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Strong interest to resume Belgrade – Rijeka flights
Jat Airways is interested in commencing flights between Belgrade and Rijeka this summer. Jat has also expressed interest to commence flights from Belgrade to Dubrovnik, as was reported a few days ago. However, the airline still hasn’t given the final approval for the flights as it puts the final touches to its 2011 summer season timetable. The Primorje-Gorski Kotar County’s vice mayor, Vidoje Vujić, held talks with Jat representatives this weekend at the Belgrade International Tourism Fair, where Croatia was the special guest country. “Rijeka and Belgrade used to be connected 14 times per week”, Vujić told the “Novi list” newspaper. So far, Croatia Airlines is the only airline to have confirmed flights between Croatia and Belgrade, with the 2 weekly Belgrade – Dubrovnik service commencing June 20. Despite an earlier promise from both Jat and Croatia Airlines that they will reveal their cooperation plans over the weekend, this did not occur. Below you can view the map with the planned services between Belgrade and Croatia set to commence this year. Whether they will become more than just promises remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Croatia Airlines has pushed back the launch of its Zagreb – Istanbul service, which was originally planned to commence on March 27. The flights are now set to be inaugurated on May 17. There have also been some time changes. You can view the flight details here.


  1. Duchess of Shangay09:08

    Many, many moons ago JU used to fly BEG-RJK-PUY-BEG

    Cant not see the reason why not again...

  2. ANONYMOUS12:54

    Because the airline industry has changed beyond recognition since 1991 and passengers nowadays HATE and will AVOID so-called 'triangle' flights.

  3. Anonymous14:01

    The EX-Yu Nations have to establish their own low cost airline, I can not understand that such airline still no exist. Why we have to wait on Easyjet, Ryanair or Wizzair. There is a population of app. 25 million people, who want to fly with their own LC Airline, from Gevgelija to Triglav.

  4. Anonymous14:42

    "many many moons ago"?

    LOL... "duchess of shangay" you made my day with this one

  5. Anonymous15:35

    Finally...connecting the Metropolis with the Coast. Maybe the smartest thing both governments did in the past year.

    Maybe there will be a merger between Adria, Montenegro, JAT, and Croatia as each is struggling financially. Slovenia is a rich country which could provide financial assistance, JAT is situated on the Serbian (largest) market with BEG in the frontline, CA has the Croatian coast and MA has the Montenegrin coast. Such a regional airline could compete with other airlines for sure. The same way they created a regional rail network, the same should be done for aviation.

  6. Anonymous15:43

    Nonsense. Absolute rubbish.

    Such a 'merger' would never work. It's almost impossible to merge 2 successful, well-run airlines (eg. Swiss & Lufthansa), never mind 4 basket-case, politically corrupt and intellectually bankrupt airlines like the 4 in this region.

    It's like one drunk guy trying to hold up another - both end of falling down in the end.

  7. Purger21:11

    “Slovenia is a rich country which could provide financial assistance”
    - can't do, it is against European Union law, that is why Adria can not get any subvention

    Croatia and Adria in new alliance
    - and Lufthansa + Star Alliance will just allowed this?

    Even more Croatia and Adria does not have enough of their own problems and they will take several hundreds million debts of Jat with prehistorical fleet.

    Just stop dream!

  8. Anonymous22:18

    Btw, Olympic Air is re-introducing flights to Belgrade, as well as several other routes in South East Europe or increasing frequencies (Bucharest OTP, Sofia, tirana)


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