Zagreb terminal dream to become reality

Bush and De Gaulle want Pleso
Zagreb Airport and the Croatian Government will, in March, award an infrastructure contract for the concession to build a new airport terminal. The Zagreb Airport terminal project is part of an investment program announced in September 2010, although the idea of building a new terminal is over a decade old. Aéroports de Paris or ADP (Paris Airports), the airport authority that owns and manages 14 civil airports and airfields in Paris, and the Houston Airport System, which runs Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, have expressed interest in bidding for the Zagreb Airport contract. Some 190 million Euros is expected to be invested in the long awaited new terminal.

Recently a delegation from Houston Airport System toured Zagreb, visiting the American Embassy in Croatia in a bid to secure government support. The Americans are a firm favourite to win the concession. According to current plans, the new terminal should spread over 65.600 square metres and should be 5 times the size of the current terminal. However, construction is not set to begin until August next year as the terminal will have to be designed on paper first, tenders for construction companies will have to be launched and land ownership issues will have to be resolved. The new terminal is planned to be built in 3 phases, with the first set to be completed in 2014. The current terminal will undergo a smaller expansion and face lift to accommodate the rising number of passengers until the new terminal is completed.


  1. Purger09:15

    Which rising number of passengers? ZAG had just 0,5% rise up to 2009, and minus up to 2008.

    It is not true that candidates are just Paris and Huston. There are some 10 candidates from Germany, Turkey, UK, China... I am concerned about VIE, because if they choose them that would be disaster for ZAG.

  2. Dreamliner12:06

    Not Turks ?!?! how come ?!?!?!?!

  3. Anonymous13:08

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  4. Anonymous13:17

    Would ADMIN be so kind to remove this assulting post from Anonymous above, ridicilous comment!

  5. Anonymous13:34

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  6. Intruder14:38

    Thank's God that in Croatia fewer and fewer people stil have the same terrific opinion like the stupid NDH anonymous.
    As this blogger is enough well balanced and politically correct please kick this kind of messages off.

  7. Must be a comment from another ignorat Disapora member. Those people are often totally out of touch with our reality here. It would be much nicer if this blog was restricted to only registered members. That's the only way to weed out disrespectful people and their insulting comments. Let them spread their nationalistic ideas somewhere else and leave us alone.

  8. Back to the topic...I really hope Americans get awarded this project as their airports look way more organized and functional than those in Europe, especially the ones in Paris. Having Americans working on this project might also result in faster introduction of transatlantic flights to the US and Canada for ZAG. Good luck to ZAG and hope to see the new terminal soon as it's way over due.

  9. Anonymous16:53

    Would having the Houston people do the terminal speed up US flights? Continental's hub is Houston. Is that at all related?

    On a side note, the comment with the U is completely inappropriate and not related to aviation. Until there is an Ustasha airline keep your hate off this board. U is equivalent to a Nazi swastika so why allow it here.

  10. Jeebusman17:15

    Congrats to Zagreb. This is very important for Croatian Aviation. The only issue is that I do not think flights to NY will happen until this project is finished. It may have to wait until the new terminal is built. Will it be as big as Skopje and Belgrade or bigger?

    It might be better though to upgrade and expand the Dubrovnik airport. Seeing as how it is the top destination in Croatia, it might be better to induct cash flow into that airport and allow it to grow and modernize.


    The Turks are trying to get their sphere of influence back. This does not include Slovenia and Croatia as they are in Germany's backyard. What will be interesting is to see how Russia plays its role in the Balkans. Out of all Ex-Yu Russia has its eyes fixated on Serbia and my guess is that it will try to best the Turks there.

    Belgrade should upgrade its Terminal 1. It is already expanding and modernizing Terminal 2, but I think that Terminal 1 should be priority. There are rumors that T1 is going to be completely rebuilt to the capacity of T2. I am not sure that this is true, but if those are the plans, then BEG is doing something right.

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  12. Anonymous23:59

    @Purger: Nobody cares about pax figures, investing and making money, manipulating is what big guys want, and everyone has to pay for their games!

  13. Purger00:01

    Candidates for new Zagreb terminal are from Germany, UK, France, Turkey, Austria, Korea, China and USA.

    One can see that you don't have information about air traffic in Croatia. Dubrovnik airport finish 2nd faze of expansion, with reconstruction of the building B and C, and construction of new building A. In 2011 new terminal will be finisher, with 4 jetways, 35 check-in counters, terminal will have more than 36.500 m2…

  14. As a croatian who is NO friend of either tito or pavelic I get anoyed by both pro tito and ustasa comments.

    Again, do your self a favour and do some research on what the NDH was. it was never indipendent, not even recognised then by Nazi Germany. it was never in control of the large amount of teritory and is claimed. Most of dalmatia was given to Italy and a lot of Slavonia was given to Hungary. Ustasa controled a small area around Zagreb and some parts of BiH thats all! In other words, U = absolutly nothing to be proud of if your Croatian!

    Re' the topic, Zagreb had an increase of pax this year by some 11% in January and I assume that might increase in Feb with ezy jet starting london service?

    The new terminal is long over due but an investor from outside the region would seem to be the best option for Zagreb.

  15. Anonymous02:52

    January is worst month in year.

    That is first serous rise in one and half year.

    0,5% rise in 2010, and compare to 2008 it is desaster!

    Come on, be real!

  16. Jeebusman07:25

    I must say that this new terminal construction might actually be negative for Croatia. Here is why:

    (Please read carefully before making judgments)

    Zagreb is going to construct a larger terminal, one which will take years to complete (especially if it is an American airport). This effectively kills the N. American flights this summer and of the next couple of years. This gives BEG a HUGE advantage as Ryan has already announced that it is looking into starting NY-BEG flights in addition to Chicago and Toronto. With those kinds of connections sure to be unchallenged by a local airport (other than Budapest) BEG is given a chance to truly become a transit point for the Ex-Yu region (and Bulgaria + Romania). If BEG establishes itself well enough and the flight capacity is strong, by the time ZAG's terminal is finished, a much better airline will start flights to BEG (Continental or US Airways possibly).


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