Azerbaijan Airlines to Belgrade

Soon in Belgrade?
The President of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, Mirko Barać, led a delegation of Serbian businessmen to the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, where he proposed for Azerbaijan Airlines to commence flights to Belgrade, the Tanjug news agency reports. Following its offer, Barać and representatives of Jat Airways met with the management of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL). Barać said, “We are aware that the Baku – Belgrade service won’t be profitable”. Therefore, the Serbian delegation proposed for the Azerbaijani carrier to operate flights to Zurich via Belgrade. “We believe that by continuing to Zurich, the flights will be more efficient”. This proposal is believed to be a joint project between Jat and Azerbaijan Airlines, as the governments of Serbia and Azerbaijan have proposed the initiation of joint projects.

Azerbaijan Airlines has a large fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft with orders for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Azerbaijan Airlines currently does not operate flights to Zurich although Serbia would grant it full rights to operate the Belgrade – Zurich sector.

Relations between Serbia and Azerbaijan have been strong in recent times with both countries opening embassies in each other’s capital and the Azeri Government donating 2 million Euros for the redevelopment of a central park in Belgrade.


  1. Macedon09:42

    The JAT saga continues...

    Just please terminate this leftover of an airline and build another one from scratch...just take it out of it's misery.

  2. Anonymous09:59

    @ Macedon

    What is your source of care?

  3. Macedon10:38

    Why would you think I don't have a source of care?

    As many of you keep forgetting, JAT was built between the nations of brotherhood and unity and still today represents the glory aviation era of the Balkan region.

    20 years after, we still don't have regular intercontinental flights like we had in the 80s from BEG and most of our diaspora is travelling throught hubs in Europe, Turkey and Middle East.

    Neither of the countries, MK, SLO, or HR created a decent airline due to the small market, all of them either went bankrupt or are in the red for years. It is proven that none of the countries can make it on it's own, we have to unite and have 1 carrier for the whole Balkan as SAS is for the Scandinavia.

  4. Anonymous10:54

    @ Macedon

    Very nice.
    Now, read the topic again, and your comment afterward.

  5. praguc11:51

    Whats the point of your comment? And what the "JAT saga continues" has to do with AZAL flying to Belgrade... I wouldn't say these 2 things are very much interconnected.

  6. JAT has nothing to do with this. they're only signing code share agreement on GYD-BEG-ZRH-BEG-GYD route. after all, it's Directorate that will grant AZAL rights for this route

  7. JU520 BEGLAX14:04

    I dont know what benefit it would bring to JU to have another Carrier flying ZRH-BEG route. LX just increased 3 months ago to double daily.

    Probably a return favour for the 2 mio park...

    BEG-BAK don t know if they really have the pax to fill each leg with 100 pax...

    But I m sure some memmbers from Serbia will know more about relations Seria and Azerbaijan

  8. JU520 BEGLAX14:11


    you are absolutely right... it s more and more evident that the single lives of all the ex YU republics and their airlines is a too expensive fun..

    Look at the globals and the worldwide economy: Mergers are the trend to find synergies to make the share holders getting more profits.

    In Switzerland we have small communities which are merging to save costs..

    Ex YU is still back in the old centuries when everybody needed his own borders, own airline, own own own etc..... the trend is towards sharing....
    Maybe the day will come and they will realize but for the time being they still sleep deeply

  9. Aero14:35

    Benefit may be the fact that AZAL is serving only 6 destinations in western Europe.
    Cost is not too big, cause I doubt that pax from BEG will choose AZAL to ZRH.
    Economically, CIS countries became in Serbian focus for export.
    Extraordinary INI cargo result in 2010 was made on Baku route.

  10. Anonymous15:26

    I can't believe that Azerbaijan is donating money to Serbia...that's how low we are...unbelievable

  11. AZAL could feed JATs north and west-bound flights (AMS, CDG, LHR, FCO, ZRH, BRU, VIE, CPH, ARN) and in return, pax from BEG could go to some AZALs destinations to Asia via GYD.

    Instead of ZRH, AZAL could easily fly GYD-GVA via BEG. Why? If there is demand for up to 4 daily flights BEG-ZRH and 2 weekly BRN-BEG (for the beginning), I cant find the reason why BEG-GVA sector wouldn't work.

  12. Macedon15:36

    @JU520 BEGLAX

    Glad somebody understands and sees how it works in the rest of the world. The reputation of the airline that connected BEG with all parts of the world should have been kept as a service to all the people in the Balkan.

    I too live in Switzerland. Montreaux. ngocevski at gmail . com in case you need to contact. Regards

  13. praguc16:05

    To the anonymous who cannot believe "how low we are"... First of all, get your facts straight before you make conclusions like that (although we Serbs tend to exaggerate on self-pity...
    1. Azerbaijan embassy opened in Belgrade last year, and this is a very nice gesture from them.
    2. This way they are promoting themselves (and their version of Ataturk), by building him a monument in the park.
    3. I fail to notice how your comment is in anyway regarded to the blog itself.

  14. i also think that all ex-YU carriers should unite to form something like BAS Balkan Airlines, or something like that. but that's not gonna happen, like JU520 said, people here like to have their own stuff, not share it with someone.
    as for GYD-BEG-ZRH-BEG-GYD, i also don't see how it's gonna work, since we have 3 daily flights BEG-ZRH

  15. Aleks Nikolic USA02:16

    The flight will mainly be for the Azerbaijan's.... DUH. it will mainly be for their use, their people flying out to Belgrade and Zurich with their national airline, and same flying back. That will be enough, and on top of that some people from Beograd might use this route for Zurich, but for sure will for Azerbaijan...

  16. Anonymous07:14

    I read an article on this here, and I tend to agree with the author...

    flights can be made successful however I doubt that Jat is smart enough to recognize the potential.

  17. Anonymous17:30

    "after all, it's Directorate that will grant AZAL rights for this route"

    And who is sitting in the directorate? we need an airline not owned by us serbs in order to make it work properly.

  18. Anonymous18:09

    The person in the directorate in the old CEO of Jat who opposed the Open skies... now, he believes its the best thing to do.


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