Adria surpasses Jat

Adria carries more passengers than Jat in 2010
In 2010, Slovenia’s Adria Airways surpassed Jat for the first time in several years to claim second place as the EX-YU national airline with the most carried passengers, behind Croatia Airlines. In 2010, Jat saw a 1% passenger increase on 2009, carrying 1.065.767 passengers. Jat’s cabin load factor stood at 61% up by 4% compared to 2009. While Jat saw passenger numbers on flights to and from Montenegro increase by 40.000 and recorded an increase in the number of passengers on Euro Mediterranean services, the Serbian carrier marked a significant decrease in the number of charter passengers, from 124.693 in 2009 to 73.655 in 2010.

On the other hand, Adria Airways handled 1.170.235 passengers, which is 104.468 more than Jat. Its average cabin load factor stood at 65%. However, if only scheduled traffic was to be taken into account Jat would have come on top ahead of Adria. Despite Croatia Airlines seeing a decrease in passenger numbers in 2010, it is still ahead of its EX-YU counterparts, carrying well over 1.5 million passengers in 2010.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX12:35

    that s an easy reason for and I mentioned actually this point several times, latest just two days ago.
    The economy of Slovenia is much more developed than the Serbian and it seems that besides Serbia having much more ethnic population living in foreign places, the factor that Slovenia has more economical relations and people more buying power thru it, it is the key factor that they move more passengers.
    Other factors are for sure that BEG has more competition than LJU and JP/LJU is better structured with departure waves such as early morning departures to most important european cities, evening departures and in between the domestic ex YU traffic which feeders the european flights.
    Still Serbia has a population of 8 mio, Slovenia 2 and it is interesting to see how much Serbia/JU still lags behind their possible potential.

    The same is valid for the much discussed long haul ops for BEG. As long the economy in Serbia is not stronger and Serbians in Serbia have not more buying power, it makes no sense to run year round transcontintental flights.
    The ethnic traffic should not be underestimated but also not overestimated.
    Less and Less people living in Australia, USA, Canada are having close ties to the ex YU Region, for sure not that they come each year or more to visit their homes. And what is home. ex Yu citizens living for 3-4 decades or more abroad, have less and less ties to ex YU. So main factor for passenger growth is

    1. Economy incl buying power of citizens
    2. foreign tourists
    3. ehtnic traffic

  2. Jeebusman13:19

    Wow I am very surprised by this statistic. Congrats to Adria for taking second place. Hopefully JAT will will compete more in the future but without new planes, this seems unlikely.


    In regards to the buying power, more and more people in Serbia are working for private companies that ensure them a paycheck. There are less people looking for jobs that are owned by the gov. With the amount of expected fdi, there will be more jobs in the private sector to be offered next year. Besides, Serbs claim they don't have enough to eat, and then they go to Tunisia on vacation or buy some nice cars (at least a lot of them do).

    Foreign tourism is also expected to take a drastic increase as Americans are beginning to learn about EXIT and Guca. Belgrade is slowly becoming more well-known for its parties, and this will surely attract more tourists.

    As far as ethnic Serbs in the world. at least 90% of them would return and live in Serbia if they had an offer that was good enough to live comfortably. And majority of them speak Serbian, and go to Serbia 1-2 times per year. Serbs in the world are really well connected to Serbia for the most part. The only place where it might not be so is in USA, where people identify themselves as Americans of Serbian origin. But again most people act in the manner I mentioned above.

  3. Anonymous13:31

    It's about charters.

  4. @ Jeebusman

    You are totally out of touch with reality like many other Diaspora members who come visit their home country more like once every five years and not once or twice a year as you are saying. Of course you think it's all about partying and festivities. When you come visit your country, you are on your well-deserved vacation, with your family and friends, sipping Rakija and laying at the beach thinking "Oh how wonderful this country is". I don't blame you. Most of us tend to be overwhelmed by nostalgia and those old good memories when back in our home country, but being on vacation and living there is not the same thing. If we (when I say we, I mean the entire EX YU) were that good and wonderful as you are saying, we wouldn't be on the tail of countries in Europe. Actually, even many countries in Africa are better off than us. Once we used to make fun of Romania and Bulgaria but look how much they have achieved compared to us. Instead, we are still obsessed with nationalism, glorifying and making heroes of war criminals, hosting all sorts of religious fanatics and radicals, allowing attacks on gays and anyone who thinks different, jobs are awarded based on political orientation and not on people's talent or skills and bribery is the only way to get something done. JAT is a good example of what we used to be once and where we are now. Compared to other countries in Europe we have lost all the significance we used to have and until we take things into our own hands and not waiting for foreigners to clean up our crap, there will be no good for us.

  5. Jeebusman15:40


    First of all, don't you dare insult me. I am trying so hard to portray Serbia in the best possible way that I could. I am doing all that I can for that country, and I do not deserve this kind of shit from you.

