B&H suspensions under consideration

B&H still penning 2011 summer timetable
Following an article published on Monday, in regards to B&H suspending services from Sarajevo to Vienna and Belgrade in the upcoming summer season, the airline says that these routes are still under consideration. Despite the fact that passengers can no longer book tickets for these services from March 27, Edin Hrapović, from B&H marketing, says that the airline is still formulating its summer season timetable, just over a month from its initiation. While Vienna is likely to proceed into the summer season, flights to Belgrade are still under consideration. The airline is set to continue its flights to Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Zurich and its signature route to Istanbul. Summer charters will also be operated.

Meanwhile, B&H’s hub airport, Sarajevo, reported some good news as the airport handled 563.266 passengers in 2010, up by 6.2% on 2009. The airport saw the number of flights increase by 5%. 2010 marks Sarajevo Airport’s 7th consecutive year of growth.


  1. Anonymous19:35

    asinine, but expected

  2. Anonymous08:26

    It's odd that Belgrade never was mentioned as a route with light loads.
    We never found out how they were doing on it.
    I believe it would have been wiser for Jat to sign a codeshare with B&H than with Adria. I am referring to the flight of B&H since they do codeshare on the evening one.
    Naturally in order for that to happen the managment of Jat would actually need to have some knowledge of how he aviation business works.
    I mean come on they go sign with Adria, a carrier of a tiny country where as they neglect Bosnia which is 4 times bigger!


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