Aeroflot dumps Dubrovnik

Aeroflot cancels Dubrovnik flights
Aeroflot has cancelled planned scheduled services from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport to Dubrovnik, which were to be inaugurated on May 27. The new service was announced in January 2011 following a big increase of Russian tourists in Croatia last year.

Roko Tolić, the CEO of Dubrovnik Airport, confirmed the reports. Aeroflot’s decision has caught Dubrovnik Airport officials off guard and has left little room for negotiations as the company has not specified the reason behind the cancellation. "Dubrovnik’s tourism, travel agencies and hotel owners had great expectations from these flights", Tolić said. According to Tolić, Aeroflot will operate flights to Tivat this summer and he believes that Dubrovnik had offered Aeroflot better terms than its close rival. According to the local “Dubrovački Vjesnik”, the service is being cancelled due to rocky political relations between the two countries. However, Aeroflot will continue its summer flights from Moscow to Split which will operate on a daily basis.

The “Jutarnji List” reports that Transaero from Russia is considering introducing scheduled seasonal flights from Moscow to Dubrovnik.


  1. It appears that YM is reducing frequency on BEG-TIV route this summer with only 3 daily flights.

    BTW-Whats going on with Eagles Airlines, Ryan International, Albanian Airlines and charter routes on Nesma, Lotus and KoralBlue?

  2. Anonymous13:58

    Rocky political relations? What's this about?

  3. AirKoryoTU-20414:34

    I guess fleet utilisation reason will be the biggest factor played here.

    Although SU has started operating alot more seasonal flights to other European cities too, this may just mean SU doesn't find Dubrovnik as attractive anymore

  4. Maybe Croatia Airlines or Dubrovnik Airline should consider launching this service.

  5. Purger22:56

    Oh yeaaaaa... CTN made memo that flights to Russia are not profitable. Because they have to dedicate one plane just for that line!!! One plane can make two rotations from Croatia to Moscow, but not for management of Croatia Airlines.

  6. That's funny Purger, especially since none of what they are doing seems to be 'profitable' at this time.

  7. Purger09:00

    Of course.

    Only one remark, it is not funny but tragic!

  8. frequentflyer10:36

    @ Purger/Q400

    Spot on.

    OUs fleet utilisation is completely peculiar and far under where it should be. But then so is their cabin load factor!

    I wonder how much of the network planning is actually dictated to by higher authorities (eg govt, Lufthansa/*A), explaining why profitable routes and clear, logical scheduling is missing??

  9. AirKoryoTU-20413:02


    One rotation from Croatia to Moscow? Heck I've never known DME to be that bad, then agian who am I to talk I only use that airport weekly if I'm lucky. SVO is a better choice (duck for cover!).

    An A319 should make a morning service to DME twice and back with time for a domestic or regional short trip return, no problem.

  10. JadranskoMore22:20

    This seems like a terrible move given that Croatian (and Montenegrin) tourism should be up this summer due to the North African unrest. I'm sure many tourists will replan their Mediterranean vacations to the Adriatic to avoid the political turmoil (glad that the Adriatic can be deemed the sensible and stable option, although sad for the Southern Mediterranean casualties).

    I think Sky Srpska should try to get this route. Oh wait, I forgot that they actually need a plane first.


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