    And I have asked Serb organizations from Cleveland, Toronto, Chicago, Miami, and New York about how often Serbs travel back. The amount is what I told you. Together, they average a little over 90% of diaspora going back YEARLY. That means at least once a year. The average stay is 2 weeks.

    And believe me, I have asked every Serbian I could if they were willing to go back. With the exception of two, each and every one (I asked about 65 people) said they would return immediately if they had a decent job offer. My own mother is one of the top molecular scientists there is. She offered to teach at Belgrade University for 1/10 of her current salary. They simply refused to even look at the offer. So the diaspora is not at fault here.

    And yes, many do enjoy the best of Serbia, but they know very well what goes on there. They choose not to acknowledge that on vacation. I do not have a problem with that. And so what if some are ignorant and only sip rakija and party. that is still spending and giving money to Serbia is it not?

    Like you said, the society in Serbia needs to change as well as the government. I'm sure things will be better once things change. The question is when, and who has the guts to change it?

    As for me, I volunteer as much as I can in Serbia, and even got internships @ RTS, OSCE, and some NGOs. I too sip rakija and party, but I stay there for at least 1 month per year because I want to help. There aren't many like me, but there are more and more every year.

    And I have asked random people in Serbia what they think about their country and they each responded that it is hard to live there, but it CANNOT BE WORSE. At least that means that it can only get better.

    It would also help to try to look at positives instead of negatives. I have yet to see a more pessimistic nation personally than Serbia.

  6. One totally OT question:
    Does anyone know all the airport announcements?
    i.e. - British Airways announces the departure of flight 115 to New York. Please procede to gate 34. etc :)
    I really need the answer asap.
    Svaka pomoc je dobrodosla :)
    Tnx in advance.

  7. anyone know the real reason why Jat cancell all flights to LJU?

  8. Anonymous21:50

    You have to wake up! Because this dream of yours takes too long. It is not healthy.

    I remember that they poisoned us in Croatia with same stupid nonsens:
    - we are the best, just when we finish the war we will be Switzerland
    - diaspora, there is more than 4 million of us abroad, just when we finish the war they will all come back with so mach money that we will borrow it to Switzerland

    15 year later we wake up. And start to work on our own. And results are here.

  9. frequentflyer00:15

    Getting back on topic, this is a reminder that scheduled flights are not always *the* cash cow to keep airlines afloat. Their charter work, and offering to operate LHs PRN flights to 'test the water' demonstrates the maturity and nous in the field.

    @ Jeebusman

    When the diaspora finds themselves in their new country, and living a higher standard lifestyle than previously, they forget the problems they left at home and assume the levels of service/standard etc should match where they are.

    You are completely right about the lack of jobs as an incentive for people to move back! But not all people choose to move just because of a higher salary - family, opportunity, love, promotion, fear of the unknown are all other reasons why people choose to stay.

  10. Anonymous00:59

    Does anyone know who Batagon Airlines is?

    1. Anonymous11:07

      Owner is Radenko Matic, father of Dalibor Matic, bussinesman from Bosnia in CH - ex boyfrend of folk diva Ana Nikolic.

  11. Doot02:55

    2 things are as funny as they are sad:

    1) How utterly clueless most "Serbs" who live in other countries are about Serbia

    2) How tightly they get their panties in a knot when a Serbian who actually lives in Serbia tries to correct some of their misconceptions.

    in short, lol@Jeebusman

  12. Anonymous17:00

    Since the beginnign of this week Adria is sole operator on BEG-LJU route. Will be interesting to see if LF will be any better now.

    Though I would rather see Jat to fly on this route with economicaly better plane ATR once per day as like previously said, LJU is not connecting airport for folks in Serbia, Adria flys to less destination than Jat, viable for the Serbs.
    So this is more for traffic between Slo and Serbia but still twice per day is too much with planes 50+ seats.

    Brgds from Slo

  13. JU520 BEGLAX17:48


    the ex Yu Diaspora in Switzerland:
    a good part still travels to ex YU, mainly the parents who once lived in ex YU. The Secondos (means kids of those parents) are going less and less to the ex YU region as they have visited the region many times during childhood. Instead they prefer today travelling to the US, South America, Asia or other places on the mediterranean sea. I know Serbs they have completely broken with Serbia because of the happenings in the 90s and they don t travel anymore downthere.
    Another interesting point is Kosovo: Travelling to Kosovo during Holiday Season is getting so expensive (they charge them up to 900-1000 CHF per person) that many Kosovars prefer to travel to other places as they just can t afford pay for 4-5 persons so high ticket prizes...

    So for sure there is people who are still linked with home, but there is growing number who have less and less ties with ex YU....

    Never forget that too many people were deeply disappointed about the happenings in the 90s and I fully understand them if they have no desire to return anymore

  14. Anonymous00:57

    Jel neko cuo za kompaniju Batagon Airlines u Beogradu ?
    Nadovno iza nje stoji onaj Dalibor Matic, decko Ane Nikolic


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