Skopje’s new terminal ready by October

PM tours around Skopje’s new terminal
On time and on budget, Skopje Alexander the Great Airport’s brand new terminal is set to open in time for the 2011/2012 winter season, in October. Macedonia’s Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, visited ongoing work on the construction of the multi million Euro terminal. Besides the new terminal, Skopje’s runway is also being extended, which will allow larger aircraft to land, while a new administrative building, a cargo storage building, new access roads, new parking for 250 vehicles and 100 taxis and a new fire department building are all under construction or have already been constructed.

“We are building a terminal ten times greater than the current one”, Gruevski said. The Prime Minister noted that some facilities will be ready by June. A total of 120 million Euros will be invested into both Skopje and Ohrid airports while additional funds will be set aside for a cargo airport in Štip, in the country’s East. By extending the current runway at Skopje, Gruevski believes that the airport will be able to handle long haul flights. Skopje is expected to see a big increase in passenger numbers this year, according to the airport’s management, on top of the impressive results recorded in 2010. Reconstruction of Ohrid’s terminal and is expected to be completed by April this year. Macedonia’s two airports are run by the Turkish company TAV.


  1. Anonymous13:08

    "Skopje is expected to see a big increase in passenger numbers this year, according to the airport’s management."


  2. dont believe the hype ;)

  3. well i think increase there will be for sure ,
    let's take some numbers, if 2009 were nearly 700 000 pax's, then 2010 increase is about 15 % which is nearly 800 000 pax's.
    then we wait 2011 another 15% increase and finally 1 000 000 pax's after the Kosovo war in 2001 :)
    good luck i can wait to see news in aviation this year in Macedonia, i would like to take some cheap flights asap !


  4. Anonymous21:18

    “We are building a terminal ten times greater than the current one”, Gruevski said.

    FTW.... he doesn't build anything , what a bulshit.

  5. increase in passangers is somewhat realistic(the existing flights are rarely full).I dont really expect many new routes.

    @last anonymous yes,this guy is so annoying.

  6. Anonymous06:00

    Yes I have a suggestion for SKP airport new terminal will be a nice addition , but what are they gonna do with those customs agents that treat people like crap families traveling through SKP should avoid this airport at all cost,
    Very corrupt still have the old communism mentality how should I put it there is not a smile or a gesture welcome to Macedonia,just give money, that is the fun one should expect arriving there,and departing there is no fun either at the ticket check in lady does not understand what date is printed on connecting flight so I try to assist her she says that I have to speak Macedonian to her because this is Macedonia. Who knows maybe this Turkish company
    Will correct these problems and travelers will return. To SKP

  7. What's the point of a new airport, when you have no airline based there? I suppose it may attract other carrier but in all seriousness to what extent? I don't think JAT, Croatia, Montenegro or Adria will increase services and they funnel most passengers out of SKP via their respective hubs.

    We may see a low cost carrier or two?

  8. wow, so many haters here on board

  9. Anonymous14:57

    It's nice to see that Macedonia is investing in itself, but to build such a large terminal is not a good use of funds. As someone previously stated, Skopje does not even have its own airline, and it is needless to say, not a competitive location such as Belgrade or Dubrovnik. Macedonia should build infrastructure in terms of roads and highways, and not build a massive terminal at the airport, which won't really attract new airlines. Another terminal was needed, just not that much money needed to go in it.


    We are not haters, we are just assessing the situation and coming to the conclusion that the money invested here could have been used for something else that is necessary. Do you expect 3 million pax to travel through Skopje in 3 years?

  10. @last anonymous

    and again :
    "Macedonia’s two airports are run by the Turkish company TAV"
    THEY are building it, ok? THEY are investing!

    TAV is building the new airport in Doha, running IST among others, i guess they know what theyre doing

  11. Macedonian03:40

    Macedonia allready has 3 Airlines based in Skopje!

    1. Star Airlines (only Cargo)
    2. Skywings - Airlift Service
    3. MAT Airways

    Its good to build a bigger and new terminal because it will bring more flights to Macedonia.

  12. AirKoryoTU-20406:56


    Skywings suspended services and was only a charter carrier, Mat Airways is still only a Serbian charter carrier, and Star Airlines cargo don't get me started! Basket case carriers don't count friend!

    I hope the Macedonian state isn't funding this project at all, because it would be a massive waste of their limited finances.

    Why does SKP need a new terminal for? Seriously it makes little no no sense, at least update the existing one then see how things pan out!

  13. but you are really funny people all of you who says Macedonia and SKP does not need new modern terminal.!
    It deff does need need new terminal i flew from SKP few times and it is extremely impossible to take fresh air there as it is overcrowded!
    and understand one simple thing when someone build new terminal old over 60 years that will be along term investment!and it must be everything new!
    100 million EUR for a normal new modern terminal is not tom much money!


  14. AirKoryoTU-20401:00

    100 million Euro is alot for the Macedonian Government, that is why TAV has taken on the job ;) For a small nation and a small city the current terminal is sufficient, a major upgrade of the existing terminal worth maybe 50 Million Euro at the most!


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