Montenegro suspends Priština and Skopje

Unpaid debt forces cancellations
Montenegro Airlines unexpectedly operated its final service to Priština and Skopje on Wednesday, after it was revealed the airline owes thousands of Euros to both. Montenegro Airlines’ aircraft was stranded in Priština for seven hours after it failed to receive necessary clearances from local authorities. Radio station Antena M has reported that Montenegro Airlines owes 500.000 Euros to Priština Airport and was allowed to depart only after it deposited 50.000 Euros into the airport’s account.

Montenegro Airlines has denied the claims, saying that the aircraft was delayed due to the late arrival of incoming connecting passengers. However, no airline was late in arriving that morning into Priština. Furthermore, the national airline of Montenegro explains that it has suspended flights to Priština and Skopje due to poor loads. Late last year the airline’s CEO, Zoran Djurišić, said that the airline was doing particularly well thanks to flights from Priština and Niš.

This winter, Montenegro Airlines operated daily flights from Podgorica to both Priština and Skopje. There are currently no plans for the flights to resume in the summer.


  1. Anonymous10:04

    No wonder, YM is late with payments at other airports too. I know from colleagues in ZRH and FRA.
    The government does not reveal any real business figures for this carrier. Behind the curtains YM is for sure in deep, deep red as all of ex -YU airlines.

  2. Anonymous10:08

    I have a feeling YM will self implode by the end of the year.

  3. ANONYMOUS13:50

    The end is nigh for this nasty airline!

  4. Anonymous16:05

    If they are late with payments their a/c will be impounded and the airline will cease to fly. It will be neither the first nor last airline to collapse in savagely compettitive business such as the aviation industry.
    But why nasty airline, is it something personal?


  5. AirKoryoTU-20422:14

    I've only heard good things of YM for the pst 5<10 years, what seems to be the problem with their operations? Besides the financial aspect obviously ;)

  6. Anonymous23:22

    here you can read that this isnt't the only problem that YM has...,106118.html


  7. eh do djavola... bedak.

  8. Srpski putnik11:07

    Problemi sigurno postoje ali nisu jedina kompanija koja se suocava sa finasijskom krizom.
    2010 godine , Montenegro Airlines je prevezao najveci broj putnika u svojoj istoriji 700 000. Najbolja ali i najkriznija godina,,,,
    U cemu je onda problem.?
    Naravno ne u kompaniji, koja uzgred investira u nove avione i najboljis u na balkanu.
    Problem je u nenormalno visokim cenama goriva koje stalno skacu (i sami vozite auto, pa znate), takodje i u ogromnim taksama i skupim uslugama vecine aerodroma koji uzivaju u povecanom saobracaju a ubarija med....
    Ne verujem da ce to tako jos dugo, balkanske drzave moraju da pritisnu aerodrome i pomognu avio kompanije, jer one nam svakako trebaju....

  9. Anonymous16:46

    @Српски путник

    Није инвестира него улаже а на српском језику се такса каже порез.

    Ако се већ прича наш језик онда га барем причајте како треба.

  10. Anonymous19:29

    @last Anonimous: OMG!

  11. Anonymous19:43

    Omg what?


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