From Belgrade to Majorca

Spanair to connect Palma de Mallorca and Belgrade
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will see several new seasonal summer flights to destinations such as Palma in Spain and Tunisia’s newest airport in Enfidha. Meanwhile, planned flights to Chicago and Toronto are treading on thin ice.

Spanair will be offering a one weekly service from Belgrade to the island of Majorca. The new seasonal flights will begin in June and last until mid August. The route will compliment the airline’s existing scheduled service between Barcelona and Belgrade. Last summer, Spanair offered flights between Madrid and Belgrade, however the service will not be resuming this year. Belgrade will now be connected with 3 Spanish cities. Besides Barcelona and Palma, Jat Airways will commence flights to Girona this summer.

Tunisair, which continues to offer scheduled flights from Tunis to the Serbian capital, will be adding flights from the city of Enfidha, the country’s newest airport. Services from Enfidha to Nikola Tesla Airport will operate 3 times per week and will replace the seasonal Monastir – Belgrade service, which the airline has offered in the past few years.

The small Thessaloniki based Astra Airlines will commence seasonal flights to Belgrade. Flights will operate once per week.

Tickets for all of the abovementioned flights will be sold exclusively through tour operators. The planned services from Chicago and Toronto to Belgrade by Ryan International Airlines are doubtful at this point in time, a spokesperson from the airline confirmed to EX-YU Aviation News.

In the following week you will be able to read more about what airlines have in store at other EX-YU airports this summer.


  1. Anonymous12:45

    It seems thought that Czech airlines is cutting down it's overnight flight from Prague. And is now flying only 6 times a week (instead of 13)

  2. I thought it was spelled Mallorca and not Majorca.

  3. Smokiboy16:24

    I am very skeptical that Ryan Int' will operate direct flights from YYZ to BEG. Here in Toronto there has been no advertising or PR. Many people have already booked summer flights to BEG etc. So, for this summer season it is almost too late anyway ...

    Anyway, for April I can't find any tickets from YYZ to BEG for under $1200. So Ryan would have had me as a customer if they charged less than that.

  4. Anonymous16:40

    I agree with Smokiboy. Ryan was too late this season to start the flights, but as soon as this summer season passes, they should announce the flights and advertise them to Serbian communities in USA (Cleveland, Kentucky, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles).

  5. Anonymous17:42

    @ Anonymous 2,

    in Kentucky? There is a large Serbian population in KY? Where?

  6. Anonymous18:53

    Flight to Palma would be only charter flight for one Belgrade touroperator. It couldn't be able to buy only air ticket.

    Astra Airlines has only few charter flights last year from Corfu for Kontiki and has never flown from Thessaloniki.

  7. Anonymous20:34

    Ryan will not fly to Belgrade? How comes?

    Here some experts even had information that it will fly JFK together with Chicago and Toronto. And not even Chicago and Toronto? Jebusman??? You usualy have informations...

  8. Aleks Nikolic USA20:44

    We are so mad here, I contacted people at Ryan International and they told me the flights will commence, but they currently have no information when and such. Many Serbs here in Cleveland have already purchased tickets or are ABOUT to, i did not yet and might maybe by the end of April.... I am disappointed Ryan International has not given more information and is not clear on anything.

  9. Anonymous21:08

    I recommend you to re-check info displayed here. TU has indeed intended to start 3 weekly flights from BEG to NBE (instead to MIR) but it was way before Tunisia crisis. Last Tuesday Tunisia tourist organization organized a week ling promo trip across Tunisia for Belgrade media. Nevertheless, according to the currently available info Tunisia is gonna see far less tourist this year and this schedule is very doubtful. BTW, TU is spelled Tunisair and Majorca as Mallorca.
    Astra Airlines has last year performed just a couple of ad hoc charter flights due to old Greece - Macedonia dispute. Namely, Kontiki Sky's 737-500 was in Macedonian livery and was refused entrance to Greek airspace. When Macedonian flag on 735 repainted AZI stopped flights. So, AZI flights from BEG cannot resume they can only commence.

  10. Timetable for Adria:

  11. Anonymous22:16

    Here is the information LJU/BEG from AMD, summer 11

    1 JP 808 24 LJU BEG 2 0700 0805 0 05APR11 27OCT11 CR2 1:05
    2 JP 800 X6 LJU BEG 2 1445 1550 0 04APR11 28OCT11 CR2 1:05

  12. This is information provided by Belgrade Airport at this moment. As for the Majorca /Mallorca spelling, the correct English spelling is Majorca.

  13. The flygogojet web site is back on.
    It was shut down for a while. Belgrade, Krakow, London and Zagreb are still on the main banner. Euroatlantic's 767. We'll see what will happen whit it :)

    p.s. also says that spanair will have one weekly belgrade to sarajevo flight... of course, it will never happen, but still...:)
    and again, JAT's timetable still missing, as usual.


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