Half of Jat’s fleet to be renewed

Jat reports strong growth as the never ending fleet renewal pledge continue
Vladimir Ognjenović, the acting CEO of Jat Airways, has announced that Jat plans to renew half of its fleet in 2012. Speaking at the Belgrade International Tourism Fair, the CEO said that the airline will purchase 4 Airbus A319 jets as well as the regional ATR 72-500 series to renew its regional fleet. “All of the terms for the purchase of new Airbus aircraft will be specified within the next several months by the Serbian Government”, Ognjnović said. The Serbian Government has already confirmed it will back 180 million Euros for the purchase of new aircraft. Ognjenović also said that Jat is planning to renew its regional fleet next year by introducing the newer ATR72 model which, he says, is one of the most economical aircraft in the sky.

Meanwhile, Jat is reporting strong growth in 2011. In February the airline saw a 30% passenger increase. Following a successful discount fare sale, which is said to have led to an increase in passenger numbers, another one has just been launched. The Serbian flag carrier is also expected to end code sharing on the Adria Airways Ljubljana – Belgrade – Ljubljana service from April, Ognjenović revealed.


  1. Snowboarder00:26

    well let's hope something good can happen....don't understand JAT i think it should work out and be a good profitable airline...

  2. Snowboarder00:27

    does anyone know what will happen to the other half of the fleet?

  3. ANONYMOUS13:35

    @ Snowboarder:

    There are only 2 possibilities for the other half of the fleet: sold for scrap metal, or sold to African/3rd world countries.

  4. Anonymous23:31

    Maybe the will go to Sky Srpska. ;)

  5. Anonymous02:24

    Check out the banner on this site... how ironic! lol



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