amongst Croatian airports in 2010, thanks mostly to the presence of low cost airline Ryanair. The airport handled 272.675 passengers, up by 26.3% on 2009, marking its fourth year of consecutive growth.

Details for the new flights from Zadar can be found on the right hand side, in the new route launches section.

Yesterday, the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) granted Croatia a category 1 rating, allowing airlines from Croatia to operate flights to the country. The FAA stated that Croatia has fulfilled all security requirements. This in turn allows Croatia Airlines to code share with United Airlines on flights to Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago from several European destinations to which Croatia Airlines operates to.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    This is very good news, but Ryanair only have 7 routes on sale this year compared to 11 to Zadar last.

  2. frequentflyer09:32

    This is what OU needs to be doing, and even more can still be announced before the Summer TT is launched in mid-March. So connecting ZAD with more *A hubs and OU operating the service proves the airline can hold its own.

    Not sure if it has been announced on here, but OU is increasing its CPH flights to *daily* in the coming months by filling in the gaps with Q400 flights. These planes provide an almost-jet service (in terms of speed) on the long thin routes that would clearly be too big for a 319.

    The purchasing of the Q400 fleet has proved its weight in gold! Yet they still need another 1-2 to truly expand regionally (assuming there isn't much slack left in the scheduling): MXP, BEG and WAW should be on the list.

    As for the CAT 1 announcement, it's a step in the right direction, but can't be seen as be all and end all.

  3. Aero10:01

    Looks like very good utilisation of the fleet. Congratulations!
    That is something that I suggested many times here for JU and INI.
    I know JU is having problem with its fleet, but it is amazing how they cannot even try to boost INI traffic.

  4. Q400s are ideal for OU to test untapped markets as well. A319/320 are just too big for its size and the network they serve. I see their potential use only during the sumemr months and to high density destinations served out of ZAG such as FRA, LHR and CDG. Would be nice to have OU start SVO, IST and potentially DBX.

  5. Jeebusman15:14

    Just one correction Ex-Yu Aviation: Croatia Airlines does not operate flights to LA, Chicago, San Fran, Washington, etc.

    And we still do not know who the carrier for the NYC flights is...

  6. Jeez Jeebus :)

    read it once again. It doesn't say that Croatia Airlines operates flights to ORD, LAX, SFO, etc. It was referring to the European hubs they operate to, from which the North American flights originate

    "from several European destinations to which Croatia Airlines operates to"

  7. Anonymous16:03

    ....wasn't there a press conference scheduled to take place today?

  8. Anonymous17:02

    I have a question: Why is level one required to code share when Croatian airlines is not actually doing the flying or using their planes?

    Or is the more significant news that US airlines are now allowed by the FAA to fly directly to Croatia?

    Can someone help inform me and relieve me of my ignorance?

  9. Anonymous19:37

    How about OU service ZAD-VIE? Sky Europe operated the route before going bust and it is also a *A hub.
    A link to FRA would also open up a vast *A hub.

  10. Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways have agreed on co-operation, for the begining flights Belgrade - Adriatic Coast from early summer, but flights between two capitals will begin from winter timetable ...

  11. ^ Details will be published on the blog on Monday

  12. Purger00:00

    From this year Croatia Airlines have new metode of working on seasonal flights from Adritic. They aks airports and local tourist asociations to paricipate in cost of those seasonal flights. For that metode they even have team which try to influance local tourist asociations. They wont to make same sistem that Ryanair and others do for ages here. Result: Dubrovnik-Venice, Dubrovnik-Athens, Split-Hamburg, Zadar-Zurich, Zadar-Munich, Rijeka-London, Pula-Amsterdam.


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