Portorož sues Jat

Portorož Airport
The Portorož Tourism Board has said it will take legal action against the Serbian carrier, Jat Airways, for failing to commence planed flights from Portorož to Belgrade and Rome. The service, which was meant to commence on December 9, has now been delayed until February 20. Jat Airways says it does not fear a lawsuit, saying that a total of only 14 tickets have been booked for all of the planed flights, thus making it financially unviable to operate the service. “We have no intention of allowing our aircraft to fly empty”, a Jat statement reads.

The Portorož Tourism Board says that Jat, at first, claimed it had technical problems resulting in the delay of the service launch and only later said there was no interest. “On January 20 at least 30 passengers are scheduled to travel on Jat’s flight from Rome to Portorož”, the Board says. The passengers are part of a group of gamblers planning to visit the Portorož Casino as well as casinos in Croatia.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Yeah that is January 20, what about all the other flights after that?

  2. AirKoryoTU-20410:12

    If they are so worried about this air route, why don't they presure Adria into operating the route? I don't think the airport has any grounds on which to take JAT to court.

  3. Anonymous10:46

    Based on the agreement with JAT they already invested more then 200.000 EUR in the route promotion. Some of the money went to JAT directly.

  4. Anonymous11:01

    Yes, apparently we can see what kind of good promotion they did, 15 passengers so far! Kudos to them

  5. Peter from Sydney11:06

    Business in the Balkans! Come on, ofcourse this wasn't going to work. Who starts a new route without doing proper market research? It was nothing more then an excuse to siphon money out of Jat, the tourist board, the respective airports. Absolutely disgusting!

  6. Anonymous11:50

    JAT signed the agreement so they should stick with it or be prepared to a legal actions. Nobody forced them to signed it.

  7. Anonymous11:55

    Of course that is business:
    - you sighn contract, and before that your experts have to make judgement about it
    - but whan you sigh it you have obligation
    - if your experts did god job you make profit, if not you loose money
    - in bouth ways you have to finish your obligation
    - if not you go to court and pay compensation from contract or by court decision if contract did not defined compensation

    Contract obligation is contract obligation! Any other way is not business but balkan way!

  8. Anonymous00:11

    Peter from Sydney, I agree 100%!

    So many potential rutes with good passenger numbers but who cares if JAT employees can't get some money for their private shops, resaurants and stuff?!?

    Close JAT, get something new with foreign management with no connections to serbian "businessmen" and politicans and there will be a good airline.


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